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"Well," he began uneasily, "this doesn't happen very often…"

The weapon and his blonde haired partner sat facing each other on either side of the table in their living room, in the midst of a very…revealing version of Poker.

"I find it funny that you're apparently the best poker player among our group of friends," Maka began smugly, "yet, my first time playing, I'm kicking your ass."

He grimaced. She was telling the truth. He had suggested the game in the thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity to humiliate his bookworm meister. There was also the added bonus of getting her naked (though he would never admit the latter out loud). Unfortunately though, things never really seemed to go as he had planned. After several rounds of strip poker she had only lost both of her socks whereas he was forced to shed his sweater, pants, socks and headband-though Maka insisted that the headband didn't count as an item of clothing.

Now, Soul was a smart guy. So, he had a few tricks up his sleeve.


He had stashed some tricky and very useful cards up the sleeves of his long-sleeved shirt before they started, just in case this sort of situation occurred.

But now, it was Maka's turn to shed some clothes.

Being as sneaky as he could, he snuck in a good card, winning this hand with a Royal Flush.

Maka stripped her button-up shirt, leaving her in a camisole and her skirt.

He grinned. THIS, was more like it.

Maka pouted as she tossed her shirt aside, obviously uncomfortable in just a thin shirt and her short skirt as Soul shuffled the cards again. He dealt them out rather messily, earning a groan from Maka as she averted her gaze to the floor to pick up a card that had fallen from the table, giving him a chance to take another card out of his sleeve.

Maka's skirt came off next.

Her pout deepened.

These little shenanigans continued for several more rounds until she was left only in her bra and underwear.

"Alright, Maka," Soul said with a smile that was a little too big, "time to take it all off!" he laughed as he played another winning hand.

"Oh, come on, Soul!" She pleaded. Her face was a bright shade of red now.

"Nope! Those are the rules. You lose, you take it off. Now, strip."

She fidgeted in her spot, contemplating the idea of giving in. "I don't understand! I was beating you! How did I suddenly get so bad?"

He smirked. "It's not about skill Maka, it's all about the luck of the cards. You were just unlucky. " He leaned back, putting his hands on either side of him.

That was a big mistake.

His secret stash of cards came tumbling out of his sleeve. They both stared at them in disbelief.

"Y-you! You cheated!" She shrieked. She suddenly felt the need to cover herself up.

Soul just sat there in mild self-loathing for his unwise decision. But he couldn't really say he was sorry.

"Yeah, I guess I did." He said nonchalantly. He gave a light shrug.

"Then you take off your clothes too, you jerk!" She declared with rage.

He raised a curious eyebrow. She wanted him to undress more, rather than redress herself?


"Alright then." He said with another shrug and grabbed the hem of his shirt in preparation to take it off. Maka gaped momentarily as the shirt was half-way off of his chest, before standing up and jumping over the table in an attempt to stop him.

"Wait! I was kidding!" She struggled with him, trying to put his shirt back where it was so this situation wouldn't be as awkward. "Don't- hey wai-AGH!"

A crashing sound echoed through the apartment.

"Oww…." Maka lifted her head up, eyes closed as she gently kneaded the spot where her head has struck something. It took her a moment to realize that there was something groaning underneath her and that her landing had maybe been a little TOO soft. She opened her eyes.

The situation had gotten more awkward.

Her face was a mere centimeters from his, his garnet eyes open in shock as his heavy breathing tickled her lips. What was worse, however, was that her body was pressed snugly against his, both individuals in various states of undress. None of these facts registered in her brain until later though, at the moment all she could think about how good it felt to have him so close to her.

Soul on the other hand, was freaking out.

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!' thought Soul, as his mind tried to reason that their current position was much more innocent than what it appeared to be. But, as he continued to calculate the situation – their bodies pressed tightly together, her long, slim leg set between his own, and her hands and no-longer-tiny breasts pressed to his bare chest – he realized that if she didn't get off now, the situation was going to get even more awkward than it already was.

So, he came up with the quickest solution. He was going to play the 'dick card'.

"Uh….Maka…?" his voice snapped Maka's thoughts back to reality and away from whatever perverted planet they had gone off to. She could feel her face heat up and saw him smirk in reply. "Y'know, as flattering as this is…do you think you can get off me? Your ironing-board chest is making it hard for me to breathe."

Once Maka's mind processed what he said, her embarrassment quickly turned to rage.

The leg that was stuck between his drew up as she kneed him in the crotch.

She got off of him as he curled onto his side and whimpered in pain.

"That's what you get, you asshole." She growled through bared teeth, picking up her clothes and walking to her room, leaving Soul to wallow in self-pity and pain for the next 10 minutes. In the midst of the pain though, Soul couldn't help but let his mind wander back to the position he and his partner had been in not moments ago. The thought brought a small grin to his face as he rolled onto his back again and stared at the ceiling.

It was so worth it.


We're camping...and we were playing cards...and the thought bloomed in our minds (mostly Kiwi's), and it needed to escape.


P.S. That was not a suggestive card game. We were playing Crazy 8s. Not naked.

Love you all!

Lemon and Kiwi.