I got the idea from dance in the vampire bun great anime by the way . i still not sure about the story but please give it a try and it's different from the anime ^^

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I always remember the sad melody she was playing on the piano. Streams of tears rolled down her cheeks, like sparking stars under the moonlight. I narrowed my eyes trying to make out her appearance with the little light the moon offered, but even so I couldn't see her face other than her pale white skin. I remember stepping towards her trying to get a better view, but as I did the floored creaked making us both stop. I took a deep breath and fixed my eyes on her, the darkness looked like it was swallowing her tiny figure. She didn't turn around in my direction, but instead hung her head.

"Why are you crying? Is it because you're all by yourself?" I asked.

"If I told you the reason would you stay with me forever? But if you break your promise to me I'll kill you…" she said.

"I promise," I said without hesitation without knowing this person, but for some reason I felt as if we had met long before time. I felt as if I belonged by her side. She stood up from the bench, brushing her fingers against the piano. I could tell she was wearing a dress, but I couldn't see the color. Her heels clicking as she made her way towards me and kneel down in front of me. I looked into her violet eyes, such beautiful eyes I remember thinking, as they caught my breath. She slowly put something around my neck.

"The reason was…"

I woke up with the sun beaming on my face. I looked to the side to see the clock read 7:45. I was going to be late for school, which will result in another detention. I sat up in my bed, but was forced to lie back down as soon as I felt like my head was being run over by a truck. I would've forgotten the dream if it weren't for the after effect every time. This dream's the very same dream I keep having ever since the accident when I was nine. I could never see her face, but I can remember the medley of the piano, her pale white skin and her violet eyes that took my breath away every single time. Then there was the necklace I've had since I was in the hospital, it was a copper chain with half of a heart as a pendant and on the heart the words 'cus est' were engraved on it. I had looked up the words and only found 'est' as 'is' in Latin, but then ignored it thinking it was nothing important. I had told the doctors about my dream, and they had said it was probably a memory my brain was trying to remember, but I was subconsciously pushing it away. Yet it's been eight years and it's the same thing, the dream never exposing new information. I got up from my bed and put on my uniform, tan pants with a white shirt. The headache was still there, eight years of the same thing, I've gotten used to it by now. I got the house keys and headed for the door. I've lived alone after I got out of the orphanage when I was sixteen. Since the accident I lost all my memories, I couldn't remember anything, not even my parents or family. I only had bits and pieces, but never anything useful. Thus I was put in an orphanage, but no one ever adopted me. As I arrived to the front gate I saw the school was empty which meant one thing, I was late and I would end up staying after school for detention. I started to walk fast then broke into a run only to trip and fall as I tried to enter the school building.

"Ichigo are you all right?" a small voice said. I looked to see Orhime hovering over me as she extended a hand to help me up. She was wearing a short gray skirt with a white shirt, the school uniform for girls.

"I'm fine. Where are you going, has class started?," I asked as I took her hand and stood up. She laughed as if I had said something funny. I looked at her in confusion, but that only made her laugh all the more.

"There's no class today it's a holiday I also forgot until the janitor told me so I ran out before anyone else could see me, but I ran into you."

I frowned at what she said. I could have sworn we had school today. I chuckled at the situation, which made Orhime's smile grow, her gray eyes sparkling in the sunlight. She always knew how to brighten up the mood. I had met her in the hospital I was being treated in and we became friends right away. She came by almost every day since her brother was in a coma so she would also come by my room for a while.

"Do you want to go get breakfast? Since we woke up this early in the morning," I asked.

"Breakfast sounds good"


"Your majesty we found him," Rangiku said as she came barging in my room and bowed. I stood by my window looking outside at the humans who walked by. After searching for eight years I had finally found him. I can finally see him once again in person instead of imaging how he looks or what he's doing. I can finally ask him why he hadn't searched for me, and if he still remembers the promise we made.

"Where is he? Is he okay? Did you talk to him?" I turned from the window to face Rangiku who sat at one of my couches as she played with her long orange hair. She wore a tight black skirt and white tank top that revealed how big her breasts were.

"He looked like he was doing fine. He's living here in Karakura Town, and is renting an apartment by himself. He also went to school without realizing it was closed for the day due to it being a holiday" she said causally as she turned to look at me with her sky blue eyes. I laughed at the last part imaging him going to school when it was closed. I quickly ran to my full-length mirror and checked to see if anything was out of place. I had on a deep blood red skirt that reached the floor with gold chains that were draped around and a white shirt that only covered my breasts leaving my stomach and my back uncovered. My raven black hair was tied back leaving a few strands lose, my bang laid perfectly in between my violet eyes. My heart necklace laid on top of my breast with the words 'amor cae' engraved on it.

"I must warn you your majesty he acts like a human he even has…"

There was a long pause before I answered back in a sharp tone.

"Has a what? Out with it Rangiku!" I turned my full attention towards her. Her unfinished sentence making me nervous by the second as I held my breath.

"A human girl"