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~A couple of months later~


I watched them closely as they built their sand castle by the edge of the ocean, the sun offering its last rays of light. Inyou's laughter reached my ears causing me to smile. The scene held such beauty that it made my heart ache a century had passed by a century of time they had lost but it seems that it didn't matter to them not when they spent every single second together. I watch Ichigo stand and dust off the sand that had stick to his pants before offering Inyou a helping hand. I watch her smile up at him before standing and shaking her dress lightly causing a pile of sand to fall off before looking up to see me and beam with happiness. I saw her pick up her dress and run towards me dragging her father behind. My Inyou had grown up the past couple of months ever since Ichigo came back to us. My little girl wasn't little anymore she was a young woman in her early twenties. She was now as almost as tall as her father with her fair pale skin and long midnight hair her bangs brushed to the side so everyone could see her beautiful eyes. Unohana claims that Inyou hadn't grown before due to the fact that my energy wasn't enough she needed both Ichigo and mine in order to grow.

"Mama can we get ice cream?" Inyou asked with a slight pout that made me smile, it didn't matter if she was a small five year old or a grown adult she was and always will be my little girl. I was about to answer when I heard someone clear their throat I turn to see Yumichika and Ikkaku kneel down in front of Inyou.

"Your highness you need to come back, you have your studies with the elder today," Yumichika softly said still bowing their heads. I heard Inyou give a frustrated sigh. I knew she was going to put up a fight she always did.

"Inyou," I heard Ichigo warn her making her turn to him to give him a sad frustrated look. Since I had exiled Ichigo he wasn't allowed to go back to the night world, neither me, nor Masaki and Isshin due to the fact that we had contacted him when we weren't suppose to, Inyou though of course was looking for a way to bring us back home, where we will be safe. The human government hasn't given up their search for us, but the good thing was that some of the human civilians had stop believing. I heard Inyou sigh, lately she has been having a lot of stress knowing her coronation was less than a week away, she will finally be named queen of the night world. Ichigo leaned in to place a soft kiss to her forehead before pushing her to my direction. I reached over only to have her bow to me spreading her dress to the sides with her head lowered. I frowned; she always did that even when I tell her to stop.

"Inyou," Ichigo called out sternly before giving her a soft thump on the back of her head making her swat his hand away, "She's your mother so stop it."

I heard her let out a small laugh before throwing her arms around me, pulling me in close and taking in a deep breath before whispering I love you. I hugged her tightly while giving her a few kisses; we were only able to see Inyou about an hour a day with no exceptions, the elder's orders. I slowly released her, cupping her face seeing her breath taking eyes the amber swirls in one and the glowing violet in the other. She smiled brightly before retreating, leaving with Yumichika and Ikkaku by her side. I at least knew she was safe that no harm would could to her as long as she had them by her side.

"She'll be fine," Ichigo whispered wrapping his long strong arms around my waist and pulling me into his warm embrace. I nodded my head and turn my body around so I was facing him. His warm amber eyes sparkling, his spiky orange hair soft to the touch as he continued to look at me with his infamous scowl. I put my hand on his cheek making his scowl disappear being replaced with a small smile, something that he did every time I would touch him. He was everything to me, he gave me and showed me love, and he also gave me the greatest gift, my Inyou. My Ichigo all mine and no else's.

"Rukia?" he whispered softly as he leaned in to rest his forehead against mine.

"Tell me Ichigo, Do you love me?" I asked softly as our noses touch, making me look straight into those amber eyes.

"Rukia, I love you, I will always love you even if the sky were to fall,"

"Then marry me," I said making him frown slightly quickly replace with a smirk. I frown and try to pull away but he kept me in place making me glare at him.

"Why is it that you are always making the first move? You know, you really know how to treat a girl," he said playfully as I continued to glare at him. I pushed away from him and turn to walk away, my feet sinking in the sand as I did. Damn men and their pride, its not like I had planned it, geez couldn't he have said yes. Did he have no clue how embarrassed I was after I had said it, but he had to be a smartass? Wait does this mean he said no? I let out a scoff and continued walking grabbing my dress at my side, well see if I ask him again that damn fool! I let out a frustrated sigh and gritted my teeth.

"If I wait for you to make a first move I would be dead by time you get the courage to actually start talking to me!" I yelled turning around sharply sending out a glare only to stand in shock. There he was giving me a wide smile kneeling on one knee with an open box in his hand holding it out to me.

"Will you marr-"

"No," I said harshly and turned to leave I heard him scramble and heard him yelling for me to wait calling my name. Then in a second he was in front of me giving me a hurtful expression that made me feel guilty, no I won't give in, instead I raised my brow giving him a questioning look.

"Rukia?" he let out a whine but I simply stared at him, "I was planning to tell you today but then you said it and …" he explained trailing off.

"It shouldn't matter who says it the fact that one of us said it should be enough," I replied crossing my arms across my chest.

"I know, but please let me have this one," he begged giving me his sad eyes.

I let out a frustrated sigh, "Your letting you man pride get in the way!"

"And your letting you woman pride get in the way!" he responded, his usual scowl back in place. We both stood there glaring at each other for a while, to stubborn to move or give in first. He out a sigh and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand looking away to look at the ground, "Okay fine"

Confusion hit me Ichigo never gave in I'm the one that always does but never him. I quickly smiled my anger disappearing the fact that I had won this time made me feel invincible.

"Then Ichigo, will you marry me?" I said smiling making him look up at me giving me a scowl.

"No," he said in an obvious tone making me frown instantly.

"But you just sai-"

"I wasn't giving in, I was just planning to ask another day"

"Ichigo!" I growled out frustrated I felt my cheeks heat up at being rejected twice, "What makes you think I'll say yes to it another day!'

"Then marry me?" he quickly said frustration clear in his voice.


"God damn it Rukia!" he yelled out again.

We stood again glaring at each other.
"Idiotic fool, marry me!"
"Damn it midget, marry me!"

We both said at the same time then continued to glare at each other.

"Fine!" We both yelled again, Ichigo gritted his teeth before he reopened the box in his hand and taking the ring in it. I heard him mumble under his breath before grabbing my hand and slipping the gold ring on my ring finger.

"There," he whispered before stretching his arms above his head, letting out a yawn and looking away. I glared at him before looking down the gold band that had small diamonds around with a larger one in the middle. It was simply yet beautiful. I felt my lips pull into a smile, looking up to see Ichigo refusing to look at me that's when I saw the light pink blush on his cheeks. I smile wider before throwing myself at him hugging him tightly as he lost his balance making us fall onto the sand. I looked down at him, my hair falling to the side as I pointed a finger towards my lips. He rolled his eyes and cupped my cheek pulling me in until our lips touch.


I could hear their laughter and their squealing that came from the kitchen making me feel uneasy yet happy at the same time, but still uneasy…what did I get myself into. Rukia and Inyou wanted to come and tell mother of the news. I let out a deep sigh as I rub the back of my neck when I got a hard slap on the back making me stumble forward. I turned to see Isshin there with his goofy smile.

"About time you ask her, you know you had me worry for a moment, even your sisters married before you," he stated with a rumbling laughter before putting his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest, "But I wouldn't expect anything else from my son, you know why because my swimmers are stro-"

I faced palmed his face cutting him off and pushing him on the sofa to sit down, "Damn it, that has nothing to do with it, you perverted old man!"

Rukia had told me that Toshiro and Karin had finally married after Karin decided to say yes as for Yuzu she said she had met Urahara's cousin named Jinta at Karin's wedding and before anyone knew it they were inseparable.

"Ah how cruel can you be to the man that created you with the love he had for your beautiful moth-"

I slapped his head to the side so that he was now half lying down, "Details that I don't want to hear, Goat chin so quit it," I said before heading towards the kitchen to see both Rukia, Inyou and my mother sitting at the table laughing and looking at her ring, "We should go now," I stated point to the door. Rukia and Inyou both pouted while my mother just smiled at me.

"Come now Ichigo you just got here," my mom said and instead patted to the empty chair next to her. I walked over hesitantly to sit next to her as Isshin came in to sit with us earning a groan from me.

"Ah Papa I didn't know you were going to propose to mama? You should have told me!" Inyou exclaimed smiling resting her elbows on the table. I was about but was cut off when Rukia answered.

"I actually proposed"

"WHAT!" All three of them yelled while Rukia remained clam looking at me with her violet eyes that said she wasn't going to let it go.

"And he said no"

"WHAT!?" they exclaimed again turning to look at me making me frown and look the three pairs of eyes that were looking at me like if I had grown two heads.

"I never said no I just simply said you always made the first move and knew how to make a girl feel good," I explained, "I believe I did propose kneeling down on one knee with a ring at hand"

"Then thats when mama said ye-"

"Don't be ridiculous Inyou I said no"

"WHAT!" the all said again looking confused again their smile long gone as I saw my mom cover her face with her hand and shook her head.

"We had a staring contest until I told her it was fine," I explained leaning back in my chair looking at everyone, "I guess she took it like I had surrender and proposed to me again"

"Let me guess you said no," goat chin stated with a wide smile as I nodded.

"I got rejected a second time because he simply decided to ask me another day," Rukia said bitterly also leaning back in her chair.

"And I proposed again and you still said no!" I exclaimed

"Oh god," Inyou whined, "then how did you gu-"

"We proposed at the same time," we both answered.

"Who said yes first?" mom asked with caution.

"We both did," we answered at the same time a smile creeping up at our lips as we both looked at each other before the kitchen was filled with laughter.

"You know if you need any advice for the honeymoon," Isshin said once we had all stop laughing, "Don't hesitate to ask me, I teach sex Ed, although you guys already pretty much-"

"Silence you fool!"

"Damn goat chin!" we both yelled as Rukia cover Inyou's ears as I face palm his face and push him hard enough so he would fall backwards in his chair to the floor.

Coronation Day


I look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing and blood red gown that touched the floor and had a tail trailing behind me my long raven hair had all been pinned up with only a few loose stands. My bangs were swept to the side to reveal my eyes, amber and violet. A knock came from the door as it slowly opened as the elder came in with his cane at hand wearing his traditional clothes.

"I hope your ready to receive your crown," he said calmly making me shift from side to side the elder had always intimated me, but mama taught how to be strong yet still I was unsure. Mama was and had been a good queen oh how I admire her. I nodded my head he gave a quick nod and started to walk out the door. I took a deep breath and slowly released it.

"I-I want… my family back," I said standing my ground lifting my head high like I've seen mama do so many times.

"That's impossible to do, your exiled by your mother can be undone the others though can come and be imprison for the rest of their life," he said calmly. I frowned and panic not knowing what to do or how to react. I've never had actually given orders or established order uncle always did that I just showed up and pretended that I was listen. The elder turned to leave again seeing that I stood here in silence.

I've been trying to find a way to bring them all back home were they belong, I need them here not miles away from me, and sure not being able to visit them an hour each day it wasn't enough.

"What can be done can be undone," I said coldly causing him to halt and turn sharply towards me.

"Enough! Its time for your coronation do not keep your people waiting just because of your childish tantrum," he exclaimed loudly tapping his cane on the ground loudly.

"My tantrum? All I'm asking is to have my family come back, I need them," I yelled.

"Enough Inyou!" he roared.

I felt my body shake with anger why was he so cold. Why can't he see that I need them here with me? Maids had told me how he treated my mother always looking down at her without reason and always pointing out her flaws.

"I'm bringing them whether you like it or not, I'm the future queen and so my words will be the law," I said raising my voice. He narrowed his eyes and turned to leave, "I wont take the throne unless their allowed to come back home," I quickly added making him halt.

"Do that and I'll have no choice, but to eliminate Kurosaki and your mother," he stated coldly. I stared at him unbelieving how could he say such things with out feeling anything.

"I just want my family," I softly whispered and lowered my head, casting my eyes to the floor.

"Family is weakness"

"Family is strength and honor," a voice spoke out causing us to look at the person who was standing at the door. I frowned confused on why she was here, she shouldn't be here, they'll kill her. I quickly made my way towards her and try to push her out the door when I saw the elder grip his cane tightly.

"Mama your not suppose to be her-"

"You dare show yourself here!" the elder roared tapping his staff on the white marble making me freeze. I felt mother push me behind her standing her ground, raising her head high and straightening her back. Her short hair swaying along with her light blue sundress as I saw her walk confidently around the room while the elder followed her with narrowed eyes. I saw mother look straight at the elder with such cold empty eyes and a blank expression like uncles. I've never seen mother like this, this was different from when she would teach me and it scared me, "Have you not caused enough dishonor!"

"Enough Yamamoto! Did you really expect me to miss my daughter's own coronation?" She stated coldly keeping her composure.

"Leave at once, you've done nothing, but destroyed everything"

"Destroyed? I built this nation into something better, I brought the lycans and the vampires together, I controlled the human government with ease, this nation thrives on riches because I made it so!"

"And what did that accomplish when you're exiled, when your people needed you the most after the betrayal of Aizen instead you chose the mongrel dog!"

In an instant mother had cover the room in thin ice, the temperature dropping by the second shocking me at how mother even dared to called out her powers at the elder. I haven't even been able to call forth my powers.

"I love him! I needed him, I needed my family the people I cared for!" Mother stated placing her hand over her heart.

"Enough Hisana!" the elder yelled exasperated before realizing his mistake making mothers eyes fill with hurt before looking away. Mother never did talk about aunt I remember asking her once when I was small who she was, she had stayed quiet before responding 'She's was the queen before that's all', but the sad look in her eyes had been enough for me to not ask again.

"I know you cared for her as your own, but I'm not Hisana I'll never be," mother whispered softly. The elder let out a deep sigh closing his eyes and lower his head. He let out a very small chuckle something I've never heard before.

"No I supposed not, but even if you don't see it you two were very much alike," the elder said before turning around to walk out the door before stopping at my side, "have the clan elders approve"

I smiled wide and let a squeal after I knew he far away. I bounced my way towards my mom and grabbed her hand and dragged her the ballroom.

"Renji! Send for my family at one!" I yelled down the hall at a red hair man with tattoos who just smiled and nodded.

I stood there in front of everyone as the elder placed the crown on my head and handing me the scepter. I looked over to the side and smile brightly when I was aunt Karin with Toshiro at her side; besides them were aunt Yuzu and Jinta even grandmamma and grandpapa even Rangiku with Gin stood there next to mother and father with wide smiles.

"All hail Queen Inyou!" he elder announced making the people applause and cheer before bowing.

"Long may she reign over us!" they all said. I looked over at my red hair guard who smiled happily at me making me smile even wider. Everything was perfect my family was once again together I was now named queen. I looked forward to the peaceful days our nation would have now the half-breeds no longer attacked and the Venatore lamia had moved away never to be heard of again. There was still one more thing that needed to happen before they end up fighting over it again, my parents wedding.

Five Months Later


I could hear the maids running through the hallways preparing the last details of the ceremony. I looked at the mirror seeing my white lace wedding gown, it was simple yet elegant and I was just thankful that Inyou had choose a sleeveless one. Five months had passed since Inyou had taken the throne and since we were all allowed to come back home thanks to Inyou and the clan leaders who didn't even waste a second in saying yes. I was finally together with my family and nothing else matter.

"She choose well," a cold voice said making me turn around to see brother standing there in his black and white tuxedo. I hadn't spoken to him since I had reunited with Ichigo. He took a few steps forward until he was in front of me, placing something in my hand. I looked down to see a pearl bracelet with a diamond tear hanging from it like a charm. It was beautiful, but I looked up at him confused.

"She was suppose to give it to you the day before she died?" he responded before taking the bracelet from my hand and clasp it around my left hand. I looked away unable to say anything the last time I had seen her was on that had and we ended up having a fight like always. All those words that I said to her that day weren't true I hadn't mean any of them.

"I didn't mean it Nii-sama, all those words I had said to her, I just wanted my sister not a queen," I whispered placing a hand over my mouth suppressing my sobs.

"I'm sure she knew, Rukia because believe it or not she loved you every much," he responded slowly wrapping his arms around me. I let out a small laugh after a while feeling how uncomfortable he felt, but still didn't make a move to let go of me.


A knock came from the door making us both turn around to see Inyou come in bouncing on her toes, her long navy dress flowing with her long raven hair.

"Byakushi! You made her cry!" She exclaimed frowning and shaking her head in disapproval. I glared at her, even though she can say my name correctly now she still chose's to use the absurd nickname, she processed to pout and give me this look that made her eyes look big and round. When she was younger I found myself unable to say no to such an expression.

"Inyou," Rukia called out catching her attention before flashing her mother a wide smile.

"Come one its time we need to go or else your going to be late!" she exclaimed.

"The bride can be late to her wedding," Rukia replied causing Inyou to roll her eyes before pulling her mother out the door hearing their giggles radiate. I let out a deep sigh.

"She doesn't need me anymore, Hisana," I whispered softly.

"Byakuya-sama please take care of her," a soft voice whispered in my ears. The promise I made to you years ago I kept it without question, but even if I hadn't made it I know I would have taken her in, because what was precious to you was precious to me. I know that maybe I wasn't the perfect brother for her, but I did try. I let out another deep sigh, never realizing how tried I felt. I'm ready to see you any day now because now I'm able to tell you how happy she is.

"Hisana," I whispered closing my eyes.

"Nii-sama, I need you!" a shout came from the door I turned to look at Rukia who was fidgeting, "I don't think I can do this, there's to many people!" she exclaimed. I let out yet another sigh. I walked over to her grabbing her hand tightly.

"If your scared of such a trivial thing then it only proves that you're still a child," I responded causing her to frown, "Where is the strong Rukia I've seen before? At least I could see now why Kurosaki rejected your proposal twice"

"Hey! I rejected him twice too," she exclaimed. I had learned of the story when Inyou had come to my office to visit and kept rambling about it.

"That's not what he's saying from what I heard was you kept proposing until he had no choice, but to say yes," I replied knowing it was a lie, but the fierce look she gave told me she was no longer nervous, a determine look on her face. It seems that I was wrong, Hisana, she still needs me and I know you understand when say I still need to be by her side and Inyou.

"Come on Nii-sama I need a wedding to get to!" she said tugging me suddenly behind her before hearing a faint soft laughter.


I stood inside the white gazebo that was decorated with white flowers and ribbons. I stood nervously as I kept pulling at my tuxedo down and rubbing the back of my neck. I looked out of the gazebo too see hundreds of people sitting in chairs all facing the gazebo, the first few rows were mostly family and the clan leaders, but the rest were basically the whole night world that I've never met. I let out a deep sigh, Rukia had told me she was inviting only family and close friends if only I had knew she meant the entire night world. Though the ceremony will only last only a few minutes, since we only need to declare our love, Rukia said no priest was needed.

"Take it easy, Mr. Kurosaki, we wouldn't want you to faint," the red hair man said as he stood next to me. Inyou had made this man my groomsmen's thinking it was better then my old man. I shot him a glare that made him smirk at me. I had made the wrong choice my old man would have been better than this baboon. He annoyed me to no end. The music started playing making me turn towards the aisle that was right in the middle of the hundreds of people. I saw Inyou come walking down the aisle throwing flower petals in the air taking in small steps giving me a huge smile before turning her attention to the baboon besides me her smile growing even bigger. I gave a side look to the man to see him smile at the sight of her, making me frown. I cleared me throat-making look at me with a questioning gaze.

"I'm watching you," I warned him as he gave a snort and shake his head, "I'm not joking you baboon," I hissed making him stop and nod. I turn to see everyone stand on their feet when Byakuya and Rukia came into view her big bright smile and sparkling violet eyes taking my breath away she was beyond beautiful to put into words. I stood there mesmerized by her until Byakuya cleared his throat catching my attention. I blinked a few times not realizing that they now stood in front of me and Byakuya was handing me Rukia's hand.

"It seem that he's not ready," Byakuya, stated lowering both his and Rukia's hand away from me.

"Nii-sama," Rukia whined as I quickly reach out for her hand taking it into mine earning me glare from him and a small giggle from Rukia. I watched him give me another glare before placing a soft kiss on Rukia's forehead and stood next to the baboon.

"Your brother still doesn't like me," I whispered.

"Yeah I don't think he'll ever like you," She responded softly and looked out to the many guest that were starting to sit down and Rangiku slowly made her way towards us as she wadded side-to-side holding a small gold tray with our rings with it. Her swollen belly made me smiled knowing that a little Rangiku was growing in there made me happy for her. She was due in three months and was expecting girl.

I took Rukia's ring from the tray and faced her taking in a deep breath.

"Rukia, you except me with all my faults, you loved me unconditionally and for that I thank you, because you Rukia are the one that I love and that will never change. On this day, I give you my heart, my promise that I will walk with you hand in hand wherever our journey leads us, living, learning, loving, together forever," I said smiling as I slip in the ring with the one I had give her. Her violet eyes shining with unshed tears. She reached out for my ring giving Rangiku a big smile and turned to me giving me hand a light squeeze, clearing her throat.

"Ichigo I love you ever since I could remember and that will never change because in your eyes I found my home. In your heart, I found my love. In your soul, I found my other half; with you I am whole, full, alive. I am yours. You are mine always and forever," she said slipping the ring on my ring finger.

"Our promise of eternity," we both said.

I reached out and cupped her check making her lean into my touch when she suddenly pull me by my hips close to her getting my tie to pull me to her eye level. I could hear the guest laughing and give whistles. I could feel my cheeks heat up.

"Rukia," I whined making her narrow her eyes at me.

"So brother tells me your saying I kept proposing to you until you had no choice, but to say yes?" she questioned making throw a glare at the person behind her who just stare at me expressionless before giving me a small smirk. I was about to say something but Rukia turned me around leaning me to the side as she hover above making everyone cheer louder and laughter rang through me ears. I felt my whole face heat up this time.

"Ruk-" I whined but was cut off when she kissed my fiercely making me put am arm around her neck in order to be able to kiss her back. Byakuya that bastard make him pay for this. I heard the guest cheer even louder as Rukia let me up making me frown at her only to get a smile in return. Inyou jump towards us hugging us both as many more came to the front congratulating us. My old man with mom and my sisters with their partners, the clan leaders everyone was there with smiling faces. We were all finally together happy and healthy, to create many more beautiful memories together. Whether if we were to cry, laugh, or get angry at each we will stay together because that is what family does and I am happy to know now were I belong now. Thank you everyone, thank you Orihime and thank you Rukia.

"Ah my dear son! You're a man now! I'm so happy, come closer so I can give you some ideas for your honeymoon, and get our dear Rukia coming back for more of you-"

"God damn it old man!"

"Silence you fool have you no respect!?"

We all final had our happily ever after, he take about corny, right?

~The end~

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