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It has come to our attention some information in the student application form has not been filled out. Please refill it out, and send it back to us, thank you.
























The Board of Scholars.

The Form for students:

Name: (First and Last)

Nickname: (Self Explanatory)

Gender: (Self Explanatory)

Year: (Freshman, Junior, Sophomore, or Senior)

Age: (14-19)

Pokemon: (This is a Gijinka fic. NOT A TRAINER. So, here is how this part goes, you can be either basic or secondary evolution if the Pokemon you pick has 3 evos. If it has two, you can be either one. So, say if I liked the Pokemon Eevee, I'd be either that or one of its Evos. Now If I chose the Shinx family, I'd be either Shinx or Luxio. Get it?)

Appearance: (





Body Build

Outfit-Shirt/dress/shoes/skirts/pants/socks ect.


Personality: (


To People they like:



Falls in Love:






In General: )

Fears: (Claustrophobic, Fire, Dark ect.)

History: (family background:

Reason why they have that Fear:

Love interest: )

Classes: (the Courses you chose for your OC)

1.(Must be one history Course)

2.(Must be a second History Course)

3.(Must be one Science Course)

4.(Must be a second Science Course)

5.(Must be one Math Course)

6.(Must be a second Math Course)


1.(Required to Choose one)

2.(Required to Choose one)



Bleh. To much to write. *sighs* Might as well write mine down.

Name: Kelsey Vineso

Nickname: None

Gender: Female

Year: Freshman

Age: 14

Pokemon: Petilil


Eyes-Dark Blue, with little flecks of purple.

Hair-Usually kept in a pair of messy, and curly pigtails. Its light brown, that when down falls to just above her stomach. She often bemoans the fact that they get curly so easily, and can never quite tame them.

Height-5'3. She avidly wishes for her to evolve, so she can finally get taller already!

Weight-132-4 lb.

Body Build-Skinny, just developing curves, has a little bit of pudge on her belly and cheeks, and has a B-34 cup chest.

Outfit-She usually wears a light green vest that has white and blue flower logo on it, with a white long-sleeved undershirt. She wears a light blue mini-skirt, with white leggings and yellow tennis shoes. Her nails are painted a dark green color.

Accessories-She likes to collect scarves, and can be seen wearing them most of the year. Also, she's fond of putting flowers in her hair as well.



To People they like: Generally on good speaking terms. Will sometimes playfully tease them. Doesn't mind hanging out them. Can get annoyed quicker with them though.

Friends: Open, trusting and loyal to them. Will speak of them fondly. Becomes angry if someone hurt them, angry enough to punch them in the nose. Becomes distraught, and hurt when one betrays her. Takes longer to make mad, but becomes steamed during a fight with one.

Crush: Blushes slightly, becomes more clumsier. Will become more quiet, a little shy when they're around.

Falls in Love: Full out tomato color. Is a dangerous hazard to ones health. Daydreams often about them. Speaks with a stutter. Will deny any feelings/attraction. Soaks up attention from them. Cries when they reject her.

(Relationship)Love: Happier than a Mr. Mime. Will smiles more, and be more open. Still a little hesitant on romantic things, and becomes embarrassed easily.

Indifferent: Does not bother with them. Speaks formally to them.

Annoyed: Becomes exasperated faster with them. Will speak with a sharper tone.

Hate: Can growl in anger at them, eyes turn a bit more darker. She trembles from frustration. Urge to fight very strong.

Fear: Runs. Runs as far as possible then finds a small location to hide at. Whimpers and trembles when unable to run, tears start to well up.

In General: Appears as a witty(sarcastic) girl. Believes more in fighting for herself then waiting for some 'prince'. Confident, exasperated, but means well type.

Fears: Being Alone, and Fire.


Family background: Her family comes from a 'noble' line. Making most of her family snooty, greedy, and snobby. Cue eye roll. She considers herself the only sane one there. Once when she was younger, a fire broke out while the rest of her family had gone out to get a doctor for her. She had been sick at time, and nearly died from the fumes had a local water pokemon noticed the fire and rescued her out.

Reason why they have that Fear: *points up* Read the background.

Love interest: Meh, none yet. Mostly crushes probably.

List is right below this as you can see. Sorry you have to fill out such a long thing. -_- I wanted to be accurate and descriptive though.

*shrugs* Onto other notes: How many OC will be chosen? 16 not including mine. 4 for each year people!

How many can I submit? I'm impressed you wanna fill out that form again. Alright, hmmmm. 2.

How can I guarantee mine will get picked? You can't. But if your descriptive, like really descriptive you've just improved your chances.

I hope that's all.

List of School Classes:

HISTORY: world history, government, economics, criminal justice, sociology, psychology.

MATH: pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, and discrete math.

SCIENCE: Biology, chemistry, and physics, geology, anatomy, astronomy, health science, environmental science, and forensic science


Visual arts:drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, film studies, and art history)

Performing arts:choir, drama, band, orchestra, dance, guitar

Vocational education:woodworking, metalworking, computer-aided drafting, automobile repair, agriculture, cosmetology, FFA.

Computer science/information technology/media technologies:word processing, programming, graphic design, computer club, Web design and web programming, video game design, music production, film production.

Journalism/publishing:school newspaper, yearbook, television production

Foreign languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish are common; Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Latin, Korean, Dutch.

Business Education: Accounting, Data Processing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, Information and Communication Technology, Management, Marketing, and Secretarial.

Family and consumer science/health: nutrition, nursing, culinary, child development.