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Chapter 11: Visitors

-St. Mungo-

Luna and Arianna walked behind the others as they entered the famous Wizard Hospital. They passed some healers who stopped their work to stare at them. Arianna sighed. This was hospital, people. They shouldn't care of someone famous like Harry Potter and friends passed them when they had many patients waiting for them.

"We're here." Lucius said. He opened the door and walked inside with everyone followed him. Arianna looked around. The room was big and only Mr. Weasley, Bill and Draco occupied the room. It was more like a personal room than hospital room. An old woman dressed in Healer's room was in the room, checking Bill's bandaged arm. Arianna saw Draco was looking at them with a small smile on his face. Arianna immediately ran to him, bombarding him with questions.

"Healer Mandy." Narcissa greeted. Healer Mandy turned around and smiled.

"How are they?" Narcissa asked worriedly. Her blue eyes were on Draco who was speaking with Arianna.

"They are fine. I have given Mr. Weasley a sleeping draught so he will be sleeping in few hours. Mr. William Weasley's hand is getting better. Mr. Draco is getting better." Mandy said. Narcissa sighed din relief.

Harry walked to Mr. Weasley with Ginny and Ron behind her. Harry rubbed Ginny's back as she put her red head on his shoulder. Her eyes were looking at her father sadly.

"Where's my mother?' She asked. Mrs. Weasley was nowhere in sight which was weird. Her husband and son were here yet she didn't.

"Mrs. Weasley was going home for a moment because I asked him to gather Mr. Weasley and Mr. William Weasley's file for the hospital. She would be back in a minute or so." Healer Mandy said. She smiled at the youngest Weasley and about to walk out the room when the door was suddenly opened. Two women rushed into the room. One had red hair while the other had blonde hair. The redheaded woman let out a happy cry when she saw her son and daughter were here.

"Ginny, Ronald!" Mrs. Weasley held them both in her arms. She kissed both of their cheeks before breaking their hug to embrace Harry.

"Are you fine, Harry?"

"Yes, Mr. Weasley." Harry smiled at her. Mrs. Weasley ruffled his har before looking at her husband. Harry nodded at Fleur who was sitting on a chair beside Bill. Fleur smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Hey Harry!" Bill greeted a grin on his scarred face.

"Hi Bill. You look great!" Harry said, smiling. Bill just raised his eyebrow and grinned wider. Fleur chuckled and held her husband's hand tighter.

"Mr. Malfoy?" Arianna's voice made everyone turned to her.

"Yes, Arianna?" Lucius asked although he knew what the blonde girl would say.

"Where's my father's body?" Lucius let out a small sad smile.

"Come on, girl!" He ordered softly before they both walked out the room. Harry hesitated for a moment before running after them. Arianna smiled weakly at him as he walked beside her. The three stopped in front of a dark brown door. Lucius opened the door and allowed the young ones walked in first. Arianna walked to the only body into the room. The body was covered in a thin white sheet. The few candles in the room made the atmosphere went little scary. Arianna walked to the body and slowly opened the sheet. The very pale of her father face made the tears came out from her blue eyes. Harry held her hand to offer some comfort.

"I love you Dad." Arianna whispered before she covered him with the sheet.

"I'm sorry Arianna." Harry said softly. Arianna didn't say anything but she nodded at him.

Arianna whipped the tears off her cheeks as she muttering something about stupid Voldemort and his boy bands, how she would put Lestrange in Imperious Curse and would order him to dance until his death. Harry let out a nervous chuckle when he heard that. Arianna liked to mutter something stupid with her mouth when actually planning something serious and probably dangerous inside her little head.

"Let's go Harry." She said. Harry followed Lucius and Arianna out the room but not before giving the dead body of Mr. Danvers a last glance.

When Harry and others walked inside the room, Mr. Weasley had woken. He and the others were discussing about the attack. Mr. Weasley turned to Harry when he stood beside Ron and gave him a smile before continuing the discussion.

"So we have to stay in Draco's house in America." Mr. Weasley said.

"Why should you stay in Draco's house in America?" Harry asked.

"You must have known that the letters with you address were gone. There's a big chance that Lestrange will try to attack the house even though their attack to The Burrow might lead us to remove all of you from there. But this is a chance for us to capture the rest of the Death Eaters. Wizarding World will not be in piece until all Voldemort's followers are captured." Mr. Weasley said. Harry went silent. Mr. Weasley was right.

"We have to bring a full army of Aurors." Lucius said. He agreed to Mr. Weasley. It would make Harry as bait for the Death Eaters and the risk was too big but this was their chance to wipe out the Death Eaters that managed to escape. A chance that they shouldn't pass.

"If you want to do this, then let me fight." Harry said. Arianna and others immediately went to his side.

"Us too." Arianna said on the behalf of other young wizards. Narcissa and Mrs. Weasley gasped in unison.

"Me too." Draco said from his bed.

"Draco, you're still injured." Narcissa said. Draco shook his head.

"I will not let you fight without me, with a whole army of Aurors or not." Draco said in final tone. Lucius looked at his son before nodding his head. He looked at Mr. Weasley and Bill. They seemed fine enough to fight. The Death Eaters would come to Harry soon, probably in two or three days. Everyone had to be in good condition.

"I will go to the Ministry of Magic to see if they can send Aurors in two days." Lucius said before walking out the room. Harry's eyes looked at Lucius when he walked out the room. His mind began to think whether everyone were ready to fight or not. Mentally, maybe they were more than ready but physically? Will was everything, yeah, but if there was no support for it then...

"We will win, Harry. Don't worry." Ginny's voice broke his thought. Harry looked at his girlfriend and smiled.

"Yeah, we will." He said even though bad thought began to enter his mind.

-In the middle of the night, Malfoy's house in Forks-

"Lucius, you said they will come today!" Lupin said annoyed. Both Order and Aurors had been waiting for the battle since the previous day but until now the Death Eaters were nowhere in sight. They began to lose their patience.

"I'm sure of it. Lestrange is not a guy who will wait for revenge. He is a guy with no patience just like his wife. Even Lord Voldemort has difficult time to control his endless and rusty ideas. With Voldemort out of his way, he could do anything that pops up into his mind." Lucius said. His cold blue eyes were scanning the sky for dark cloud. His patience was running thin. Mr. Weasley sighed.

"We have waiting for this battle since last night and so far there's no sign of them. Don't you think we should have a break? Look at them!" Mr Weasley said pointing to the exhausted teenagers.

"I know, but we shouldn't let our guard down. Maybe they're waiting for us to be impatience and show them our weakness." Lucius said; his eyes had not left the sky.

"We will take turn to observe the situation. Half of us will rest and the others will stay here on guard. We will take turn when the sun comes up." Kingsley said, looking around the dark forest before pointing to half of the Aurors with good strength to continue what they were doing. The Aurors nodded dutifully. Kingsley walked into the house, noticing the women were making some tea for everyone.

"Narcissa, can you give these to the Aurors outside?" Molly said. Narcissa nodded and waved her wand at two big trays. Narcissa was giving her husband his glass when they heard a movement in the darkness. Everyone was immediately on their guard.

"Stupefy!" The bright red light hit the target and it was thrown few feet away. The "thing" they hit let out a quiet moan before passing out.

"What's that?" Lupin asked, bursting out the house. The others immediately run to whatever it was. They let out a gasp when they saw a big russet wolf lying on the ground.

"It's a wolf... A big wolf." said, circling the wolf. The wolf slowly changed into a human figure, making everyone once again let out a gasp and raised their wand.

"No, it's a shape shifter."

"Who is he?" Mr. Weasley slowly walked to the unconscious figure. He looked at his body and found he wasn't injured.

"I don't know. Let's bring him inside. Maybe the kids know who he is." It needed five full-grown Aurors to bring Jacob's big body into the house.

"Jacob!" Ron claimed loudly once the poor shape shifter passed him.

"You know him?" Lucius asked, even though his son had told the Order about the shape-shifter, he was surprise that they actually interact with them. Draco didn't say anything about being friends with them.

"Yes, he is Luna's boyfriend." Draco said, giving his father a guilty look. He knew what his father was thinking and couldn't help to feel irresponsible for leaving the fact that they were friends.

"Luna's... boyfriend?" Mr. Weasley asked in awe. Never once in his life, he imagined Luna with a man beside her. Well, that was rude but it was true. Mrs. Weasley came closer to them and immediately waved her wand, making a big T-shirt and pans appeared on Jacob's nude body.

"Yes Dad. Come one, don't be so surprise" Ginny said. She didn't like it when people always looked at Luna like she was kind of lunatic who would always be alone. Well, maybe she was, but she deserved to be happy too.

"Is it weird if I'm surprise?" Mr. Weasley asked innocently. His question met few irritated looks from the women. He sighed and held his hands up. The Aurors put the big boy on the nearest couch. Narcissa put her hand on his forehead before waving her wand and muttering something.

"Urgh!" Jacob groaned when he felt pain spread through his body. He opened his eyes painfully and blinked when many unfamiliar faced looked back at him.

"You're awake, Jacob." Harry said, slowly making his way to him.

"Harry." Jacob greeted. He suddenly felt nervous. He was among unfamiliar people with cool robes and wands. They all looked like important people, well most of them. Wow...

"Jacob, sorry about earlier. Mr. Weasley didn't mean to attack you." Harry said. Jacob nodded nervously.

"It's fine. Nothing serious happen." Jacob tried to smile. He felt really intimidated by the quiet people around him. Wizard none less...

"Jacob, this is Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Weasley. They are Ron and Ginny's parents." Harry said, pointing to the red-haired couple. Jacob smiled as Harry began to introduce him to the rest of them.

"Say boy, are you Luna's boyfriend or are you not?" Lucius asked. His tone was like he was interrogating a Death Eater rather than a teenager.

"Lucius!" Narcissa hissed. Lucius ignored her and continued to look at the now panic boy.

"Um... yes, Sir." Jacob answered. He felt like he was meeting Luna's father who was very protective of her. Draco's father maybe was Luna's father figure. 'Great! I am doomed' This man was intimidating with his cold grey eyes. His eyes glanced at the wand and he could help but to feel scared.

"Hm... are you taking a good care of her?" Lucius began to throw questions.

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you really love her?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Are you-"

"Stop it, Lucius! You're scaring the poor boy." Narcissa said. She looked at Jacob and smiled sweetly. She was sure this boy was a good one. When Draco informed them about shape-shifters in this town, he didn't say they were a threat.

"Jacob, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Luna is in her room if you still want to visit her?" Jacob smiled in relief. Her words were like cold water in the middle of hot desert.

"Yes, Mrs. Malfoy." Jacob stood up. He looked at them and nodded his head.

"It is really nice to meet all of you." He said before walking upstairs.

"Hmm... he's a good boy." Mrs. Weasley said, nodding her head.

"Let's hope he really treat Luna well." Mr. Weasley said, agreeing with his wife.

-Luna's room-

Jacob knocked the door of Luna's bedroom. He frowned when there were no respond from inside. Uncertainly, he opened the door. He walked into the dark room and saw a figure lied on the bed. Luna was sleeping. Jacob moved closer and Luna's pale face was slowly visible to his eyes. Jacob looked around the room and noticed a big mirror on the wall. He narrowed his eyes when he realized he was fully clothes. Did the wizard put clothes on him when he ws passing out? That must be. Jacob tried to shake an image of him being surrounded by many people, adult and young, in nude form. He turned his attention to the most beautiful girl for him on the bed.

Jacob smiled when he saw Luna smiled in her dream. What was she dreaming about? Was she dream about me? Jacob was tempting to brush away the hair from her face but he was afraid he would wake her up. Slowly, he walked closer to her and knelt down, putting his chin on the bed right in front of her face. His brown eyes looked at the sleeping girl with love and care.

"Jacob?" Luna's blue eyes looked straight into his brown ones. Jacob smiled.

"Hey, I didn't mean to wake you up." He apologized. Luna smiled and sat up before reaching for his hand and guided him to sit in front of her.

"Well, you shouldn't stare at me at the first place then." She said.


"It's fine." Luna said, moving closer to him.

"I saw you smiled in your sleep earlier. Were you dreaming something good?"


"Care to tell me about it?" Luna went silent for a moment. She looked up and stared at him uncertainly.

"You don't have to tell me." Jacob said, taking her hand into his.

"No, no; it's fine." Then Luna's smile changed again. But Jacob wasn't sure if he liked this one better. This one was a bit weird and insane, if he could say that. Luna was weird, he admitted that but she looked weirder now.

"I chased a squirrel out of the country in my dream last night," she replied happily, her normal dreamy smile returning to her face.

Jacob raised his eyebrows and looked so shock for a second, and he regained his composure quickly and held back a laugh. "I...see..."

"But something else happened as well." Luna said, moving closer to him. Jacob just looked at Luna now, deciding not to ask about the second situation, just in case. But Luna cocked her head to the side cutely.

"Don't you want to know?" Jacob bit his lip before nodded.

"...sure." Luna smiled brightly and started talking again.

"You see, after the squirrel left the country, it gets...blurry, let's call it. But I do remember doing something..." Luna was grinning now, making Jacob more curious although he didn't say that. He just smiled gently and let her continue talking.

"Hm?" Luna grinned.

"Ah yes. In my dream, I did this..."

Luna gripped his shirt and pulled him down. Luna gave him a deep kiss before pulling back. Jacob's mind went blank, but when he came back to reality. He leaned down to give his lover another kiss. Luna was trapped in a daze as soon as Jacob's lips touched her once more. When they broke apart, they sat in silence for a minute or two. Then both of them grinned.

"Maybe I should have these dreams more often. What do you think, Jacob?"

"You should." He said, out of breath before leaning down to claim that thin pink lips with his own once again