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Oh, a certain awesome someone is getting shot~

"America?" Canada poked a head into the computer room where his brother had spent the last two days-a full 48 hours. The northern nation sighed and walked in. America had collapsed upon the laptop which held all the files Belarus had brought him, surrounded by numerous coke cans.

As he dropped the signature bomber jacket over his brother's sleeping figure, America stirred lightly and mumbled, "...gland..."

"Eh?" Canada whispered, leaning down.

"England...Where are you?"

Eyes pained, Canada straightened up.

England, missing for over a week, vanished from the battlefield.

A glance at America's face displayed his obvious exhaustion. No matter how much the his heroic brother had tried to hide his fatigue behind masks of enthusiasm, Canada was always able to tell whenever America pulled another all-nighter searching for the British nation in intelligence reports, surveillance photos, and now the leaked Soviet files. Just as the North American nation turned to leave, alarms blared off in the building once more.


Taking his chance, Prussia pulled out a hidden automatic pistol from somewhere within his pants.

France raised an eyebrow.

"Where did you retrieve that from, mon cher?"

"My awesome underwear, duh."

The Frenchman shook his head slightly and smiled.

"Very like you, Prussia."

"Ja, very like you, bruder," Germany mocked, pulling the trigger.

The crack of a fired bullet filled the air.


"H-Hey, Estonia," Latvia stuttered, "Do you think she got there safely?"

"Hopefully, my viruses will hold until she reaches safety at America's If the programs are decrypted however..." Estonia hesitated all the while typing rapidly upon a miniature laptop.

"Then they'll find using the GPS system which is linked to their computers." Ukraine finished.

Estonia nodded grimly.

"it's all because of this, " Lithuania growled, pushing up his sleeve to reveal a microchip injected into his forearm, "and because of the sound recording device that was contained within the chip we were overheard during our planning and imprisoned together."

"At least we were able set the plan in motion," Estonia reminded, "We still have some hope. Also, I still have my laptop so I can continue to freeze their GPS system."

"It wouldn't be that your viruses have already been destroyed, would it?" Ukraine asked worriedly.

Estonia shook his head.

"Can't be. I'm monitoring the signals that are sent back from Belarus's microchip day and night. I would notice if they were able to break through my walls. Unless..." he froze, eyes doubled.

"W-what?" Latvia demanded.

"They couldn't have been using my virus to backtrack Belarus, could've they?!"


Estonia looked up, fingers finally stopped typing.

"You see," he started, 'It was too risky to hack straight into the main network since there's too much defensive measures and security. So, what I did was sneak a virus into the signals that Belarus' microchip sent back to the system and alter a tiny portion of the code allowing the signals to be sent instead to my laptop, where I monitored it instead. Then, a sent a virus which prevented the signals from connecting back the main network. Thus, I was able to momentarily freeze the portion of the GPS system which tracked Belarus. But every signal can be traced to its original source which means..."

"That by using the signals you used to send the final program to the main system they traced you back to this laptop," Ukraine continued.

"And then traced it to Belarus?" Lithuania finished.

"Correct." Suddenly, Estonia's eyes widened once again. "Oh no...oh no, oh no, oh no," he breathed.

"W-what?! There's something WORSE?!" Latvia wailed.

"That means every time I used my laptop I had actually been helping them since it allowed them to trace the signals! "

"Thank you very much, da?" a Russian voice mocked. "Thanks to you, I have found both my dear sister and my worst enemy." He stepped out from the shadows. "Why don't we go and pay them a little visit, da? Together."


America jerked awake, knocking over several empty and one partially full coke cans to the ground.

"Waaaa?!" he exclaimed. "When did my alarm clock get that loud?!"

"You idiot!" Canada screamed in exasperation. "That's the building's alarm!"

"Who the fuck is it this time? That commie bastard's older sister?" America yawned, rummaging through piles of junk to locate his firearm.

Canada sighed as he loaded his own gun. "Please, don't be absurd."

opening the door, the North American brothers headed towards the cause of commotion.


America's eyes narrowed when he saw the intruder of the hidden headquarters.

"Soviet Bastard," he spat.

"now, now, that wasn't a very polite way to greet a former ally was it now, da?" Russia smile innocently.

Noticing the crutch upon which the Russian leaned America smirked.

"Did you trip and fall?"

Russia snarled. "It's thanks to a little bitch that your hiding right now. It would be best to give her over already, da?"

'No can do." America shrugged. "So far, she's kept her end of the bargain and more so I can't break my promise."

"Really? How? Even though she lead us straight to your rat-hole?"

"It saved me the trouble of trying to locate your sorry ass."

"I see." Russia pouted childishly. "Then we'll have to move to more demanding methods, da?"

Gesturing with a single finger, a Soviet soldier thrust a dirty bound figure onto her knees and a cocked a gun at the back of her head.

Before anyone had recovered from initial shock, a single voice shrieked from behind a group of guards who attempted to block her way. Tears streamed down Belarus' face.

"SISTER! Let me go! Let me go you bastards! SIS!"

"Belarus, at least your safe," Ukraine smile in defeated weakness only to be immediately kicked in the chest by Russia, leaving her gasping for breath.

"Well? You decision?"" Russia demanded with a bore tone.

"I-" America's words froze in his throat, choking him.

"Maybe this will help quicken you choice."

With that, an unconscious blond figure was tossed onto the concrete floor.

America spluttered.


Well there you go. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

And look! we found England!


And maybe I just killed Prussia! I really don't know!


Anybody notice a microscopic reference to the Hunger Games? (Also pasta to whoever can the anime I referenced to above!)

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