The year is 2071. Mankind is at the brink of extinction following a new threat that arose. Some call them Gods, some call them monsters, some call them, Aragami. This new threat appeared in the 2050's, discovery of Oracle Cells and their fast paced evolution has now decimated humanity's population. And despite of all this, humanity still fights, this is my story.

My name is Ragner Angel, codename Insignis. My physical details are not that important but I'll provide them anyway for those who want them:

Hair: Black

Eyes: Nobody knows, I have shades on all the time

Skin Colour: It doesn't matter

Clothing: Red top, Black bottom but it can change

Likes: My electronics (PSP, Ipod, etc)

Dislikes: Many many things too much to name

My life before joining Fenrir was pretty basic, scrounge for food, eat, sleep, play games or listen to music whiling the day away. I wanted to go out, go socialise, but in a world where you're likely to be eaten just for going to the beach or hang out with friends that might not make it to the next day was pretty pointless in my opinion.

One day when I was staring out the window into the Old City, a knock on my door jolted me out of my daydreaming reverie. It was an official from Fenrir. Apparently my DNA was a possible match to one of their "New-Type God Arcs". Having not much choice, and not much to pack, I was out of my makeshift home in minutes, knowing full well I'd never visit that humble old shack ever again. Walking through those double doors, changed my life forever.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Welcome to Humankind's last fortress. Fenrir. I will now test your compatibility as one of the anti aragami punitive force. The God Eaters." A voice said from behind the glass shield. With my shades on I could only make out three figures. Anything else, well... Was beyond my vision anyway.

"Please try to relax a little, you'll get... Better results that way."

Rolling my eyes, I took a few steps forward, not as if I'm going to have a panic attack right here right now.

"When you're ready, go stand in front of that case in the center of the room."

Stepping forward slowly, I noticed that the case in question had a giant longsword in it, along with an oversized bracelet, one half on the bottom near the sword, and the other half on the top half of the case. Shrugging my queasiness aside, I inserted my left hand into the machine (I'm a southpaw, deal with it).

"That's the... Wrong hand..." The voice continued as the machine slammed down, trapping my left arm anyway. What happened next, was a mixture of intense pain, weird squelching noises and the feeling of being jabbed by hundred's of needles. Before I could scream, it was over. The machine opened up with a mechanical hiss and I found myself the proud new owner of the worst fashion accessory in the history of fashion accessories... along with a giant cool longsword.

Picking up the longsword with a dagger grip, I swung it around, testing the weight.

"Huh? This thing weighs less than a kilo..."

Without warning, a small tendril came out of the longsword and attached itself to my bracelet!

"Okay..." I muttered, staring at the tendril, wondering if it was normal for giant weapons to attach themselves to their owners with creepy black tendrils.

"Congratulations, you are now the first of the Far East Branch's New-Type God Eaters. This concludes the aptitude test. Now that we know you're a match, you'll be going for a medical checkup next. Now then, I'd like you to wait in the room beyond that door, don't hesitate to know someone know right away if you start to feel... Unwell. I've high hopes for you."

I just met this guy and he has hopes for me already? This world is screwed.

Placing the longsword back into the machine, I headed for the only door left open in the room out back into the room I first arrived in when I entered "Human kind's last fortress". I guess this was the lobby. Taking a seat next to a guy dressed in bright orange and yellow, I took little notice of his clothing, his yellow beanie and orange hair were also major visual focal points as well, with colours that bright, it's more of a liability. Everyone knows bright colours attract attention, and attention from Aragami is the last thing you want.

"Hey... you want some gum?" The boy asked, tapping his pocket.

Before I could refuse his offer, he looked up with a mildly disappointed look on his face, "Oh, I'm all out, looks like I ate the last piece, sorry."

Well that saves me some trouble. Last time I was offered gum, the guy who offered it didn't even take it out from a wrapper. Major gross.

"I am Kota Fujiki, so, you were a match too?"

Well duh, if I wasn't a match then what would I be here for? Floor cleaning? There's a janitor like 5 metres behind you.

"That makes two of us," he said grinning, "You must be my age, or maybe a little older. Oh well, I'm still your senior by a nanosecond, nice to meet you."

"Ragner. Likewise." I replied before turning to a woman clad in white coming over to us like she had a bone to pick. Suffice to say, what she was wearing was definitely not for combat... Too much cleavage... Quite a lot of leg exposure... Can't imagine her fighting in that... And her armlet, was taped up with some yellow tape.

"Stand up." She ordered

Both of us were kinda stunned by this command, me I was still noting observations and Kota even tilting his head to the side to give a "Huh?"

"I said stand up! On your feet!" She said a little louder.

"Yes ma'am!" Kota cried, standing up immediately, puffing his chest out while I just stood at attention.

"I'm on a tight schedule so I'll be keeping this short, my name is Tsubaki Amamiya, and I'm your advisor. This is your schedule, after your medical checkup, you'll complete a full cirriculum of basic physical training, basic combat training, as well as weaponry and armor clinic. We are the one's who have been protecting you up until now, but from this day forward, you'll be doing the protecting. If you don't want to die over something stupid, you'll answer my every order with a yes. Understood?"

Long lecture, I only caught about half of it, the part where I had some training, a clinic and something about dying.

"Answer me!" She barked, clearly this woman has issues with waiting for replies.

"Yes ma'am." Kota and I said together.

"Alright, let's begin the medical checkups. We'll start with you." She said nodding at me.

Me! Why me? Pick the senior!

"Report to Doctor Paylor Sakaki's room by 1500 hours."

I don't have much of a choice in this do I?

"Take a tour of the facilities until then, this is your new home, the Fenrir Far East Branch aka the Den. Make sure you pay your respects to the members of your team."

As she walked off, I headed for the girl behind the counter, I hope she knew directions.

"Excuse me, where's the cafeteria?"

Yes, I'm hungry. So a cafeteria would definitely be my first stop.

"Ummm, up the stairs, take the elevator down." She replied

Walking to the elevator, I noticed Kota was still standing in his exaggerated version of standing at attention.

"Hey Kota, she's gone now you can stop standing like that."

"Oh, sorry I wasn't looking at her eheheh."

"Yeah, right, I saw you staring at her ass like 10 seconds ago."

"No I wasn't!"

"How would you rate it?"

"A solid 9... Oh crap." Kota facepalmed, realising he just admitted to ogling.

"C'mon, lets head to the cafeteria before the checkups. That food ain't gonna eat itself."

That's it for the Prologue! Chapter 1 will follow once I get a few reviews so R&R!