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"Vongola . . ."

Tsuna looked up from his paperwork to see Lambo walking in, carrying a tray of what looked like snacks and hot green tea. Smiling, Tsuna placed his pen down, happy that he was finally getting a break.

"Thanks, Lambo. I don't know how to thank you for saving me. I thought I was going to die for a minute there," the brunet said picking up a pastry and began digging in.

"Vongola . . ."

"You can call me Tsuna when we're alone. Everybody does . . . except Reborn that is. Still calls me Dame Tsuna," the 10th Vongola chuckled.

"Vongola . . ." Lambo tried again.

"It's Tsuna," the 10th Vongola said.

"Vongola . . . why aren't you giving me any missions?"

Tsuna stopped in mid-chew before continuing to swallow the bite, "Do you have to?"

"I'm one of the seven guardians, this ring is proof of that! What do you gain by keeping me locked up in this place?" Lambo wondered.

"Is it pride that you're doing it for? Or is it something else? Tell me, Lambo," Tsuna said. Lambo looked down, hands gripped the silver tray,

"Pride has nothing to do with this. I just feel . . . so lonely . . . like . . . you don't trust me enough."

"I trust you plenty," Tsuna confessed.

"Then why?" Lambo wondered.

"I just want to make sure that you are ready when I do send you out. If you keep having these thoughts, you're just going to get yourself killed. Your ego will get in the way and in one second you're dead. Do you know how precious you are to us? To the Tsuna family?" Tsuna said. Lambo bit his lip from crying.

"If you really wish to go on a mission so badly, then train, prove to me that you are physically ready as well as mentally. If not, then you will remain here."

Lambo made a noise of irritation before he fled the room, loudly slamming the door behind him. Tsuna sighed, sliding down back into his seat,

"So, what do you make of this Reborn?"

"You knew I was in the room, Dame Tsuna?" a voice said as a figure appeared out of the shadows.

"I saw you slip out from behind Lambo when he came in," Tsuna said sipping his tea. Reborn chuckled and sat across from the 10th Vongola,

"As expected after the years of training I've put you through."

"Yes . . . but the training hasn't prepared me for this . . . What should I do, Reborn?" Tsuna wondered.

"I think you've already done enough. If he trains as you've said, then he'll be ready. For how long, I'm not sure," Reborn stated. Tsuna hid his head in his hands,

"I don't want to confine him in this mansion. It was not my intention, but I don't want to lose him. He's too precious. I was with him since he was five. He's grown on me and to become such a fine person . . ."

"You love him," Reborn speculate and Tsuna shook his head,

"No . . . love is not the word for this . . . more like, I would die for him. He's like a brother I never had, a friend one would pick up after being thrown away, a lover . . . that you can count on . . ."

"You really are no good, Tsuna . . ." Reborn said, placing a hand on the Vongola's head. Tsuna could only laugh.

"I guess I'm really no good afterall."