Hola! I feel incredibly bad for not updating, I'm sorry! But I've been busy and bed ridden with a cold, : ( , and lately another lovely Glee pairing has caught my attention: KUM! MMMM, yummy. Some how, I find myself drawn more to the cutesy ones, tho. So anyhoodles, this is my rendition of a cutesy Kum fic, enjoy!

Playtime with Kurt

It was Saturday evening, with the sunset's exquisite colors fading quickly from Lima, Ohio. Sam Evans was watching his two younger siblings, Stacey and Stevie, when there was a knock at the door. He trudged down the stairs into the foyer and opened the door, surprised to see Kurt Hummel standing there with a box of toys and a smile.

"Hello, Sam, how are you?" he said, inviting himself into to the Evans' home. Sam just watched him, bewildered. "Alright, I suppose. Kurt, what are you doing here?" "Quinn said money's a bit tight for your family right now," Kurt said shrugging, "She said you were close to losing your house! So I decided to bring over some of my old toys for your siblings. I have some Power Rangers, a Barbie and Ken doll, a cute little Kermit the Frog.." "Kurt," Sam said, his face flushed with embarrassment, "you didn't have to go through all this trouble, it really isn't necessary."

Kurt just gave him his best Bitch, please face . "Of course it is Sam, I'm your friend, I want to help you out." Sam's face fell slightly at the word friend, but Kurt didn't seem to notice.

He led Kurt upstairs to his brother and sister's room. It was a strange setup. Half the wall was painted blue, while the other half was painted pink. There was a single window in the middle of the two feuding wall colors looking out onto the driveway. There were two single beds on either side of the room, laden with clothes and coloring books and toys all in piles on the floor. Sitting on the floor, playing with cars and dollies, were Stevie, 8 years old, and Stacey, 9 years old. Their faces lit up when they saw Kurt, eager to have another playmate. They rushed up to him introducing themselves and telling him their ages, whiles offering a visual aid by counting them off with their fingers, as children so adorably do. "Well hello there, my name is Kurt." Stevie gave Kurt a wide grin, and turned to Sam. "Sammie! Is this the Kurt you think is-" Sam quickly covered Stevie's mouth in an attempt to shut him up. "It's nothing, Kurt, really," he said when Kurt gave him a suspicious look. Sam then muttered something about needing to use the restroom, and promptly left the room. Once Kurt had shown the children the toys, and equally distributed them among the two, he began to talk to was both intrigued and scared to know what Sam thought of him. What if he didn't really like Kurt, and simply put up with him because of Glee? What if he thought Kurt was ridiculous, and spent many a night laughing at his expense? Kurt shook these thoughts out of his head and continued the game of House/Cars he was playing with the two giggly children. "So Stevie, what does your brother think of me?" Stevie stopped to think about it, before saying, "He thinks you sing good, and that you have pretty clothes, and that you is very nice, and that he wants to…." Stevie squeezed his eyes shut as he attempted to pronounce the word, dyslexia seeming to be genetic in this family. "He wants too Sar-A-Naid you." Kurt couldn't hide the look of shock on his face, just like Sam, who was standing unnoticed in the doorway, couldn't hide the blush that was creeping over his face. Stevie looked up and giggled at his brother's embarrassment. Kurt whipped his head around just in time to see Sam bolting out of the room.

Never in his life had Samuel Evans been more scared. He had hoped to tell Kurt about his feelings on his own terms, rather than have them laid out in front of Kurt by his little brother. He had planned on taking Kurt to Breadstix, then telling him how he felt, and then asking him to prom. But now, with his perfect plan shattered, he would simply have to do what every teenager does when confronted by their crush: Run and Hide.

Kurt wandered through the house, searching for Sam. He eventually found him in the kitchen, putting a kettle on the stove with trembling hands. He turned around and jumped at the sight of kurt, his eyes frantically searching for an escape route. "So," Kurt said, looking thoroughly awkward, "was he telling the truth?" "No." Sam said, blushing. "He got it all wrong. I think you sing incredibly, and that your clothes are beautiful, and that you're amazing, and that I wanna…" Sam closed his eyes, also struggling with the pronunciation, "sera-ser-serenade. I wanna serenade you." Kurt stepped closer, their bodies inches apart, their lips sinfully close to one another. Kurt looked at Sam through half lidded eyes, his blue green irises gazing into Sam's soul. Sam leans forward, their lips about to touch and-


The two teens sprang apart, while Sam hurriedly turned off the kettle, muttering something about cock blocks. Kurt giggled and attempted to straighten his clothing. Hearing the sounds of tiny footsteps padding down the stairs, they both turn to see Stacey, giving them both puppy dog eyes. "Sammie, Kurtie, can we play tea party pleeeease?" Kurt and Sam looked at each other, before caving in and telling her to set up the table. After Stacey had joyously bounded up the stairs, Kurt stood on his tip toes and gave Sam a quick kiss before heading upstairs. Sam just stood there for five minutes, grinning like an idiot.