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Kurt Hummel knocked on the door of a shady-looking motel room. Standing in the open doorway was Sam Evans, dressed for work and looking as though he had many a sleepless night. "Thanks again for coming to baby sit, Kurt," Sam said sheepishly, "I hope it's no trouble." Kurt smiled sympathetically. "It's no trouble at all, Sam."

Upon entering the small room, Kurt saw Sam's two younger siblings, Stevie and Stacey, sitting side by side, watching Pokemon on the old, somewhat small television set. After thanking Kurt profusely, Sam set off to work as a delivery bo for a b-grade pizzeria with more cockroaches on the pizza than pepperoni. It was an incredibly unsanitary place, but it paid well.

The two children were glued to the television, with nothing but a simultaneous 'Hello' to greet Kurt; their tiny childish minds transfixed with the poorly scripted animated program. Kurt set the bag of food he brought on the cheap, wooden bedside table and sat next to the children on the floor, curious as to what was so mesmerizing about the show.

"What's a Pikachu?"

"It's like a big yellow mouse."

"That's silly."

"Your silly!"

This dispute between Kurt and Stevie soon led to a tickle fight, in which Kurt lost, due to the fact that Stacie decided to join in and gang up on him. After the merciless attack on Kurt's abdomen, Kurt made the children peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, along with some carrot sticks and two glasses of whole milk, which each child devoured hungrily. This was followed by some coloring, dress up, eye spy, but inevitably led back to watching Pokemon. "Sam loves Pokemon," said Stevie, "he talks about it almost as much as he talks about you."

Stunned, Kurt asked, "What does he say about me?" Stevie, who was too young to understand the meaning behind the words he was quoting, simply said, "Well, he says lots of things. Like that you wear expensive clothes, that you don't like the short lady with the big nose(A.N. It's Rachel XD), and that you don't talk to him a lot. He gets really sad about that. I think he likes you!" Kurt, to shocked to say anything, simply stood there, mouth slightly agape, while the two children bounced around, singing 'Sammie likes Kurt! Sammie likes KUUUUUUURRRRTT!' It was at this moment that Sam decided to come home. Upon hearing his two younger siblings confess his feelings to Kurt through song, his face turned bright red. Before he could make a run for it, his siblings tackled him, still singing their song.

Getting up, Sam turned to Kurt, his eyes on the floor. "Kurt….I….um….Would you like to have dinner with me?" Smiling, Kurt replied, "Why Samuel, I thought you'd never ask." Sam smiled down at Kurt, scooping him into his arms and kissing him tenderly. Once Kurt and Sam finished sucking on each other's tongues, they and the two children settled down in front of the television, watching Pokemon until the Stevie, Stacie, and eventually Kurt fell asleep. Sam smiled down at him, thinking of how poverty, pizzas and Pokemon got him the boy of his dreams.

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