A NaruHina Fanfic

Chapter 14: For the Love of


Finally a happy chappy. How? You'll find out.


As Naruto knelt there, crying hopelessly, he felt something he thought he would never feel again. As he clutched the limp remnants of her body to his chest, an ever so slight throb bumped him. He flinched in shock, and then looked over his girlfriend carefully.

Of course, while her right side was completely gone, her heart was still intact! He was up instantly, using the remains of his chakra to flash step all the way back to Konoha.



After being treated for minor burns and scratches, Hinata's genin team were leaving the hospital, Tsunade waving them off worriedly after hearing their story, when Naruto arrived soaked in blood, completely exhausted, and holding half their sensei in his arms.

"Sensei!" they shrieked, but the man carrying her ignored them, walked straight up to Tsunade, put Hinata in her arms, and collapsed due to chakra loss.

"Hokage-sama!" they cried also, but suddenly found they were alone. Tsunade and Hinata had already disappeared inside the hospital.


"I need every able bodied medical ninja in this village here now, not asap, now!" Tsunade screamed as she ran to the operating room, set Hinata's body down, and continued to pump blood from her heart to her brain via chakra directing it.

It was amazing that she had only suffered minor brain damage so far, it should have been so much worse. Sakura and Ino arrived a minute later, and she screamed at them to help. They immediately set to work with her, repairing the damage to Hinata's brain while a team of surgeons set to work using donated organs to piece the right side of Hinata back together again.


Hinata's genin team dragged the unconscious Hokage into the hospital and quickly got the nurse at the desk, one of the few not being used to repair Hinata, to help them find a room for the injured couple. They got him in a bed in a double room in the hopes of a good outcome with Hinata, and sat by his bedside as he slowly opened his eyes.

"W-will she be alright Hokage-sama" Ai said, tears glistening, a worried expression over her face, all three of them looking haunted by what they'd seen.

Naruto grimaced as he tried to move into a better position; while he hadn't suffered too bad wounds he was still coated in chakra burns and scratches and was completely exhausted.

"Yea" he assured. "She's tough, she'll survive" he said, though he did not feel the confidence himself. He had all faith in Hinata, but those injuries…

Despite how much he wished it, no one could survive that. Sleep quickly overtook him, and he closed his eyes to the despairing faces around him, his last thoughts of the girl of his dreams, now actually in his dreams…


Naruto opened his eyes, taking in the bland whiteness of the hospital room with despair. But what he saw there immediately made it shine like gold. In a bed to the side of him lay his girlfriend, completely whole, and looking to be sleeping comfortably.

He leant over and took a firm hold of the rail of her bed, dragging it closer until the two bumped gently into each other. She moaned softly in her sleep at the slight intrusion, and slowly opened her eyes.

"N-Naruto-kun?" she said uncertainly, her voice faded and husky, but still that soft, Hinata tone.

Tears dripped helplessly from his eyes. "Hinata-chan" he whispered, and silenced whatever she was about to say with a deep kiss.

Hinata came out of it moaning in bliss. "Naruto, h-how am I here? I, I was gone, I'm sure of it." She wiggled a toe experimentally, vividly remembering feeling that connection torn away.

Naruto shook his head in disbelief. "I don't know, the ninja medics are miracle workers, just don't question it" he said assuredly. She looked up into those fantastical blue eyes, and captured his lips in another kiss. When they broke, they were still lost in each other's gaze. "Wait, can you actually see? Like perfect?" Naruto said in disbelief from the intensity of her gaze.

"Yes" she whispered in awe; the medics must have finally found a way to repair her eyes too.

Naruto grinned helplessly and took up both her hands in his. "Please Hinata, don't do that to me again, please, I'm never going to let you more than five meters away from me" he said.

She giggled. "Don't worry about me Naruto, now with the Akatsuki and Cloud gone, who is there to be our enemies?"

Naruto grinned, his face hurt from so much smiling. "Who indeed." Then his face turned serious. "I'm sorry I don't have it with me now, but this has to be the best time for it" he said, leaning in closer. "Hinata, ever since you confessed to me, you have been the only thing occupying my mind. You are my reason to live. You are my purpose, my dream, my nindo! That's why I'm going to ask you this, or die otherwise. Hinata Hyuuga, will you marry me?"

Hinata stared into those big sparkling blue eyes that she could now see flawlessly, and helplessly broke into the largest smile she had ever worn in her entire life.

"Yes Naruto-kun!" she gushed out in joy, practically leaping out of her hospital bed into his lap and capturing his lips with her own. Naruto lay down, his now fiancé coming down with him, still sitting in his lap, kissing him passionately, both grinning like idiots into the tongue tied kiss.


"Oh, am I interrupting something" Daigo said, a slight dribble of blood coming out of his nose as he stood in the doorway before his team, staring helplessly at the two ninja in the single hospital bed making out, each scantily clad in their hospital robes.

Hinata hesitantly broke the kiss with a gorgeous blush on her face, and turned to her genin team. "Yes, but you're welcome to come in" she said brightly.

Then the two grown shinobi were enveloped in hugs by both of their teams, Naruto's having come in behind Hinata's. As Hinata sat being swamped by her team and their squeals of joy surrounding her, the taste of Naruto still on her lips, sitting in his lap, her arms still wrapped around his neck, his still around her waist, she had just one thought.

'Life cannot get any better than this.'


The wedding between the head of the Hyuuga family and the Hokage of Konoha was magnificent. Not only was it joining a powerful clan to the Hokage of the village, but this was dwarfed by the love story of the two on everybody's tongue in the village. Every citizen, ninja or civilian, by now knew their story of hardship and love, so at the ceremony, the crowd size was ridiculous.

Hinata walked down the white washed isle, her father's arm in hers, his proud smile beaming down on her. Hanabi, dressed in light pink, carried her trail far behind her, and her various bridesmaids, Sakura, Tenten, Ino, Temari and Ai, trailed behind that. She greeted all her friends as she passed them. A slight, cute blush was all that adorned her face this day, she was so happy that the shouts of joys from the thousands of people had almost no effect on the shy girl.

When she got to the end of the isle, she looked up, up into the face of the blonde wearing the tux, his father's Kage cloak draped out behind him, and almost felt her knees give way as she gazed upon him. His bright blue eyes met her lavender ones and she let go of her father's hand, ascending the steps up to join hands with her soon to be husbands, entranced in his eyes.


Naruto, seeing Hinata coming down the isle, was in a state of awe as he witnessed her beauty. The white dress only accentuated the flawless white of her skin, the form hugging cloth perfectly flowing over the contours of her body. His eyes drank in the sway of her hip, the curve of a breast, the perfectly chiseled bare collarbone, before he went up to her face. Her dark hair, which usually framed and hid her face, was tied up behind her in traditional style, held in place by two gleaming pearl kanzashi, her two cute bangs hanging down by her temples.

His gaze helplessly ate up the perfect bright red lips, the sculpted eyebrows, the long, dark lashes, and most of all, her perfect eyes, that held that wealth of emotion, and drew him helplessly into the depths of their loving embrace.

A smile overtook him, and he barely heard as the priest blabbed on about the joining of the clans and their love that they both already knew. His only was attention was for the goddess before him.

When it was time for his vows, he took her hands in both of his, his gaze never leaving hers, and recited them off by heart, probably the only piece of writing he had ever put his all into.

"Hinata Hyuuga, I promise to never let you hurt again, to stand by your side through health and sickness, to help you with your problems, both known and unknown, and as your Hokage and your husband, to always protect you. But, most importantly, to love you, always, with all my heart." He knelt down and looked into her eyes. "My heart is yours."

Hinata knelt down with him as it was now her turn. "Naruto Uzumaki, I promise to stand with you always, to walk beside you always, and to protect you always, with all of my power. I will never go back on that word, and I know you will never go back on yours. Naruto-kun." She slowly closed the distance between them. "I will also always love you, like I always have. I will never stop, on my life, and on my death, I will love you forever, no matter what. Naruto-kun, my heart is yours."

The preacher (Kakashi) looked down at them, then over the thousands of people attending. "Naruto, do you take Hinata Hyuuga, leader of the Hyuuga clan, first born of Hiashi Hyuuga and Hina Hyuuga, to be your newly wedded wife?"

Naruto grinned. "I do" he said confidently.

"And do you, Hinata Hyuuga, take Naruto Uzumaki, Leader of the Village of Konoha, leader of the Uzumaki clan and the Namikaze clan, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, to be your newly wedded husband?"

Hinata grinned. "I do!" she shouted in joy, crossing her arms behinds Naruto's neck as they leaned ever closer. Their noses touched.

Kakashi looked back down to Naruto, grinning behind his mask, then much to the surprise of everyone, pulled it down. "Then you may now kiss the bride" he said, smiling helplessly as the two lovers enveloped each other's mouths and rose in each other's arms to the raucous cheering emanating across the entire village.

Hinata closed her eyes, kissing with all her heart, and feeling Naruto doing the same. She was wrong earlier, about how things couldn't get better than that. They were better now, a hundred, no, thousand times better. Every single dream she had ever dared dream had come true, standing here, wrapped in her Naruto's arms, his lips on hers.

She lost herself completely in the moment, her husband doing the same, and husband and wife completely forgot about the outside world, lost in each other's sweet love.


Ino turned to Sasuke in the crowd and asked something that had been on her mind for a while now. "So, that day we picked up our new students, and Hinata and Naruto snuck off together, were they really going to have sex?"

Sasuke nodded, for once a real smile, not a smirk, on his face.

"They're that keen huh?" Ino said to Sasuke as much as herself. "I won't even try to wonder what the honeymoon will be like then."


Naaaaaaaw, see, a happy ending! I find it physically impossible to write anything with a sad ending, so there you go, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed, I had heaps of fun writing it, and your reviews were great and interesting! Also on a side note, I was thinking maybe doing a prologue of the honeymoon if I get enough requests; it pretty obvious to guess what will happen in it, but I'll see, maybe if say 10 or more people ask? I don't know, I might do it anyway but we'll see. Anyway thanks again for reading, I'll see you next time :D