Summary: Kyo and Tohru married after graduation, but she suddenly vanished at the urging of Akito. It's been almost seventeen years since anyone in the Sohma family has seen her, but now she's suddenly come home, and with an orange-haired reason…

The Last Banquet

Chapter 1- Homecoming

"This is the Keihin-Tohoku Line, stopping at Ueno, Akabane, Omiya, and Tokyo Station."

Bright blue eyes gazed on at the scenery as Tohru Sohma looked out the trains tiny window, yet her mind was elsewhere.

It was nearly seventeen years ago she married the man of her dreams, Kyo Sohma. They moved in to a small apartment near Kazumas, where he began training Kyo to one day take over his dojo. Along with Kyo's training, they both held down jobs and planned on buying a home of their own and maybe starting a family in the near future. And it was seventeen years ago that she just up and left it all without warning.

Tohru let out a sigh as she vaguely remembered the town, and as the memory of that evening became more prominent in her mind.

Tohru sat across from Akito. He didn't look it, but she could sense that he was furious.

And Tohru was terrified. A few months ago, she and Kyo had gotten married, and without the consent of the Head of the Sohma. She started to shake a little as Akito stood up. For a moment she was too afraid to look into his eyes, and looked down at the tiny gold band on her finger.

Akito moved quickly and before she knew it, Tohru felt the fine, sharp tip of a knife pressed against her throat. Her eyes grew wide in surprise and terror, and she could swear she could feel a tiny trail of blood travel down her neck and slowly drip down over her collarbone.

"I really should kill you for that defiant little move you pulled, Miss Honda…" Akito stated, his cold tone making Tohru violently shudder.

"A-Akito-sama…! Ah!"

Akito took the knife away and with great force, backhanded Tohru so hard she fell over and onto the ground.

"Who gave you permission to marry one of my Zodiac? Because I know I sure didn't! I don't care if it is the filthy Cat!" He got up and kicked her in the stomach, knocking the air out of the poor girl. "How dare you take one of my Zodiac from me! You don't belong in the Sohma! You never will!"

"Ple…please, Akito-sama…!" Tohru gasped, curled tightly into a ball and holding her stomach as it throbbed in pain. "Stop!"

That twisted look of insanity was still on Akitos face as his grip on the knife became tighter. "This sort of deed cannot go without punishment. I'll kill you for this, Miss Honda. You and that revolting Cat for falling in love with the likes of you…"

Akito fell to his knees and raised the knife. He rolled Tohru onto her back and made sure her neck was exposed, ready to pierce the skin and watch the life bleed out of her.

"I'll vanish then." She stated, making eye contact with Akito with her own teary ones.

What she said stopped him in his tracks. "What do you mean?"

"Killing me won't hurt Kyo like you want." Tohru replied, still keeping her gaze on Akito's. "I imagine he'll take his own life, and you still wouldn't have won, Akito-sama. He would be free from you…"

Growing angered by Tohru's defiant attitude, Akito stabbed the knife into the wooden floor next to her face. "Then what do you suggest?"

It took Tohru every ounce of will power and strength not to break as she replied, but it was her only choice to keep Kyo and herself alive.

"I'll abandon him."

Akito looked on in a psychotic sort of interest. "Abandon him, eh? Would you really do that to him, Miss Honda? Just leave the man you apparently love?"

Keeping her resolve strong, Tohru replied. "…Consider me leaving the Sohma my farewell present to you, and Kyo's grief an added bonus, Akito-sama."

Akito looked away in thought for a moment. As hard as it was, Tohru tried to keep her breathing and erratic heartbeat under control, not wanting to let Akito know how horrified she was right now. Then without warning, Akito yanked the knife out of the floorboards.

"You have until eight tonight." He ordered, twirling the sharp and shiny object in his hand. "You are to leave this city and never return. Don't ever try and contact anyone, both the Sohma, or your friends. Or Kyo. Because if you do…" He pause to let the blade graze her neck. "I will not hesitate to slit your throat. Yours and your precious Cats, and I'll make sure you're still alive to watch his death. Understood, Miss Honda?"

"Yes, Akito-sama." Somehow Tohru seemed emotionless as she replied, but was overjoyed to know that Kyo would still be alive, even if she wouldn't be there with him.

Akito stood up and looked down on her in disgust. "Eight o clock is fast approaching, I suggest you leave this place."

Tohru slowly and painfully stood up and left Akitos room as fast as she could. Once outside and away from the estate, she ran to the apartment she shared with Kyo. She packed a small bag of clothes and grabbed all the money she had saved and headed straight for the train station, but not before leaving Kyo a note that said;


I know we've been through

a lot together since we met.

I can't explain why, but I just

had to leave. I just want you to

know I love you dearly and hope

that someday you can forgive

me doing this. Please, keep

yourself safe.


At the station, Tohru boarded a train to Hokkaido. She had never been there, yet she felt it was a place Akito could never find her.

She was all kinds of paranoid as the train rambled down the tracks and out of the city limits, feeling as if Akito was somewhere near her, making sure she was really leaving. Yet once eight o clock came, all the adrenaline that was flowing through her had suddenly disappeared, sorrow and anguish quickly replacing it.

Her breathing suddenly becoming heavy and eyes beginning to burn from the salty tears, Tohru cupped her face with her hands and began to sob.

"Kyo…I'm so sorry…!"

As the train got deeper into the city, Tohru didn't really notice it starting to slow down.

"I hope waiting seventeen years to come back wasn't a mistake…" She thought, fighting the urge to start biting her nails. "But I have to go back. Everyone, most especially Kyo, they need to know…"

"This is the Keihin-Tohoku Line, now stopping at Akabane. Next stop Omiya. Now stopping at Akabane, next stop Omiya."

The announcement got Tohru out of her stupor. As the train began to come to a stop, she retrieved her large suitcase from under her seat. As she stood with her bag, she nudged the arm of a teenage girl across from her.

"Hn?" The girl turned from watching the scenery to whatever touched her. She tucked some dark orange, almost auburn in color, hair behind a multi-pierced ear as she pulled some headphones out of them, blinking her translucent blue eyes. "What?"

Tohru smiled. "This is our stop, Miharu. Grab your bag and let's go."

The girl didn't look happy, and almost afraid, as she examined all the people in the station, but she complied. "Okay, mom…"

End of Chapter 1