I decided to start writing in Nate's POV because it's just easier for me. Keep in mind that every chapter will be taken of his point of view. Also, since this is going to be a really, really long story, I'm just letting you know that you don't have to read every chapter to understand it. If you've watched little House, then just pick your favorite episode or something. You don't have to read the whole story.

Nate's POV

October 32, 1877

Ma gave me some soup.

"Here you go, sweetheart" she said, and put the spoon into my mouth. I was very capable of doing it myself. I only had a little fever and a sore throat, but I wasn't going to argue. Ma liked to be needed, especially from me, since I was getting older. I think she felt like she wasn't needed by me anymore. After all, I was becoming a man. That's why I let her feed me.

"It's good, ma" I whispered. Then I winced in pain. My throat was sore and it hurt me to swallow and talk.

"Is he going to be all right, ma?" Laura asked quietly. I hadn't even noticed her come up.

Ma smiled and stroked my face.

"Of course he is. He's strong"

"Will doc Baker operate on me….?" I asked, trying to hide of fear.

"He may take your tonsils out, but not while they are infected"


Ma laughed a little before we heard Jack barking.

"Pa must be back!" Laura cried. She forgot all about me and ran downstairs to greet him.

Ma laughed louder. "I'll bring him right up to see you" she promised before heading downstairs.

I sighed and closed my eyes as I waited for pa to come up.

"Mr. Edwards!" I heard Laura yell suddenly.

My eyes flew open and I sat straight up. I would have gone downstairs to see if Mr. Edwards was really here but I was comfy and ma would scold me for getting out of bed.

I waited a few minutes and finally I heard pa and Mr. Edwards come in. I layed back down and smiled as they both came up the stairs.

"Hi, pa" I greeted softly.

Pa came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"How ya feeling?" he asked.

"I feel okay. It hurts to eat and talk, but other than that…" I shrugged.

Pa smiled. "That's good"

I looked up. 'Where's Mr. Edwards?"

"How did you know Mr. Edwards was here?"

"Laura isn't the quietest person around" I laughed.

Pa pointed to the stairs and I saw Mr. Edwards standing there with a smile.

"Mr. Edwards!"

He laughed and came over to me.

"I'd never expect to see you again" I said, struggling to sit up. I was tangled in blankets so pa had to help me.

"I promised, didn't I?"

I gave Mr. Edwards a quick hug and tried to lie back down but he grabbed my face in between his hands and looked at me intently.

I looked him confused and was surprised at how angry his voice sounded when he spoke.

"You're burning up!"

"I have a fever, Mr. Edwards"

His hold on my face became tighter.

"Where's the doctor? Why isn't there a doctor here?"

Pa spoke calmly. "The doctor was here. It's not the first time he's had a fever. He'll get over it quick"

Mr. Edwards let go of my face and his face reddened.

"Sure" he said. "You'll be up in no time at all!"

I could tell he was trying to reassure himself than me.

"So how old are you now, Nate? 11?" He asked suddenly.

"13 almost 14, Mr. Edwards"

"13? Holy cow"

Pa ruffled my hair. "Time sure does go by fast"

"It sure does"

"Will you be here for long, Mr. Edwards?" I interrupted.

"Don't you worry about that, you just get yourself well" he said seriously.

"Will you at least be here until I get well?"

Mr. Edwards scratched his head and nodded.

"I promise"

Pa gently pushed me back down.

"You get some rest" he said.

I sighed but nodded. I wanted to stay and talk to Mr. Edwards, but I was a little tired. Besides, he'd be here when I woke up.

Pa and Mr. Edwards retreated downstairs and pulled the covers up over me before closing my eyes and letting sleep fall over me.

Later that night I was able to come downstairs for supper. I was a little embarrassed coming down in my nightgown, or as I call it, a man gown, but I wanted to eat with Mr. Edwards.

Laura and I watched him eat, and boy, was he a fast eater! I normally was, too, but I had to eat slowly because of my sore throat.

"Well, ma'am, I clean forgot what a good cook you are" he commented.

Ma looked down and smiled.

"I expect you to have seconds, then"

"I would love, seconds, ma, thank you" I said.

"Eat what's on your plate, first, and I'll think about it"

Laura jumped in. "Mr. Edwards, are you staying with us?"

"I haven't thought about that" he said.

"You promised" I reminded him.

"I only promised I'd stay until you got better"

I nodded. "So stay"

"Please, stay with us" ma said.

"You'll like Walnut Grove. Nice town, nice people" pa added.

"Most of them, anyway" I muttered.

Ma shot me a look.

"A man just up and stay somewhere. He has to have a place to live and job-"Mr. Edwards began.

"Well, you got the first; we can get you the second tomorrow"

"Pa, couldn't Mr. Hanson use another good man at the mill?" I hinted.

Pa thought for a moment and nodded. "That's a great idea, Nate"

Mr. Edwards was still skeptical. "I don't wanna oppose on you folks, you know. I'm not one for settling down to a steady job"

"Please, Mr. Edwards" Laura pleaded. "Please, stay"

"Please, stay" Carrie echoed.

Mr. Edwards looked at her and then at all of us.

"Talk yourself out of that one" pa laughed.

Mr. Edwards thought for a moment and then sighed. "All right, I'll stay"

"Yes!" Laura and I cried.

Pa and ma laughed.

"Welcome home" pa said.

The next day Doc Baker came over to check on me. Pa and Mr. Edwards had gone to get Mr. Edwards the job at the mill and Laura was in school, so it was just ma and me.

"Open wide and say ah" Doc Baker instructed me.

I did as I was told although it was a little embarrassing.

"That's looking much better" he commented when he was finished.

"Is it still red?"

"Not as much"

I put my hand on my forehead and noticed that my fever had gone down, too.

"Can I go to school tomorrow?" I asked.

Doc Baker thought about it.

"Well, we'll see. If your fever doesn't come back then I don't see why not"

I looked at ma who was standing next to my bed and she nodded.

"As long as that fever stays down you can go"

"So…no operation?" I asked.

"No operation" Doc Baker said.

I sighed in relief and leaned up against the pillows.

"Now, I'll go see my other patients now if I can get down here without-"

I heard a loud bump.

"Hitting my head" he grimaced.

"I'm sorry, Doctor" ma apologized.

"That's all right, Mrs. Ingalls, I'll go see a doctor"

I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and Doc Baker winked at me before leaving.

"Mr. Edwards!" I cried as I ran out the front door to greet him later on that day.

"Hey, Nate. You all better?" he laughed.

"My fever's gone down and my throat doesn't hurt very much. Ma said I could go to school tomorrow as long as the fever stays down"

"That's good"

I nodded. "Good thing you agreed to stay, Mr. Edwards. Otherwise you would have been gone after only staying one night!"

Mr. Edwards rubbed his beard and chuckled.

"I got something for ya" he said.

I grinned. "What is it?"

"Close your eyes"

I shook my head and laughed by shut my eyes.

Mr. Edwards put a bag in my hand and I quickly opened it. Inside was 20 little pieces of chocolate.

"My favorite!" I cried. "Thank you, Mr. Edwards"

He laughed and ruffled my hair. "You're welcome, son"

A couple of days later Mr. Edwards and Laura and I all went fishing. Well, I was fishing. Mr. Edwards was helping Laura with her writing.

"You're doing real good, Half-pint" he praised her.

"Ms. Beadle says I'm doing better"

"You sure you wanna send a letter to yourself?" I asked Mr. Edwards.

"I sure do. The good thing about having a friend is, uh, a friend don't ask a whole lot of questions when you ask him to do you a favor"

"I ask my friend Dean questions when I want him to do me a favor. Does that make me a bad friend?"

Mr. Edwards shook his head. "No, of course it don't. But would you want him asking you questions when you want him to do you a favor?"

I thought about that. "Well, maybe not all the time…But I could understand why he would"

I suddenly thought of something.

"Hey, Mr. Edwards, did I see you with Grace Snyder today?"

He looked away.

"We was just talking, that's all"

I grinned. "Sure, just talking"

"Why don't you pay attention to catching some of them fish?"

I just laughed. I knew Mr. Edwards had feelings for Grace Snyder, and the sooner he admitted it the better. Of course, knowing ma, she was probably already playing matchmaker.

I looked at Mr. Edwards and watched silently as he talked to Laura. I really was happy he was here. Before he came, it seemed like there was something missing, and I didn't know what. Now I know. Now that he is here, everything is complete.