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"It's not much, but it's home." Those were the words ringing through Harry Potters mind right now, walking into the familiar burrow.

To Harry, the summer should have felt longer with his sixth year approaching and all. He should be feeling glad to be finally rid of his Aunt and Uncle and his Cousin, who all still hated him terribly. He should be relieved that the days of hiding behind barred windows waiting for his snowy owl, Hedwig, to return with more news was over.

Instead, Harry spent his summer days at number Twelve, Grimmauld place with his Godfather Sirius. Finally, after everything that had happened only weeks ago, the charges against Sirius were dropped. He was proven innocent, with more witnesses coming forward by the day. Harry was more than glad his Godfather was finally set free, after months of only being able to visit him in secrecy. The Black House felt homier the second he stepped into it with Sirius, and it would be the place Harry would spend the rest of the next few years until he left on his own.

The home he had just stepped into however, was the place he'd spent most of his summer endings. The Weasley burrow smelled of fresh cooking, and baked cookies every time he walked in the door, which was exactly how it was now.

Sirius was already in the kitchen, kissing Molly on the cheek before she walked over to Harry and squeezed him tightly. Harry gave her a hug back, of course. It was wonderful seeing her again. She had always been like the mother he lived without.

Ron was next, he pounced on Harry like it had been years since they've seen each other. "Harry! How are you? It's great to see you again! Mum's been going mad all day fussing about cleaning the place when you know none of us bothered..." The ginger stopped as his two twin brothers came up behind him rubbing Harrys head. Harry waved a quick hello to Tonks, who passed by with Ginny who was going to show her their garden.

Harry greeted the Weasleys warmly, all except Percy and Charlie (who weren't there for their own solid excuses) and Lupin who had also strangely been at the burrow before him as well. They were there for a good reason, apparently there was some sort of news that everyone from the order needed to hear, and Molly insisted meeting at the burrow because it felt more welcoming.

It didn't take long for Kingsley to arrive, then shortly after Hermione showed up on the doorstep. Harry noticed she had come in when Ron was already throwing his arms awkwardly around her, before stepping back slightly pink. Harry took his turn and hugged Hermione. "Harry! Oh my god, I've got loads to tell you! How's living with Sirius now? Did you get here safely? Do you know why we're here?" Her questions were cut short once Mad-Eye stomped through the door way, demanding they 'get the show on the road before Christmas'.

No one knew why they were here. All anyone knew was that something terrible happened at Hogwarts, it was plastered all over the Daily Prophet only yesterday, which was why Remus Lupin decided to call up a meeting. The werewolf looked more dead these days; his eyes were red and his skin paler than usual. It didn't compare to the dark circles Harry wore under his eyes since the encounter with Voldemort at the Ministry.

"Professor Snape is joining us shortly I assure you Mad-Eye." Lupin said, accepting Mollys tea before taking a seat on a patched up couch.

"Yes well the bloody Baron better get his arse down here quickly before I shove this walking stick in his eye socket-" Mad-Eye scowled, then suddenly everyones attention cut short as Arthur Weasley appeared with the black and white man himself. Professor Snape was of course wearing his usual attire, dressed in long black robes that matched his seemingly black eyes.

"Not necessary I assure you, Mad-eye." Snape hissed, standing in front of the entire gang in the small living space. Everyone could tell Snape was not in a pleasant mood. Not that he normally was, only today his voice was grumpier than normal. "Dumbledore has asked me to make you all aware of the serious damage Hogwarts has gone through yesterday."

Harry stared at Snape. He felt a wave of awkward tension as he made eye contact with his potions Professor, remembering what he had seen in his mind during their Occlumency lessons.

"Well, Severus?" Arthur said, his eyes hoping for good news when obviously none was coming.

"It's as simple as this. Hogwarts was attacked, and one particular item that belonged to us was taken and destroyed that will now cause some certain students," Snapes gaze lingered towards Harry for a brief moment. "…to become more vulnerable. Hogwarts was nearly destroyed, fortunately most of us teachers were there to help defend our castle and-"

"Hang on, that's impossible." Hermione barged in, interrupting Snape. "Death Eaters couldn't have nearly destroyed the castle, aren't there a numerous amount of wards and charms keeping Hogwarts safe?"

"Obviously Miss Granger, you have forgotten that the Dark Lord himself controls the Death Eaters, you cannot deny he is not powerful enough to break through some simple barriers-"

"What was the destroyed item?" Fred asked.

Ron stepped up this time. "Are you saying Hogwarts isn't safe anymore?"

"More vulnerable to what?" Molly asked, worry slapping her face.

Harry sat, and watched as the room broke out into many panicked questions directed to Snape. Some of them talking amongst themselves, asking their own questions. Harry glanced up at Snape who seemed dreadfully annoyed at the impatience of everyone. "Guys, please, can we just listen?" Harry felt his voice silence the room. Snape gave Harry a quick nod of appreciation before he continued.

"If I may continue then. We believe the Dark Lord has ordered the Death Eaters to break in- which I assure you took them a most promising amount of effort, and find something of great importance to him. We are not exactly sure on what he was after, but the item that was taken was the Sorting Hat. And it was destroyed."

"Why would they take the Sorting Hat?" Harry asked, confused as ever.

"We have a theory, that relates to yours and Miss Weasleys adventure in your second year." Ginny looked away when Snape glared at her, embarrassed slightly and not wanting to relive those days. "When the sword presented itself to you, Mr. Potter, it came from the hat, correct?"

Harry nodded swiftly. "And we believe the sword was what he was originally after, but no conclusions have been drawn yet."

"Then why did he destroy it if he wanted to use it to get the sword? Surely he knows only the sword presents itself to a worthy Gryffindor!" Hermione insisted.

Snape nodded. "The hat can talk, remember. It may have explained itself to the Dark Lord on how it works. Perhaps if the hat told the secret of the sword, then he may have found no use anymore for it and simply destroyed it."

"You seem to have put a lot of thought into this, professor." Harry stated, narrowing his eyes. He didn't trust Snape, there were too many things that he had against him to start suddenly putting his trust into him.

"Harry, what are you suggesting?" Sirius gawked, seeming shocked.

Snape smirked. "Yes, Potter, what are you saying?"

"Just that it only happened yesterday and there still should be plenty of questions instead of all of your answers." Harry said.

There was a brief silence, before Snape retorted. "Don't be so quick to be so foolish. We have all discussed this today, several opinions are still floating about this was just the one that seemed more probable."

Harry glared back. It was just like Snape to always seem so innocent when he was so blatantly lying. But he let it go for now, it wasn't worth starting trouble. Especially at a time like this.

"Dumbledore would not reveal on how he knew the hat was destroyed. Before I move on to my last statement," Snape mumbled, awaiting the roar of questions. "Are there any-"

"Is Hogwarts safe? I mean, suppose the Death Eaters really did get passed the barriers, who's to say they won't do it again?" Hermione asked.

"More powerful ones will be put up, and we will now be acquiring the protection of Aurors in the castle who will be living there during the school year. Those who have agreed to it are going to work with Spell and Charm inventors to come up with new ones for even more protection. Professor Dumbledore is doing all he can to keep Hogwarts safe, as long as he is there I can assure you all will be safe from harm."

For once, Harry noticed Snape sounded sincere in what he was saying. He was relieved to see Tonks and Mad-eye exchange winks when Snape had mentioned the Aurors staying there. Harry would be most glad to have them around.

"I'd like to have a word with just the order now, if you don't mind." Molly took the hint and quickly huffed Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and the Twins upstairs. As much as they resisted, they finally gave in and got comfortable in Rons bedroom.

"I suppose all the students will be in danger now then." George mentioned, shoving two stale pumpkin pasties in his mouth.

"Like it really matters to you," Ginny started, slapping Freds hand as he attempted to copy his twin. "You guys aren't even returning to finish your seventh year."

George rolled his eyes. "You're still our sister Ginny, and the rest of you are like family too!" Ron elbowed his brother, even though he knew he was joking. "We still care about ya!"

"We'll be safe with Dumbledore around anyway." Harry mumbled, he had been staring out the window not paying too much attention.

"Oh, yes," Ron snorted sarcastically. "Because he did so well defending the castle yesterday!"

"Ronald don't be silly, it's still summer time and obviously some of the protection goes down where there's no one there." Hermione blurted.

"They shouldn't take any protection down no matter when it is!"

"It doesn't matter." Ginny said. "We're going back anyway, and we'll all be there to protect Harry and our castle with our lives."

"Protect me?" Harry asked. That got his attention. "I don't need protection, I don't want anyone risking their lives for me-"

"Don't be stupid mate. We'd risk our lives any day for you." Ron said.

"All of us!" George and Fred spoke at the same time.

"Just like you'd do for us, we know you would." Hermione placed a hand on Harrys shoulder.

"You know I would. Thanks guys." Harry smiled, relaxing a little bit, but still wanting to change the topic of conversation. "I wonder what's going to happen without the sorting hat. I mean, who's going to know which house the new first years belong to?"

"Who knows!" Ron exclaimed.

"Maybe they'll get to choose on their own this time? We all had a pretty good idea of which house we were going to be in at first anyway right?" Ginny said.

Harry frowned. "I didn't. When I first came I barely knew what a Gryffindor was, or that Hufflepuff wasn't some type of pastry."

They all laughed. This year was surely going to be interesting, and none of them were prepared to what was about to happen on their very first day.