A smile of joy and elation stretched across Sasuke's face while he sat higher above the crowds, overlooking them as they passed in various states of sobriety and chaos. He could see them clearly through the tinted glass of the bus window, staring contentedly without fear of them noticing him as they weaved and pushed past each other to get closer to the large stage just off to the left of his vision.

Carnage, anarchy and downright chaos followed his line of vision, a sense of familiarity and norm comforted him; this was typical and routine to Sasuke. Day in and day out the same similar people with similar objectives of getting drunk and partying hard to the music his brother fed them, this is what he could see.

Sasuke's smile slipped a little, it was true he had seen many sights and practically lived the rock and roll lifestyle many people in his position would be jealous of; he was in no way ungrateful for the way he lived daily but there was just something unsettling about being constantly revolved around chaos and music when you were deaf.

Sighing into empty air Sasuke glanced down at the art journal* clutched in his hands, it was worn and tattered, falling apart at the seams and overflowing with loose leafs of paper. Each page was filled with sketches upon sketches of people, some young and some old and others from in-between, these were all the people he'd seen during the times he would be left to occupy himself while his brother performed for his fans.

Being deaf wasn't quite the burden many assumed it to be, it wasn't like he felt like he was missing out; he could still see, feel and breathe. Though what he lacked in hearing was compensated with keen eyesight and almost perfect hand to eye coordination, he was a little over moderately decent at drawing and piano.

Sasuke laughed to himself and the empty bus, his brother had been rather disappointed to learn he was excelling at piano opposed to the high hopes he had of Sasuke learning the guitar like his Nii-san, not that Itachi ever judged him over that.

He appreciated and loved Itachi like that, though seemingly cold and selfish; Itachi had beaten that assumption and proved him to be a responsible man with big expectations and choices lying on his shoulders, he was just hard headed and difficult to understand.

Sasuke's childhood was a sheltered one, he was home schooled and rarely went anywhere due to his disability, it was a constant worry and strain on his parents to care for him; not that he thought he needed the overbearing worry, he wasn't an invilid he was a functioning human being for the most part.

Having had no friends and a virtually nonexistent social life he had learned and acquired the talent of perfect lip reading and body language. So when he turned sixteen and Itachi was conveniently home for one of his very short tour breaks, his parents arranged and planned for Itachi to take his little brother on his next tour.

Sasuke was no fool though, he knew it was a forced agreement with blackmail and plenty of guilt tripping that his parents forced on Itachi. His brother, having seen the stress his parents endured throughout his childhood, had vehemently disagreed to taking and to a degree caring for his younger brother; it had hurt his heart to think that Itachi didn't want to put up with him but he soon learned to be independent and less of a burden so his brother would reconsider and take him along.

He wanted to experience life as well.

Sasuke felt horribly sad as if he was a burden to his brother, but the boy was no fool as mentioned earlier; he assumed was a burden to him, he had constant been the source of his own social retardation while he still lived at home, preventing him from going out and socializing like a normal teenager because he had an obligation to babysit me when our parents attended business meetings.

Things had changed for the littlest Uchiha though, it had been close to five years since Itachi lived at home and he had learned to cope, it had been difficult and unbearably hard adjusting too being alone so much but under tough circumstances he had managed and now was more than capable.

Sasuke just had to convince him of it though; Itachi was only home a week before he set to proving his independence; doing things for himself and venturing out a little down to the corner store where they knew him well.

Throughout all my proving he still was apprehensive, continuous arguments and fighting followed until Sasuke spoke up, his speech a muddle, unclear and difficult to say.

"Please Itachi, I won't be a burden. I want to come." It was only brief and he could tell hard to understand but Itachi understood because he agreed with trepidation.

That had been a little over two months ago and Sasuke had barely set foot of the tour bus; Itachi was constantly worried and stressed, he hardly ate or slept and with his lifestyle it wasn't healthy.

To ease the stress on Itachi, his band mates a group of four people Sasuke had only ever briefly met assisted in caring for him; watching out for potential danger and escorting the younger off the bus on the rare occasion when Itachi permitted so which was only when the gig was either in the process of packing up or unpacking, never when the grounds they played were filled with the people he had learnt to draw.

Sasuke had essentially gone from one cage to another, although he was grateful for the current one, like a bird in golden cage; Sasuke was seeing people, living and thriving in the constricted space he was given and most importantly he was with the person that he loved the most.

His Nii-san.


I loved the concept for this story; I couldn't get the idea out of my head, which came from listening to the song My Heroine by Silverstein. I want to play with this for a bit, bring out the lovely Itachi which is hardly ever seen in my other stories, reviews are appreciated.