Once again Sasuke sat at the window, staring out at the masses of people swarming around in chaos and anarchy; the elated content smiles though were gone. The chaotic, crazy and downright bedlam he had grown used had changed. It had been two days since the youngest Uchiha had returned home to his mother's open arms, secured around him like a safe house and his father's strong hand gripping his shoulder.

The streets of the city were definitely something he hadn't missed compared to the crowds Blind Horizon brought in.

The departure from the band had been one of the most difficult and hardest things the young Uchiha had ever been through. Saying goodbye was never an easy let alone saying goodbye to your family. Deidara had cried, manly tears, but tears nonetheless, he had begged and pleaded, throwing his long tan arms around Sasuke's small shoulders and blubbered continually in his ear all the reasons why the teenager shouldn't leave. It had broken Dei's little heart and practically cemented the guilt in his chest.

Kisame had offered a strong bear hug, nearly suffocating him with his broad chest and tree trunk arms that had held him close, patting down his hair and sniffing lightly, coughing to cover the threat of tears welling in his eyes. Pein had offered a small hug, a few seconds of embrace that offered the youngest a life time's worth of understanding from the man.

Itachi's goodbye however had been an agonizingly painful.

True to his words as they stopped at the next town available, he had booked the plane tickets and borrowed a roadie car, driven three hours to the nearest airport, checked him in and walked through security without a glitch, all without uttering a single word to him though to be fair Itachi's attention was diverted a pile of fans they had encountered.

Camera flashes continually snapped in his face and people were constantly thrusting various things in the eldest Uchiha's face, begging for a photo or a signature of sorts. A few braver people, or so Sasuke had lip read, had wanted photos of him at that, Itachi had put his foot down and steered Sasuke away from the throngs of people by a vice like grip on his arm.

The whole ordeal had frightened Sasuke, especially when people came right up to his face. Sasuke now understand his brothers over protective tendencies a little bit better, he understood why Itachi avoided letting him mix with crowds of fans. They were vicious and unrelenting, desperate for attention and Sasuke was cute, the younger brother of a metal god and they were fanging for him.

The baby Uchiha felt guilty for not understanding his brothers actions earlier, Itachi hadn't kept him locked in the bus for no reason at all. It was hard for Itachi as it was with the constant attention and publicity, Sasuke figured adding himself to the equation would have been horrorific.

Itachi had already been stressed, mentally and physically about him without throwing him out to the wolves. It was best he went home and apparently Itachi had thought so too.

Guilt and hurt had nearly suffocated Sasuke, bringing tears pooling to the corners of his eyes several times. What his brother was thinking, he hadn't shared at all; stony faced and completely shut off, Itachi had regarded him no more than he would a stranger on the street and it had hurt immensely. Sasuke had scrambled over his reasoning to want to go back home to mother and father, explaining his fears, concerns and thoughts to his brother but conveying ones emotions throw hand signals alone was hard.

It had been a fruitless waste of activity and stress judging by the uncaring a cold nature of his brothers response.

"Alright Sasuke, if that's what you want." He had said without an ounce of his brotherly features he usually used with the younger. Sasuke wanted to tear his hair out, scream hoarsely and beg for his brother to understand why he wanted to go home. If Itachi had understood what the younger was trying to say, he hadn't cared.

The moment of departure had arrived quickly once they had escaped the fans, barely having sat before the airhostesses and aircraft staff had called boarding or so Sasuke assumed as people began to line up. Standing from the seats, Sasuke hosted his simply carry-on bag over his shoulder and looked at his frowning elder brother with a heavy weight in his tummy.

They stared at each other for a few minutes with a hard face before Sasuke reached out and grasped his brother around the middle tightly.

"I love you Itachi." He spoke mutely against his brother's collar and he knew Itachi had heard it when long tattooed arms wrapped around his back and squeezed the younger, pressing a chaste kiss to a bang covered forehead for good measure.

"I love you too." It was no more than a gust against his temple but Sasuke knew what he had said.

Itachi squeezed lightly before releasing the younger. "Be careful baby brother, text me once you land." His hands formed the necessary signs as he spoke, looking sternly at Sasuke, concern in his eyes.

Sasuke nodded stiffly, offering his brother a small smile as he turned to walk towards the airhostess with a wide smiling grin; showing her his medical papers that explained his disability and requirements before he was handed back his ticket and directed towards the tunnel.

Turning one last time before he boarded, Sasuke had given his brother his best smile before he turned and walked down the air tunnel.


His mother's petite hand threaded through his longing bangs, pushing the heavy curtain of hair back from his forehead like she had done many times in his youth; the feeling was familiar and warm to him.

Adjusting the cushions behind him, Mikoto sat behind her youngest son, wrapping his broadening shoulders in her arms as she carded through his hair. Leaning back into his mother's embrace, Sasuke allowed for her comfort.

No words were spoken between them, no sign language or lip reading at all, just company.

Mikoto knew how much Sasuke was missing his brother and the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to over the last few months. His entire life had been altered to fit into Itachi's schedule and now that he was back home with her and his father the poor child had found it difficult progressing back.

Everything was different again; he had thought that it would have been easy as pie to convert back to a life he had lived for years, apparently not. Sasuke had trouble sleeping without the lull of the engine beneath him and the amount of space he now had in his bed, it was hard. Though out of all the changes he had endured since returning home, Sasuke's art journal had suffered the most.

Barely even a sketch or scribble had been made. The crowds were different and the bay window in his mother's living room didn't offer the same protection the high grade tinted bus windows had.

"Sasuke." His name was spoken against his temple in a hot gush of air. Tilting his head back on his mother's chest, Sasuke looked at her face.

"You're sixth monthly appointment is coming up again soon with the ENT specialist*" She spoke and Sasuke lip read carefully upside down.

The mention of the ENT specialist had Sasuke thinking; a small frown between his eyebrows indicated that to his mother. Threading her fingers once more she kissed his forehead before speaking again.

"There's nothing to be worried about, you've been throw this many times before." She reassured him but Sasuke wasn't worried about the appointment itself but more about what he was planning on asking. The whole idea was a long shot in the dark by any standards but if it was possible… it would mean everything.

For both Itachi and himself.

. . .

*ENT – Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I don't rightly know what kind of doctor deals with people who are deaf but I figured I would play it relatively safe and just use a doctor in that field.

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