And I don't know

I could crash and burn but maybe

At the end of this road

I might catch a glimpse of me

-Kelly Clarkson, Sober

He tasted of smoke.

That's one of the few things Caroline remembers. He tasted like smoke from cigarettes and straight vodka. She remembers small things like the blue of his eyes, the quirk of his smirk and the utter arrogance about him.

He was good-looking, intelligent and he knew it. He had the charm to pull off that arrogance and the carelessness not to give a damn what other people thought. He was a jerk. Anyone could've seen that.

But her heart was still bleeding from Matt's words.

It's over….I don't love you anymore…I'm sorry…

And it he was there. His girlfriend off on the dance floor oblivious to him chatting her up for a one night stand. He's blunt almost to the point of rude and she agrees to bring him home with her.

He kisses like he talks – demanding, direct, no playing around. She moans when his fingers work their magic and she spends the night fucking away until she wakes up in the morning with a hangover.

He's already gone.

She swallows her regret.