In the Ocean there are many places that can be called as ' forgotten'. Most of them are so grim, so terrifying and so dangerous, so they also deserve for the names

of ' forbidden'. There's a valley , far, far away from the Reef – deep, wide, dark, covered up with millions of skeletons of plenty miscellaneous creatures – fish,

turtles, dolphins, smaller sharks, name them all... If someone kept looking properly and long enough, then could notice some human skeletons,

complete or not and single whale bones too. Creepy, ain't it ? But this cemetary is absolutely nothing in comparison with crocodile gang that's living there.

It's been a while since any crocodile appeared on the Reef or somewhere around. A long time ago, as the war of gangs was still going on.

At the very beginning there was multitude of mafia families. Some of them united, some of them was defeated. At the very end, it has come the time for the final

fight : sharks vs. crocodiles. This battle was as long as tight. All day and night long – nothing but fierce violence, one side

against the other – all of that about the indivisible ruling on the Reef. Eventually, the fight was over. The sharks have won, obviously, thanks to the union of Great

Whites, Tigers, Hammerheads, Blue Marlins and Killer Whales, now known as Five Families, crocodiles have been beaten up and made to leave these territories.

It used to be very loud about that historical – valued struggle, not only in the Reef, but in whole Ocean. Every sea creature, even the smallest ones, have heard

every detail of that ' argument' in TV NEWS. Including Oscar and Angie, who were then just a couple of little kids and used to not understand much of didn't even

know each other yet. It passed eighteen years after these events, just described. No one, including sharks, haven't even suspect the upcoming of unimaginable

nightmare . The full-time ferocious crocodiles and their loyal partner, the moray eel scientist called Hector, have been waiting for the day they could take their

revenge on Don Lino and his sharks. One night...

- AT LAST ! ! ! - Hector's shriek was spreading on all Skeleton Valley. - My greatest creation... the work of my life... IS COMPLETE ! ! !

Every crocodile in the valley got excited of that message. The toughest, the biggest of them – Caesar – enjoyed this moment more than any of his sidekicks.

He and some his boys swam into Hector's cave. There was his laboratory inside. You'd find in there anything you've seen in films about mad scientists - grim tones,

spooky greenlight, full laboratory equipment, etc.

- Is that truth, Hector ? - asked Caesar, full of hope that the moray eel will say ' yes'. - Have you really done it ? ? ?

- Yes ! Yes ! YES ! ! ! Thousand times : YES ! - Hector cried it out with vigor and mischievous laughter. And all crocs laughed with him too.

So did their secret lethal weapon, on its own way ( actually it was roaring of wrath ).A pair of red, blood-thirsty eyes and razor-sharp teeth were shining behind

the gratings, in a dark cell.

- Now... - said Caesar, wiping his paws. - Don Lino... JUST YOU WAIT ! This time you won't pull yourself together. NEVER ! ! ! ! !