This mysterious character who enabled Francine to get her supernatural powers and brang her into ' Shark Tale' world was actually a ghost. But it was not just a

random ghost... That ghost who she met was no other than... FRANKIE. Francine realized it while watching family photos from photo album Maria had in one of

boxes in her room. That silhouette in the forest and the last of Frankie's photographes. This shapes were identical ! ! ! Francine persistently tried to not let Maria

see her disturbed of this photo. A little later, as Francine was left alone with her toys, she let them know about this discovery.

'' Now I understand everything.'' she said.'' Frankie knew his family is in danger, so he left underworld for a while to give me these supernatural powers and he

brang me in this world so I could do what he wanted me to do.''

'' It does make sense.'' said Hello Kitty Rocker plushie.

'' Are you sure about your decision?'' asked Koori.'' Are you really leaving the Southside Reef ?''

'' I'm more than sure, Koori. I apologized Don Lino not just because of that beer I drank. I gave him his honor back for goodbye. You know what I mean. Before I

go, I have to do just one more thing...''

3:18. Marlon was home . He was very joyful because he made a date with Yuri on next day after school classes. He found two envelopes on desk in his room.

There was the seahorse plushie from amusement park, laying next to one of the envelopes. READ IT FIRST – there was an inscription on the one closer to

plushie. Marlon opened it, got a letter out and started reading.

Dear Marlon,

I heard Yuri loves plushies just like I do. Give it to her on your next 't tell her or anyone else who you got it from. And don't let anyone read this letter for you.

And read another one, please.


Marlon opened the second envelope and read it quickly.

Dear Marlon,

I hope it won't hurt you too much, but I'm leaving your world. Why?- You'd ask. Fish hatred for humans is not head reason for my decision, so don't think any

more about 'the expose'. I just don't belong this place at physically nor mentally. But don't worry. I'm not gone forever. You can call me everytime you want or

need to, like you did it last time with using the crystal you got from please don't mind me and have with your family and friends as much fun as you feel like

having fun. I'm in my imaginary world right now. From now on, you can live your life happily ever after. ;)



As he read both letters, Sylvia phoned with information about Francine being at sharks' hide-out now. She was a little bit surprised hearing from her brother where

she really is. Marlon was glad everything finished happily for everyone.


-The six Killer Whales which Hector's monster has eaten, they all went back to life, unlike Caesar.

- The dog fish, that was not a monster anymore, soon found a new home and loving family.

- Marlon gave the seahorse plushie to Yuri on their first made her very happy. She liked this

kind of gift. She never learnt how did Marlon get it.

-One day, Shimi-chan paid Hector a visit while doing his social works at school. He got known

Hector's main bully's name. It was...Chuck's dad ! ! ! Family business, eh?

He and some other plushies, with a little help from Francine, let the squids know their place.

Shimi-chan's theory worked out. Hector had no more hatred and anger in his heart after as his

punishment was complete. He started a completely new life on one very good University.

- After THAT night, Madame Vandra's tent was gone and never appeared on the Reef again.

Who she really was and what her true intentions were – it's a mystery...