Centuries before either Ivor or his younger brother, Siger, were born, the Holmes family had been known throughout Britain for both their enviable fortune, and for the quiet influence that exhibited throughout all of their various enterprises.

They commanded many small towns across the county of Yorkshire, employing most (and in some cases, all) of the villagers within their numerous manors and the grounds therein.

They were known to dip their toes into the waters of government, law and even the military from time to time - dominating any and all battlefields of their choosing with both their naturally formidable intellects and the innate talent fir problem-solving that seemed to run in the family just as strongly as the blood in its member's veins.

And yet, as the years turned into decades, and decades turned into centuries, that noble streak began to slip through their fingers like sand, until, but the time young Ivor and Siger were born, there was almost none of it left at all.

That's not to say that the boys ever went without. Indeed, they were quite the young men of means.
They attended the finest schools and most prestigious universities the country had to offer, enjoying and all-expense-paid tour of the world that their peers could scarcely dream of, in between.

In fact, it wasn't until adulthood, after the passing of their father, that they came to realize just how severely their inheritance had suffered under the old man's regretfully neglectful eye.

Splitting their comparatively meagre sum equally between themselves, the only benefactors of their father's will, the two brother (whose relationship could only be describes as (at best) antagonistic) parted ways at the metaphorical fork in the road.

Where Siger took his small fortune and nurtured it, putting the old Holmes cunning to work for Her Majesty's government, Ivor (who had never been quite as intelligent as his little brother) decided instead, to utilize his natural talent for manipulation and ruthless one-upmanship (they'd served him so well in the past after all) and try to make it big in the world of business; unfortunately, with little success.

Whilst Siger slowly but surely clawed back the glory of his youth, married and had children - Ivor wallowed in his own misery and became consumed by bitterness, reguarly drinking himself into an often violent stupor.

But life's road was rarely ever a straight or predictable think. No, it was made of twists and turns of fate, ups and downs that leaves a person with their head spinning and no idea as to where they were or how they got there.

As it turned out, even the great Holmes family was no exception to this rule, as a mere 20 years after the brother's great parting of the ways, Ivor's luck took a dramatic change for the better the exact moment Siger's took a turn for the worse.

Holmes the Younger and his wife, returning from a weekend spent together in Brighton, were involved in a devastating motorcar accident, during which they, most unfortunately, perished.

They left behind two sons, Mycroft and young Sherlock.

Much more importantly though (at least in Ivor's eyes) they also left a will stating that until the youngest lad, nine-year-old Sherlock, reached the age of 18, a generous allowance would be extended to whomever took on the responsibility of primary caregiver.

Naturally, as their only living relative, this role fell to Ivor who, with a heavy heart (and both his lawyer and accountant in tow) promptly moved into his late brother's (much cushier) Surrey home and shouldered his new responsibility with great gusto - and an open cheque-book, of course.