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Jeux de Bella et Carlisle

Chapter One


Edwards POV

Alice has been anticipating the arrival of the UPS truck for the majority of the day. Apparently, the driver's split-second decisions have been messing with her visions. Humans tend to consume food as well as forget to deliver parcels on their intended routes, which need to be back-tracked and delivered.

I was not sure why Alice was excited to receive a gift from Bella Swan. Given the last time they had seen each other, Alice had turned Bella into a clown of sorts.

We have all questioned what has happened to Bella over the last three years. Carlisle had eventually given up the search for her and had recently permitted Esme to become a mother figure to Marisa. Esme has been overjoyed with her new found little friend. She offers the security and love to Esme that Carlisle will never grant her.

He has never once revealed to the family what his daughter truly is. Although, I had read it in his thoughts when his guard had been down. I have also researched his theories myself. I documented all that I discovered, and placed it behind lock and key. I realize security within a houseful of vampires remains an illusion of sorts. However, I trust my privacy will remain respected.

"I hear the UPS truck turning down the driveway. Edward, I am so excited. I've seen my gift already, and I love it."

Alice was eventually bitten by Carlisle, much to Jasper's dismay. Rank is very important to him, and he feels threatened by his own wife's gift to foresee the future. He wants to be Carlisle's closest confidante. It has been a continuing struggle for power among Jasper and I over the past few years. He holds no control over me, as he does with Alice, and I will remain his greatest threat. I know Jasper's motives are strictly for his own gain, and I have warned Carlisle of such. I just have no actual proof of it. He will slip up however, and has come close to doing so already. I've only been able to get pieces of cut up thoughts and sentences from him so far. No real concrete evidence I can report with any assurance.

"Thank You," Carlisle told the blond man who had delivered our packages to us. Alice was bouncing up and down waiting to receive her gift. "Alice, sit," Carlisle instructed the yapping puppy. "We will open these one at a time. Emmett why don't you begin since Isabella is least likely to be angry with you."

Emmett leapt up grabbing at a large yellow envelope addressed personally to him. He opened it up and observed it carefully.

"It's a treasure map," he announced to us all. He quickly began running in and out of the house while he laughed out loud. He was having fun with this little adventure. After ten more minutes, he headed up the stairs and into his own bedroom opening the closet door. "The hidden treasure is in Rosalie's purse," he proclaimed. I heard him riffling around looking for it. He came back down stairs holding it.

"There's nothing in it, I don't get it."

"Was there a letter or anything else within the envelope?" I asked knowing full well that Bella never does anything half way. Rosalie looked; plucking up the letter enclosed, and began to read. "It says, Emmett, that you should dig deep within my purse for your reward. I apparently have been carrying your balls in it." Rosalie frowned as the rest of us burst out in laughter.

"So that's where they've been all this time," Emmett chuckled being the good sport about it.

"Rosalie, open yours now," Alice suggested offering her a pint-sized box with her gift enclosed. Rosalie opened the envelope attached first reading it aloud.

'Rosalie there has never been any love lost between the two of us. In fact, I'm not afraid to say that I loathe you. However, I consider it is my responsibility to let you know how fat your ass truly is. I have completed some research on vampire diets and there just wasn't anything out there to help you. Jenny Craig cannot cover this sort of crisis. So I had to go into the lab and work on something that I thought might assist you. Enclosed is a bottle of something I designed especially for you, if you dare. Do not distress for there is no expiration date. It's the only method I see for you to address the 'battle of the bulge.'

Rosalie opened the package to find a bottle that was labeled 'Blood Lite,' on the back it contained directions for how to become a human.

A human can lose weight after all.

Bella had granted Rosalie a chance for life and children. She would only need to drink. We all understood that if this was true she would, at most, survive for three years. I suppose Carlisle could bite her again when she was close to dying. However, knowing Bella, she would never allow it.

Emmett took the bottle out of Rosalie's hand, knowing, she would consider using it. It was what she truly desired most, and Bella was offering it up to her on the proverbial silver platter.

"Emmett, give it back right now," she demanded. "It's my gift; Bella wants me to have it."

Everyone could see the desperation in her eyes. Even if she sat it on a shelf she would always have the option open to her.

"Bring me the bottle Emmett," Carlisle interrupted the scuffle that was about to break out between husband and wife.

"But Carlisle," Rosalie called out wearing her cold heart on her sleeve. "Please."

"I will have this analyzed. There is a large possibility that this will destroy you Rosalie. Think about it for a minute. Isabella loathes you. She admits to it. There is inevitably a method to her madness. I will take this and observe what it is for you."

Rosalie sat down with a demeanor that said he was right. Nevertheless, she was still hoping.

"Alice, you go next," Carlisle offered. "I'm curious to know what has you this enthusiastic.

She hurriedly snatched her package, opening it and jerking out the pink tissue papers. She took out a beautiful hand held antique mirror accompanied by a corresponding brush and comb set. It appeared to be white in color, trimmed in gold with hand painted roses flowing around all sides. The flowers had faded over the years into a reddish pink color. It was every bit as beautiful as Alice had visualized. Alice was thrilled as she immediately looked in the mirror and ran the brush through her hair.

"This brush has such soft bristles. It feels like its massaging my scalp." She moved over to the window for better lighting. "Oh this makes me look … beautiful. I feel beautiful," she gasped. Jasper picked up the letter that Bella had enclosed and read it out loud.


I hope you don't take this gift the wrong way since you did cut my hair. However, when I saw this, I thought of you. It suits you perfectly Alice, and I can honestly say that you deserve it.'

Jasper glanced at Carlisle, and then to me, shaking his head not liking the implied meaning of the letter.

"Alice," Jasper spoke.

"No, you will not spoil this for me, Jasper. I love it, and that's all that counts." Alice was cautious not to use a demanding tone with Jasper. Carlisle would certainly reprimand her for it. If there was one thing, every Cullen in the house would agree on, it was never to piss Carlisle off.

"Jasper, why don't you go next?" Carlisle asked as he handed him a small package addressed to him.

"There doesn't appear to be a letter with mine," Jasper offered. He opened his package and lifted out a simple gold Zippo lighter. He laughed aloud as he read the inscription.

'Come play in my hell.' Jasper's mouth twisted up in a lopsided grin. "Game on Miss Swan … game on." He then flicked the lighter with his thumb staring at the flame as it danced in front of his eyes. He was excited, and I was becoming concerned.

"Esme," Carlisle said as he handed her a gift.

She opened hers carefully not knowing what to expect. After all she was helping to raise Marisa now and a part of her felt guilty that she had, in a way, carried out her plan. The present was wrapped in the most beautiful silky blue paper with a thick white ribbon embracing it. She gasped as she opened the black velvet box finding an exquisite set of pearls to grace her neck. A set of matching earrings accompanied the necklace.

She peered up at Carlisle silently asking permission to wear them.

"I would read the letter first Esme." She nodded and began to read it.


You have been one of the only true mother figures I have had in my lifetime. Instead of cherishing you, I fear that I've pushed you too far in the past. I know I am the prodigal child. However, I would like to earn your forgiveness somehow. I hope this can be a beginning, dare, I say, Mother.'

"It's up to you Esme," Carlisle stated in a hushed tone. "You know who you are dealing with, as does she."

Esme reached down and put her necklace around her neck feeling the curves of the pearls with her fingertips. She felt just as pretty in them as Alice did looking in her mirror. She had hope racing through her mind, and her heart, that maybe this mess was all over somehow. I, however, feared it was just the beginning for us. The three years Bella had given us of peace was something I wish I would have appreciated more. I love her with all my heart. Nevertheless, trust is a whole other issue now.

"Edward," Carlisle nodded and I picked up my gift. I read the letter attached aloud as the others had before me.


I needed you to understand why I feel the way I do and can never love you as I have in the past. Enclosed is my personal journal containing my thoughts and feeling after you and your family left me all those years ago. I believe you should understand what your decisions have produced in my life as well as others.


My gift was the only one, so far, with her name signed to it. It made me feel somewhat special. I was excited, and weary as well, of reading what she had written. I had always wondered what she held inside her mind. Soon, I would know. Putting my own feelings aside I reached down and handed the last gift to Carlisle. It was simply an envelope. He held it in his hands and looked up at me.

"Is there a gift for Marisa?" he asked with pleading eyes.

"No," I said hanging my head. I was thankful our little angel was taking her nap. She loves presents and would feel left out. I would go out and get her something special once Carlisle was finished opening his.

As he opened his envelope, a photograph flew to the floor. Carlisle quickly scooped it back up staring at the image with what appeared to be complete and utter shock. Everyone, other than Alice, who was still looking at herself in the hand-held mirror, ran over to where Carlisle sat.

"Oh my God, how?" Esme sighed out.

"Emmett?" Carlisle asked in question.

"There was only one Carlisle, and that was Marisa."

"She could be Marisa's twin," Rosalie added.

"There was only one, I'm positive," Emmett again declared.

"Has anyone taken a closer look at Bella," I asked.

"She's a mother fuckin' vampire," Jasper announced feeling up to the challenge that fact alone presented to him.

"Letter," Rosalie said handing it to Carlisle.


I thought you would enjoy seeing the beautiful daughter Peter gave to me. Marisa is the product of the purest love I have ever known. A man who looked beyond my faults, and saw only my needs, even in his darkest of hours. For that I say thank you to the part of him that still exists somewhere deep inside of you. As you have undoubtedly noticed I am a vampire now. I guess I should thank you and Jasper for that little cocktail. Please relay to him that I know Marisa doesn't belong to him now. In fact, she only belongs to me. I hope your family enjoys their peace offering as I truly am sorry for the trouble, I caused everyone.


"There are two Marisa's!" I exclaimed throwing my hands up and pulling at my hair. "How Carlisle? There must have been two."

"There was one Edward, one baby in the ultra sound, one baby in the basement."

"They took whatever they needed from the both of us when we were weakened, Carlisle. As well as the human Peter," Jasper added.

"I was considering that, Jasper. Why else would Isabella not have come after her daughter? She, already, has her." Carlisle was beside himself with added concern now and who could blame him. His thoughts were ranging from father mode to doctor mode.

"I believe her mentor is most likely responsible. I would surmise that she was a test-tube baby who was allowed to flourish into her human existence." Jasper speculated out loud as he paced the floor with his arms behind his back. He often did his best thinking this way.

"Who knows what else this so called 'mentor' has done with our fluids. There are many possibilities out there for him to explore. He has the funding and the means to bring about the unthinkable." Carlisle was now staring out the huge windows into the woods, still computing information. "I wonder if the child is human or hybrid? We do not know what this 'mentor' did when making the second Marisa."

"Nor do we know what other vampires were added into Bella's little 'cocktail' as she called it. Who knows what she may be capable of now," Jasper wondered aloud.

"Daddy, I'm awake now," Marisa announced rubbing her eyes. "We got presents?" She asked wide-eyed.

"Yes," I answered as Esme picked her up. "Let me go and get yours now. It's in the garage."

We had all been so distracted that we hadn't even heard her get out of bed. That's saying a lot in a houseful of vampires.

I would have to journey at maximum speeds now to get her a present and pray that I didn't get a register where the line was moving slow.

"Is it a puppy?" Marisa asked with hopefulness in her eyes.

"No honey, I told you Uncle Jasper would eat it," I laughed. Jasper of course heard me, and took the time in his thoughts to say, 'Fuck You, Edward.' I just smirked as I ran out the door to retrieve something for our little angel.