Summary: Small insights to Bex's life, before, during and after she disappeared and came back. In later chapters, there is no Finn/Sam, cause, while they may be cute, Finn/Bex is also cute :) x hope you enjoy


Sixteen-year-old Bex Fisher was sat in her room with her music playing loudly in her ears, trying to block out her parents' arguing.

Jess had come into her room moments before snapping that it was her fault and that they might be happier without her.

Bex found that hard to take, given that she and her sister had once been inseparable.

She hadn't heard the footsteps thundering up the stairs. Maybe if she had, she might have had time to put her desk chair under the door handle. She jumped up when she saw the door burst open and she ripped her earphones from her ears. "What are you doing?" she screamed.

"When will you stop being such a disappointment! When will you actually stop being so bloody selfish and listen to your mother?" Charlie Fisher raged.

"How am I a disappointment? I'm top in all my subjects except science, and that's because it doesn't interest me! And I do listen to her!" Bex shot back at him.

"You don't listen and you think everything has to be about you!" Charlie carried on, Karen appeared behind him.

"Charlie just leave it. Come on, you're going to wake the other kids up with all this shouting." Karen tried to reason, but Charlie was having none of it.

"No, Karen! You've been too soft on her! You say you keep pushing her but you don't! You don't even know her boyfriend's name!"

"No she hasn't!" Bex jumped in to defend her. "And she does know actually."

Charlie turned to his wife. "Well?"

In truth, Karen didn't know.

"Dylan." Bex mouthed over her father's shoulder.

Karen read her lips and looked at Charlie. "Dylan." She repeated.

"Oh yeah? What does this 'Dylan' do then?" it was quite clear that Charlie didn't believe them.

This stopped Bex dead. She couldn't very well tell him that her boyfriend would readily film them during intimate moments in bed, and he was a professional photographer for a lads' mag, and nearing twice her age.

"He's at college." Bex lied. "Studying photography and media."

"How old is he?"

"Eighteen." Bex answered.

"See, there's nothing to worry about." Said, Karen, acting like she'd known all along. "Come on, let's get to bed."

"I have a mock exam I need to sleep and revise for." Bex added.

"I'd like to meet him." Charlie looked at her.

"And have you warn him off? No thanks!" Bex answered back.

Nobody, not even he himself knew what made him do it, but he snapped, needing a way to shut her up, he launched himself at his oldest daughter, face contorted with rage and fist raised to hit her.

Bex leapt backward off her bed and pressed herself against the wall, for the first time in her life, scared of her own father.

Karen got between them, shouting for him to stop, and she pushed him away from her child.

Neither knew how she did it, considering Charlie was a lot heavier and stronger than her and could have easily shoved her aside, but there was nothing she would not do to protect her children from any harm that may come to them, and somehow within her, she found the strength to physically push him away.

"Don't you dare touch her! Get out! Go on, get out of this house right now!" Karen ordered.

Charlie looked at them both for a moment before slinking from the room, down the stairs and out of the house, leaving a visibly shaken and terrified Bex and a fuming Karen behind.

"Bex, darling." Karen said gently, hugging her daughter.

Bex was too numb to even register her mother speaking, let alone feel her arms around her. Her own father, the man who doted on her, Jess and Harry, had raised his hand to physically harm her for the first time in her entire life. "Mum… please I just want to be left alone…"

Instinct told Karen not to leave Bex while she was in this state.

"Please mum… I'll come down in 5 minutes to tell you I'm going to bed."

Karen looked at her daughter, thinking for a moment before nodding. "Alright. Five minutes." She said, kissing her on the forehead and left the room.

Bex quickly reached for her phone on her bed, and texted Dylan.

"Really need to get away from here. Can I come round yours for a bit? B x."

Within a minute, her phone vibrated in her hands and she looked at it, opening the message.

"Give me 15 minutes I'll wait for you round the corner. H x."

Bex nodded, though he couldn't see her, and she grabbed a small bag, packing a few overnight things in, intending to stay for the night. How wrong she would be.

Bex quickly dressed for bed under the pretence of going to bed as she had told Karen, and she walked out of her room just as Karen was coming up the stairs.

"I've decided I'm not going to wait for your father to come home, I'm just going up to bed, darling. Don't worry about him, I'm sure he didn't mean it."

Bex only nodded. "Okay…. Night mum… love you…"

"Love you too, darling." Karen smiled and went to check on Jess and Harry before going to bed.

Bex walked back into her room, quickly dressed back into the clothes she'd worn that day, white t-shirt, black jeans and pink hooded jumper, and she put her favourite blue scarf around her neck, collected her bag and crept out of her room, down the stairs and out of the house, fully expecting to be back by morning. She made her way down the street and turned the corner to the familiar car of Dylan's.

"You look stressed, babe." Dylan spoke smoothly once she was in the car and he was driving her away from her home.

"Just family issues… nothing to worry about really…" Bex sighed smiling.

"I might be able to help ya." He told her, trying to coax it out of her. He always won in the end. Say all the right things, cuddle at the right moment and she was his to do with whatever he wished.

Soon they pulled up in the car park and they got out, walking up to his flat.

Bex went and sat in the sitting room and waited as Dylan went into the kitchen area to get them both a glass of wine, and he walked over to her, handing her a glass while he barely touched his own.

They spent the night talking, sat in each other's arms, until Bex looked over at the clock which was sat on top of the TV, and it read 3:00 AM. She got up, stretching a little. "I should really go back home before they noticed I've gone." She said.

"Okay." Dylan said and he got up, walking over to the door before he stopped her.

"Babe you know I've got this job? Well the boss wants to move me to London. Says I could get some real good shots down there."

"Oh?" Bex was surprised. "Why? When do you go?"

"Cause he's sending me there." He answered. "Tomorrow. I want you to come with me. Tonight."

"Tonight?" the prospect of somewhere new prickled at Bex's natural curiosity. But she couldn't just leave her family. "I can't… I can't just leave them."

"If you don't then I'll show mummy and daddy just what a little slapper you are. Those videos of us together?" Dylan snapped harshly.

Bex looked at him, horrified that he would threaten to do such a thing, and then a mixture of disgust and humiliation at the thought of her doing that. She hated herself for that, and she definitely didn't want her family to see her like that.

"Your dad's already gone to hit you tonight. Mummy might not want to be so quick on her feet once they see those videos."

"Alright! I'll go! Just please don't show them…" Bex pleaded.

Dylan just smiled and kissed her. "C'mon let's go." He said and dragged her into the dead of night away from her friends and family and no way of contacting them for the next twelve to eighteen months.