"Bex, listen, I haven't been entirely honest with you, love." Karen said as she walked across the car park with her eldest daughter, walking toward the hospital. "But I only did it so you wouldn't worry."

"Okay... What's up?" Bex questioned.

"When Finn climbed the bridge and pulled Denzil to safety, he couldn't get a grip for himself and he slipped and fell. He's alive, breathing and awake, but his injuries are too early to determine... he seems able to have a conversation and know who he and everyone else is, so he's not brain damaged and his memory isn't affected."

"Where is he?" Bex asked. Inside she was angry with her mother for lying and hiding it from her, but at the same time she understood why she did it.

Karen put her arm around her and they both walked into the hospital and to the room where Finn was. "I'll leave you two to it for a bit." She said softly.

Bex nodded and pushed open the door and entered the room. To her, the injured, pale boy in the bed wasn't her boyfriend, but as he turned his head to face her, and how he still managed to give her that smirk she loved, she knew it was him, and she made her way over to him.

"Didn't think you were gonna come." Finn said quietly.

"I didn't know how serious it was till about five or ten minutes ago." Bex said, holding his hand. "Mum kept it from me so I wouldn't worry... it only half worked."

"Couldn't just let him fall though..."

"Most other people wouldn't climb over and drag him over and risk their lives. What were you trying to prove? To show Sam you weren't a coward or to show the world you're not the prat everyone writes you off as?" she wanted to be angry with him, but she was more relieved he was okay.

"Bit of both I guess..." he admitted.

Bex sighed and gently kissed him.

Finn smiled and kissed back.

Bex smiled back and she sat on the edge of the bed, and lay down beside him resting her head on his shoulder, being careful not to knock any of the wires attached to him.

"So does this mean I'm forgiven?" Finn asked.

Bex just giggled and lightly hit him on the arm. "Fine, but do that to me again and I'll chuck you over it myself and I'll never speak to you again." She laughed.

Finn just smirked and kept his arm around her.

Karen watched through the window, smiling, and she decided to go join her colleagues at the pub and leave the teenagers to it.