I would never normally write something like this but I've been thinking about people dying

And how I hate for people to know someone who has died

I'm sorry if anyone reads this and doesn't like it, whether it's because they just don't like it or if you think I have showed wrongly any kind of feeling, please review or message me about it.

This is dedicated to RM

I wish I could have known you again

This contains a little of what I wrote to you

I saw Ritsuka after Seimei's death

He didn't cry

Not once

When I saw him.

Ritsuka-kun thinks about life a lot, and he sees it as so pointless. He lives in the past, wanting to go back to his past self. It scares me, in a way, when he asks such questions. I have cried, thinking of what he's been through.

But he hardly shows such emotion. He only goes through motions

Though it seems that

He's found something else in his life

Something to do, a purpose

I don't know what I can do

I just hope he never tries to join his brother

Right now

I don't think he will.

I've never known someone that's died

I hope I never have to

Although I will some day

And I hope it's never Ritsuka

I try to stave off thoughts of death when Ritsuka talks

About the point of life

I just try and think of the future

Of each day and moment


I have thought that Ritsuka

Thinks of his brother not there

Each day

I never want to know of anyone

That's died

However selfish that is


I hope you hold on

To whatever you have found

It's so precious



Have seemed to accept you

For even a little


Stay Red

And I will too