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"What Ichika perceives as english"

POV: Ichika Orimura, 3rd person.

Ichika placed the cellphone back in my pocket slowly and took a deep breath, thinking about everything that just happened. How did things turn out this way? He thought. This was supposed to be some kind of demo where we showed what our IS' were capable of, not some kind of terrorist attack game!

'How did they even get in there? That place was supposed to be guarded like some kind of vault.' He thought frantically. The personal IS users were valuable enough to warrant a full security patrol when they make public appearances at times. The scientists as well considering they were supposed to be IS researchers.

'Either way, I can't just leave Cecilia with them, who knows what they'll do to her? But I can't just go in there and expect to get her out that way; I'll get shot the minute they see me! Not to mention that one of them managed to disable Byaku-Shiki while I was chasing them.' Thinking on it now, maybe staying at the same height of the car wasn't the best idea. He should've flown higher to avoid the attack.

The area around him looked something like the old district Cecilia pointed out to him yesterday. According to her, the place was abandoned when new technologies reverse engineered from the IS made previous tech obsolete, causing them to leave the buildings here and move to new facilities. Ichika thought the buildings would get demolished at some point.

The sky was also graying, which probably meant that it would rain soon.

He looked at the building the van went into earlier and, judging by the label saying "Miracle Operations", he guessed it was some kind of old hospital. The building didn't look that big to be completely honest, at least not for a hospital. He guessed it was got about 3-4 floors only. The windows were all closed and the dust made it hard for him to see.

Surprisingly enough, the building itself didn't look too bad. The structure looked pretty decent, and the only thing showing that it was abandoned was the dust covering the windows and some parts of the walls.

The streets were abandoned. He guessed no one would have a reason to stay in an abandoned district. 'I can't call the police, and I can't just leave while they're still in there with Cecilia. Damn it, I guess there's really no one else I can count on here.'

'Okay Ichika, take a deep breath. You can do this. I don't even have to fight anyone. Just get in, find Cecilia, and get out. Simple enough, right?'

Nervously, he made his way to the hospital building, making sure no one else was around to see me, and hid behind a dumpster. The entrance to the hospital was across an alleyway. Must've been a back entrance, he figured.

The van from earlier was parked near the door and no one was in it, 'Alright, it looks like everyone's inside, now to see if I can get in without anyone seeing me.' He took out his cellphone and took a picture of the license plate. 'Proof just in case.'

'Summoning my IS right now probably isn't the best idea. Best bet would be to get in, find Cecilia without alerting anyone, then get out. I can always summon it later if I get desperate.' He looked at the white gauntlet attached to his wrist. Chifuyu always told him ever since he got it that he should never use it to hurt others and even then only use it as a last resort.

He cautiously walked over to the entrance, making sure no one was around to see him, and opened the door slowly. He was beginning to feel like one of those heroes in a horror movie about to go into the lair of the big monster only to get eaten.

Taking a deep breath, He slowly pushed open the door and looked inside.

POV: Irish, 3rd person.

"Ahhhh, what does she eat? She weighs a ton." Irish grunted as he placed her with her down, back against the wall, "I still don't understand what Victor wants with her. There were other representatives in that hall." He muttered to himself.

Unfortunately for him, Sam heard him and scowled, "It's his job to lead and it's ours to follow. Just shut up and don't act like an ass like you usually do." He said bitterly.

Irish had to resist the urge to take out his knife and stab him right in his smug face with it. 'Little sycophant always takes his side. He'll only stop when it's his safety on the line and not someone else's.'

"Just lay her down there till Victor gets back." Sam ordered and pointed to the unconscious girl.

"Yes, your highness." He bit out quietly, tightening the ropes on her hands, "Despite her struggling from earlier, it looks like she managed to avoid getting injuries. Hopefully she doesn't get any at all. It'll be very hard to avoid attention if she has any scars or marks." He remarked.

"Who cares if she gets hurt? Only good pilot's a dead pilot." Sam replied.

"Normally I'd agree with you, but this is a representative candidate. If she dies or gets hurt in any way, you know how the government will react." He grimaced, "I just hope Viktor knows what he's doing. He's putting a lot of risk in taking a rep."

"Hey, do you know why there's so many pipes all over the building? Seems odd for a hospital" He suddenly noted.

"Doesn't matter." He waved his hands in dismissal.

He looked around for a few seconds before asking, "Why are we placing her here in the pipe room? I saw a couple of rooms down the hall." He questioned him.

"Hell if I know. Just make sure she doesn't end up dying before Viktor gets here." Sam shrugged.

'God, this guy's an idiot.'

"Alright, why don't you go back upstairs with Mark while I...check over our little captive here." He smirked and turned towards her. Irish noticed his eyes were looking at her exposed neck.

"What are you planning?" He glared at him, but he just shrugged it off.

"Just going to make sure she's 'healthy'. Don't want to come back and find that she died in her sleep, now do you?" The smirk hadn't left his face and his breathing had gotten more rapid.

"I'm not sure your definition of healthy matches with hers. Come on, we should just leave her here till Victor comes back." He tried to urge him. 'I swear, if that idiot touches her more than necessary, he's going to leave a giant trail right to us.'

"Oh, and I suppose the guy attached to a killer suit has a better idea of health than I do?" He laughed loudly, "Give me a break, shrimpy. You're already a walking corpse, don't act like some kind of hero. "

"I'm not being a Hero, I'm being smart. I know the thought of actually thinking your actions through is alien and impossible to you, but that's what I'm doing. If you don't understand that, then I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

"Oh yeah? I can get up in the morning without puking my guts out. I'm not addicted to painkillers. I can actually do things on my own without having to put on some jumpsuit. I don't panic whenever a girl touches me. And best of all, I don't look like I'm going to drop dead if a breeze blew on me."

Irish felt a vein pop in my forehead, but took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He just wants to rile me up, he thought, "At least it allows me to do something other than sit in the car sucking on my thumb hoping I don't get caught." Irish resist the urge to smile as his face turned red with anger.

He walked up to him and grabbed him by the throat before pushing him against the wall, holding him there, "Listen you little piece of shit; just because you're younger than me or you look like a girl doesn't mean I won't beat the crap out of you if you give me reason to." He was so close he could smell his foul breath. Really needs to brush.

"At least I don't act like one. I still remember what happened a few months ago. Peed on the floor when you thought you got caught, right? Crying for help on the radio for who knows how long." Sam's grip on Irish's neck tightened and he feel my breath catch in my throat, but he continued to talk.

"What was it you said before? Oh right: Help, I don't want to die. Please help me! I thought this was supposed to be a safe mission, that's the only reason I signed on for this one." He mocked, "Nearly did get us caught with all your crying and whining and for what? Oh that's right; because you dropped your flashlight and it shone on you so you think you got caught."

Sam pulled his hand back and formed it to a fist, "I swear to God you're not getting out of this alive!" His face was contorted with rage.

Irish grabbed the knife from his leg and aimed it at his gut, "Go ahead and try it. Can you do it when you actually have to risk something and don't have others around to use as a shield?"

"Guys, cut it out!" The two of them turned and see Mark's angry face at the door, "I swear you two act like a couple of kids! Christ, I'm surprised we haven't gotten caught yet with all the noise you two are making."

Sam let go of Irish's neck and his breathing finally got back to normal. The loss of bad breath made it even better.

"Come on, all of us are going back upstairs, and that includes you, Sam. She looks healthy enough, so leave her alone." Mark left and went up, leaving the two of them alone.

Sam muttered to himself and kicked the floor before following Sam outside. Irish take one last glance at the British representative's prone form before following them.

'As long as nothing bad happens, none of us have to get put at risk.'

"Where's everybody else, anyway?"

"They'll be checking in on the girl when they get here. Don't worry, everything's going according to plan."

POV: Ichika Orimura, 3rd person.

It was pitch black inside. Ichika could barely see 2 feet in front of him. 'Cecilia's here by herself? Oh God, I hope she's alright.' He grabbed the necklace she lent him on instinct. She did say it was good luck. Well, he needed as much good luck as he could get right now.

The building interior looked like any ordinary hospital: White floors, front desk, seats for waiting, etc etc. Strangely enough, there was only one door and it was behind the front desk. He figured it must've been the emergency wing.

He crouched down and slowly moved forward, making sure no one was around to see him. 'If I get caught here, it's all downhill. I hope everybody else is all right. What am I thinking? Of course they are! Chifuyu-nee's there, and Houki and Rin too. Anybody goes in there and they'll end up regretting it. He felt a little comforted by that thought.

"Why Cecilia? Did they get her on purpose or would anyone have mattered?" He questioned himself, "How does anyone see in here? It's like a maze."

The hospital, to put it lightly, was extremely creepy. While the exterior looked relatively okay, the interior didn't. Other than the genera creepy feeling from the darkness itself, the destroyed doors, peeling paint, and broken down lights and ceiling fans added a definite haunted House feel.

His eyes finally started adjusting to the darkness and he could see where he was: A long hallway with doors lining both sides. Most of them were broken down, however, with rotting wood and missing chunks from the doorframe.

If he peeked inside, he could see old rooms containing beds, old televisions, IV's, and other hospital equipment. 'The other locked rooms probably have the same thing. I hope I don't find an old bloodstain anywhere here.' He shuddered.

He did manage to find a couple of open rooms that had intact doors, but they hade the same contents as the previous rooms. Unfortunately, Cecilia wasn't in any of them.

He decided to continue down the hall.

*Clak* *Clak* *Clak*

Till he heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards him.

'Uh-oh, gotta hide!' He backtracked to one of the rooms and with an intact door and quickly (but quietly) shut the door, 'That was close!' The footsteps got nearer and he press my ear against the door carefully to listen.

"You two should really know when to stop fighting" A voice, sounds like a male in his 20's, said. He sounds really irritated.

'Good thing Cecilia gave me those Basic English lessons.'

"Who do you think started it? Shrimpy over there wouldn't let me check on that girl we got earlier." He couldn't gauge the age accurately, but he had to guess late teens- Wait, he said girl! He must mean Cecilia! They came from down the hall, so that must be where she is.

'Alright, I'm finally getting somewhere!'

"I don't think what you were planning to do would exactly count as healthy." This voice sounded odd. Was it a girl? No. Sounded too raspy, even if it was higher than the other two, "The way you were staring at her didn't exactly inspire confidence."

Staring at her? If he did anything to her- No, calm down. Don't want to kill or hurt anyone. Just get Cecilia and get out. Let the police handle this.

"Ah, you're just too young to get it. Not even sure if you have the right parts for it." Ichika could tell he was mocking the last one who spoke.

"Alright, both of you shut up! We don't need another fight right after the last one. Just keep quiet till we get upstairs, at least."

The footsteps faded away after that and Ichika waited a few seconds before slowly opening the door, 'Good, looks like no one else is there' Looking both ways again, he made his way down the hall as quietly as I could. If what he heard was right, then Cecilia should be down the hall.

The deeper he went the more oddities he noticed about the structure. Specifically, the pipes lining nearly every corner of the walls.

Curious, he reached his hand out to touch it, "What is thi- Agh!" He pulled his hand back as it made contact with the still hot metal and bit his tongue to avoid yelling.

'Why the hell is it still hot? I thought this place was abandoned!' He shook his hand to get rid of the stinging sensation and blew on it softly.

'Okay, mental note: Don't touch the pipes!' He shook his head left and right and continued to make his way down the hall till he finally found something promising: A metal doorway that was slightly open.

"Cecilia, are you there?" I called out softly.

No reply.

'I hope this isn't a trap.' He slowly peeked in and looked around the room.

The first thing I saw were pipes. Lots of pipes. Not only that, there were a couple valves and a giant Boiler on the side. 'This looks like the boiler room or something.' He thought.

Though the next thing I saw was a sight for sore eyes, "Cecilia!" He kneeled down next to her and check her for injuries, 'Arms look fine, clothes haven't been removed...all right, looks like she's alright!'

Now to get her out of here, "Cecilia, wake up" He shake her shoulder, but she didn't reply, "Cecilia, come on. We have to get of here before they come back." He shook her shoulder harder.

Still no reply.

Ichika was starting to panic, 'I can probably carry her, but that would make getting away without being seen harder. Need to wake her up or I'll have to summon to get away.

"Cecilia, please wake up!" He slapped her face lightly, "We need to get out of here now!"

"Mmmm, Ichika-san, is that you?"


He nearly laughed in relief when her eyes opened to look at him, confused as she may have looked.

Cecilia rubbed her eyes and look at him, confused, "Why are you here?" She asked.

"Why am I here? I'm here to help you! Come on, we have to get out of here!" He pulled on her and she got up shakily.

"How did you know I was here?" She tried to walk forward and nearly tripped. Ichika grabbed her shoulders and steadied her before sweeping her up into a princess cradle.

"I'll explain later, right now we have to get out of here." He looked down at her, eliciting a blush in response, "Can you walk? We have to sneak out of here."

She coughed lightly before replying, "I-I don't think so. My legs feel numb and I can't walk properly." Ichika cursed softly to himself, "I-If you have to, please leave me behind so you can go get help."

"No way! He nearly yelled, startling her, "I came here to help you and that's what I'm going to do. Look, just close your eyes and count to a hundred. When you finish, we'll be safe again." He smiled at her.

'Close your eyes and count to a hundred. Just like what Chifuyu-nee told me when she-'

"Well, well. Looks like we got ourselves a hero here." A cocky voiced pierced through the air.

Ichika quickly turned around and saw someone smirking at him. No, that wasn't important. The thing that made his blood freeze over was the gun pointed at him. With a sadistic grin, he pulled the hammer back and shot him.

Right at his heart.



POV: Irish, 3rd person.


"Did you hear that?" Irish stopped pacing and looked at Mark, who worriedly stood up after hearing the loud noise.

"Yeah, sounded like a gunshot." He agreed.

"Ah, those idiots probably just fired by accident or something. No big deal." Sam waved his hand in dismissal.

"Pot meet Kettle." Irish muttered under his breath.

"No, I don't think so." Sam replied, "I'm going to go check it out, you two stay here in case anything happens." He walked towards the door before looking at the two of them again, "And for the love of God, don't start fighting again."

With that, he left the room, leaving the two standing there in silence.



" does it feel?" Sam broke the silence.

"How does what feel?" Irish replied in a clipped tone.

"That suit." He pointed at him, "I know it hurts like hell to use, but not much else."

"Why do you care? Looking for more things to poke fun at?" Irish answered harshly.

"Can't even ask a question without getting a 'fuck you' in response, huh?" He sarcastically asked, "Just trying to avoid a fight, like Mark said."

Irish sighed and took a deep breath. Mark was right; no fighting, "It feels like a...second skin. Hardly weighs you down and makes doing things easier, but there's nothing stopping the relapse from hitting." He answered slowly.

"Does it make you impossible to kill or something? Give you a shield or barrier?"

"No...nothing like that." He looked down for a second, "It does help reduce pain from where it is, and it helps when jumping since it absorbs impact, but a shot to the head should still kill me since my head's uncovered." He did a mock pistol with his hand and mimicked a shot to the head.

Sam looked like he was about to answer before clap of thunder suddenly rang out.


"Looks like it's raining." He looked out the small window the room had, taking note of the water, "Hope the others are alright. Going to be hard communicating with a storm going on."

"Just calm down about that already. You've been worrying about them ever since this thing started. They'll be fine, even Joshua." He stood up and made for the door, "I'm gonna take a leak. Be back in a few."

Irish didn't reply and continued to stare out of the window for a few more seconds. Sighing, he turned back and inspected the room.

Other than the small window he was just staring through prior, the only thing inside the room was an old desk, a couple of couches, a covered mirror, and a crate full of food with a tarp over it that the others had brought earlier right next to it.

Previously when the Hospital was still open, this was the Director's room. He had only been here for about a couple of days. They never usually stayed in the same building twice if they could help it, but this was a once in a lifetime event. They didn't know of any other time so many representative candidates would be together.

He had never actually been in this room before. Viktor all but forbade anyone but himself from being here before. He walked towards the covered mirror, curiously reaching out towards it before pulling down the cover.

The long cloth fell to the ground, uncovering what lay beneath it. He looked towards his reflection and stepped back, surprised at the mirrors quality. Despite its age, it still looked as if it was brand new, shining crystal clear without even a hint of age.

Bright yellow eyes stared back at him, coupled with a young and effeminate pale face with short, layered white hair. The body wore some kind of skintight material colored a dark black with bumps along the chest area resembling a ribcage and grayish around padding on the shoulders, knees and elbows.

"Skull Suit." He grimaced and pressed on the suits chest area as a bout of coughing came. "Nothing comes without a price, I guess." He scowled again at his reflection, more specifically, at his face, "I just wish it didn't have to affect that too. It thought the others would be enough." He looked sad for a moment, "No wonder he says I look like a girl."

Taking a deep breath, he tried his best to calm down.


Before kicking the crate lying next to the mirror.


Big mistake.

Irish hopped on one foot, muttering muffled phrases under his breath as the pain slowly subsided. "Shouldn't have done that." He leaned against the crate and held onto it as the last of the pain disappeared.

He heaved a sigh of relief as the pain finally left and stood back on his own two feet again, accidentally dragging the tarp with him when he changed positions.

"Oops, going to have to put it back." He picked up the cloth and made to place it back on the tarp.

"What the...?"

Before noticing the strange contents.

Rather than the canned goods and preservatives he had expected, black boxes filled every space of the rather large crate, instead. Suspicious, he reached in and pulled one of them out.

The black boxes didn't look like anything out of the ordinary at first glance, but closer inspection proved otherwise. There were small spaces that had wires built into them and they were hot to the touch as well. They were also small, occupying no more than his palm.

"Made of light materials." He threw it up in the air before catching it again, "Surface has heat." He stared closely at the space with the wires, "Wiring looks complicated for its size." He placed it back in the box slowly, "There's no doubt about it."

"Hellfire bomb."

He had seen this before. Places they've snuck into in the past often had these as a last resort.

"Pretty impressive, isn't it?" He heard a voice behind him exclaim loudly. He didn't have to turn around, he knew who it was, "One of these babies can take out anything in 4 square blocks. All you have to do is heat it up." He heard him continue excitedly.

"That's why we chose this place, after all. The pipes and boilers have enough heat to super heat these things to maximum."

Irish swallowed to calm down his beating chest, "Sam, what are you planning to do? This isn't going to do anything but provoke a massacre." He warned.

He heard laughter, "Hahahahaha! Of course it will! Did you think it's only me? Viktor's been planning this for months. Almost everybody's practically agreed with us."

"You two are insane. This isn't going to get anything but all of us killed." He still didn't turn around, wary of doing any sudden movements.

"At least it'll be something!" He yelled, "How many years has it been and none of what we've done matters? With this, no one can ignore what's going to happen. No one can sweep it under the rug and act like nothing's wrong." Anger permeated his voice.

"...You know not all of us are going to let you do this. I know how to defuse these things and so does-"

"Oh, don't worry about them." He heard a little laugh, "They're going to be taken care of."

Enough was enough; he was clearly insane. He turned around to confront him.

"Just like you."

The barrel of a gun was aimed at him, the hole nearly level with his forehead. He had to resist the urge to scream in surprise and mentally thanked the suit for keeping his heart rate down.

"I thought just because you did that jump earlier that you were superhuman." He laughed again as Irish kept quiet, " No. You're as human as the rest of us, you told me as much earlier."

'So that's why he was asking questions earlier. Stupid, I shouldn't have answered.' He cursed inwardly.

"Well, I guess this is our goodbye." He slowly pressed the trigger.

"See you in hell, Irish."

POV: Lingyin Huang, 3rd person.

'You've got to be kidding me! Why is this happening now of all times!' Rin thought, anger starting to fill her head. She was currently lying facedown on the floor, arms behind her head, looking around as much as she could at the moment.

She wasn't the only one, however: The entire hall was filled with people laying low, trying to avoid the guns of the people who had burst in earlier. Their demands were simple enough; shut up, stay on the floor, and none of them would get shot.

"Tch. Yeah, right. Anybody who believes that has to be an idiot." She said to herself. She had no reason to believe they would get out of this unscathed if they just followed what their would be captors said. The announcement of a bomb earlier when they came in had practically all but confirmed it for her.

Most people would be panicked in her situation, maybe praying for their lives or even crying, but she and everybody else in this hall weren't ordinary people, they representative candidates (Okay, there were a few scientists, researchers, CEO's and other important people too). They were trained for these kinds of things for years – Well, months in her case - so the situation barely fazed her.

'If only they didn't confiscate our IS' earlier. This would've been over in 30 seconds flat.'

She regretted the fact that her IS had to be given for entry before the demo started. Apparently it was for 'Safety of all Representatives not currently participating' or some such nonsense. Of course, what they really meant was 'We're scared of what will happen with so many pilots in one place, so we're taking away their units for now.'

To Recap: They were stuck with no way out, a building about to be bombed, and possibly all of them dying very painfully. Not to mention the fact that a few people were missing last time she looked around, Ichika and Cecilia being the most important.

All in all, it was a very bad day.

"You on the stage!" The man who looked to be the leader yelled, "Take off the IS and no one else gets hurt!" He emphasized his point by shooting into the air for a few seconds.

"A-Alright! Please wait." Charles replied is his usual stuttering tone.

The poor boy looked scared, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself. He took another deep breath before being engulfed in a bright light. At the next second, he stood there in nothing but his pilot suit.

"Alright, stay where you are and remove your IS. I'm coming up." Rin heard him announce.

A few seconds later and everybody in the hall had been effectively disarmed. Thankfully, they didn't seem to notice Ichika's absence, which Rin counted as a blessing. Hopefully he had gotten out and was looking for help.

"Now to find some way to-"

"Haaaaa~ This is pretty boring, isn't it?" A singsong voice interrupted her planning.

Rin turned to the left and came face to face with girl probably a year or two her senior. Her bored expression not matching the current situation at hand. The only odd thing he noticed about her was her vibrant blue hair and red eyes.

"What do you mean boring?" Rin whispered hotly, "This isn't a joke. If any of us do anything wrong they'll most likely blow up those bombs they placed all over the place."

The girl didn't seem to take notice of her and simply stood up and stretched, ignoring Rin's aghast expression.

"Y-You idiot! Get down before someone-"

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A voice interrupted. Rin cursed inside her head as one of the patrolling captors saw the idly stretching girl and made his way towards.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Didn't we make it clear what would happen if anybody stood up!" He grabbed her by the collar and all but yelled in her face.

She shrugged, "I just needed to stretch for a bit. My legs were getting sore from all that lying down." At this point, everyone in the hall was looking at the two of them.

"Are you screwing with me! Get back down before we blow this whole place to hell!"

She adopted a thinking posture, angering him even further, " about after I stop stretching? I'm feeling really sore right now for some reason."

That was the last straw, "You fucking bitch!" He pulled the rifle and hit her with the butt end of it.

Or at least he tried to.

Just before the rifle made contact she deftly stepped to the side, avoiding the incoming attack. Before he could react, she held onto the rifle and quickly pulled, making him lose grip of it. Quickly, she straightened her palm and hit him square in the head before sweeping her leg through his and taking him down.

Nobody had time to think about what happened before everybody else aimed their guns at her. She still hadn't lost her carefree smirk.

"You have a fucking deathwish or something? Get back down before I blow this place up!" Their leader yelled at her.

She tilted her head to the side, "Oh? Then why don't you try? You've been saying that for a while now, but none of you seem to be willing to try it."

Rin couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was she trying to get them all killed! They were trained for these things, sure, but she was pretty sure taunting the enemy to kill everyone in the area wasn't part of it.

"F-FINE!" He pulled out the detonator and raised it up in the air for all to see before pressing the button.

"Wait, Boss!"


Rin and just about everybody else (Even the other captors) pressed down on the floor and put their hands over their head in preparation for the incoming boom.




Rin looked up. It was over? Did she die so quickly that the blast didn't even register? Huh, so much for the white light at the end of the tunnel.

"W-What the hell?"





He pressed the button repeatedly before he realized it.

The explosives weren't detonating.

"Looks like you're having some problems." She broke the awkward silence, "If I were you, I'd try paying attention to my backup plans next time." She gestured upwards with her eyes and he followed her line of sight... to the silver haired girl and dark haired teen sighing in relief.

"Jeez, that was close, a second later and we would've been chunks on the sidewalk." He said.

"You can thank me for that." She replied in her heavy accent.

The leader's mouth dropped in disbelief. How in the hell did they disable all the bombs that were placed?

"So..." The Blue haired girl started, "Any last words?"


End chapter. All right, now that that's done, I can finally focus on updating one of the other stories. Hopefully it'll be better than this one.

Since it'll most likely be a while till I make a new chapter for this, here's a teaser.

POV: Irish, 3rd person.

'Damn it, I need to get out of here now!' He stepped to the left quickly as a piece of concrete fell down. 'Nearly took my head off...'

Holding his breath, he ran as quickly as he could, trying to ignore the rising smoke and fire, 'Why did the building catch on fire? There was an explosion earlier, was that the cause of it?'

Unfortunately, he didn't manage to get very far before another distraction came.


Some kind of person. No, it was more than that. He looked normal, at least body wise, but the white metallic gauntlets on his arms and the helmet on his head destroyed any sense of normalcy.

"セシリアはどこに! (Where's Cecilia!)" He yelled.

Irish paused, 'What's he saying? Some kind of foreign language, I can't understand him.' He shook his head suddenly, 'Now's not the time for this. I have to get past him to get out of here. I don't have much time.'

He ran quickly, trying to get past his side. Hopefully the...whatever he/it was knew to leave well enough alone. If what he thought was correct, then he wasn't the only one in trouble right now.

"テル·ミー!(Tell me!)" He/It grabbed him by the left hand, encasing his arm with the metallic claw.

"Let go!" He pulled the knife from his leg and slashed at him, causing him/it to let go. He seemed to be wary about the knife.

"..." He/It didn't say a word, just stared wordlessly at him. He/It seemed to realize he wasn't going to get anything by asking him.

Irish scowled, "If I have to fight you to get out of here, fine." He changed his stance, crouching down a bit and pulling the blade in a reverse grip.

He knew he couldn't fight it head on like this. A single hit and he would most likely lose, but...

"I can't die here yet, not now."

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