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Summary: It's been 5 years since the Rosalia outbreak and everything is at peace ever since… but not anymore. With six new doctors on the job they will give it their all to stop a new virus on the loose: mimithoun

Chapter one: the unknown

Somewhere in Lake Oswego lies a hidden research facility, where they kept every strains of virus in existence from natural to man-made virus in different kinds of capsules and other containers. In a room was a man, wearing a lab coat and surgical mask and has red hair, looking through a microscope with a fascinated look in his face. Then, he applies a liquid that contained a virus. As he looks through the microscope, another man enters the room, he too wears a lab coat but he has a more superior look than the other man and has long blonde hair, and he asks, "What is the progress so far?" the blonde man asks as he puts on his mask. Too focused in his work, the red-haired man was startled by the other's voice and said, "wahh!... a-a-afternoon chief! Umm so far sir any virus that's been put near it just ends up being absorbed by it" the researcher said in a surprised tone. "Have you tested it on a specimen yet?" the chief asks. "Yes sir and the specimens are acting strange after administering it" the researcher said. (A/n: you want to know what "it" is? Well I can't spoil it for you: ( well if you already know or if you think you know what "it" is keep it to yourself)"Strange? Let me see them" the chief ordered. The researcher led him to a glass container that has rats in it. The chief observed the rats through the glass and was surprised by the rats' behavior (A/n: can't tell you about that either sorry but it has to be a surprise). "Hmm this is strange indeed… please continue your research" the chief said as he goes towards the door and leaves. The researcher makes a small sigh and resumes what he was doing.

Few days later, every single virus was tested on "it" yet the results were not as they wanted it to be. "Chief!" a researcher holding a clipboard said while walking towards the chief. "Well? Anything good?" the chief asks. "Sir it seems the specimens it was tested on shows symptoms of different viruses and or ailments and if we administer the vaccine, antidote or antiserum it doesn't seem to have any effects. It is as if it can imitate anything and it doesn't seem to be destroying any virus but instead either coexists with the virus or absorbs and imitates the virus instead" the researcher reports. "I see… I must inform the director about this. This virus is really getting way out of control" the chief says.

"Director our virus is growing beyond our control. What should we do?" the chief asks in a dark office. Sitting before him was a man whose face was hidden in the darkness. "Don't worry about the virus because I'm putting the entire research into a complete halt" the director sternly replies. "But sir, this research is the purpose of the facility" the chief says in a worried tone. "Don't worry about that either, because I'm shutting down the whole facility… this virus must not be introduced to the outside world for it will cause a huge epidemic… so it's best to pretend this never happened. You are now dismissed and no one must tell about what happened here also because it might alert the media. Announce this to everyone also" the director said. The chief reluctantly left the room and told everyone about what they have discussed. So they began packing their things and did all the precaution to make sure all the viruses even the one they made was safely locked in and protected so they can make sure no infection happens and they left all the specimens to die. But what they didn't know was one specimen has somehow escaped and was taken by a migratory bird, and a man leaving the facility with a canister containing the created virus intending to use it for his own selfish reasons. So no one knew the disaster that was about to happen in the future…

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