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Chapter 8: The Date

This chapter will be in Eric's POV

I'm already done with the preparations for the date. Now I just need to pick her up at her place. I look at the mirror to check my outfit. I'm wearing a long sleeve black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, white jeans and dress shoes and my hair has its usual spiky-ness. I need to call Rob first to check if there's something else I need and because he usually gives me good advice. "Eric, are you all set for your date?" He asked through his cell phone. "Yeah, I'm about to go pick her up already… anything else you need to tell me before I leave?" I replied. I'm really nervous about this date and I want it to go smoothly so I need to make sure everything is in order. "Oh yeah, there is this one thing I need to tell you… most of the people in Resurgam noticed that she doesn't express emotion. Have you ever noticed how she talks so blankly?" "hmmm… yeah I did notice that… now you're just making me more nervous!" I exclaimed. "Sorry… I thought I needed to tell you about that" Rob said sheepishly. "It's okay… at least I know what to expect…" I sighed. "No need to get nervous pal. All you have to do is try to bring up a good topic for your conversations so she won't get bored" He assured me. "And if this doesn't go so well, just keep in mind, there are other girls out there that you can be with… the world isn't overpopulated with just guys you know" "You're probably right… hey wait… did you just read that out of a book?!" "How'd you know?" "Lucky guess… and I'm also guessing that you're reading a book right now" I chuckled. Typical Rob, he's such a bookworm. He always reads a book whenever he gets the chance. And I remember him telling me the other day that he just bought a romantic comedy novel and he's planning on reading it as soon as he can. I even remember when I went to his apartment one time; his living room almost felt like a library because of his books! "I have to get going" I said. "Yeah… Good luck" "thanks" I hang up, take my keys and go to my Escalade.

The drive to Alex's house wasn't that long but the closer I get to her house the more nervous I get so I try to take deep breaths to relax myself. When I was outside her house I was really surprised; the outside looks really fancy, which just makes my nervousness even worse. What if she finds me boring? What if she tells me that I'm not good enough for her? Stop it! Stop it! Stop thinking like that Eric! You have to think positive. I can do this! So I walk up the door, press the doorbell and wait for someone to come out. While waiting, I ate some Mentos that I keep in my pocket to try and calm myself. Finally, the door opened and the sight made my mouth drop. It was Alex and she was wearing a red backless dress that went down until her knees, and black pumps. Her hair was curled in a messy up-do. Her make-up was really pretty but on my opinion, she already looks beautiful without make-up; I remember seeing her one time without any, she said that she didn't have time to put some on since she overslept. Now I know what you're thinking and no I'm not a stalker. I just saw that by coincidence okay? Anyways looking at her now, I felt like I was drooling at the sight but thank goodness I wasn't. I felt like I was staring at her forever until my thoughts were interrupted when she said "Well are we going to go yet?" her voice sounded amazing even though it was blank and emotion-less… okay now I'm starting to sound really obsessed with her… my thoughts were once again interrupted when she called my name to get my attention. "Oh right sorry… I got a bit distracted…" I replied. "By what?" "It's nothing… you'll… umm… probably… find it corny" "No, I insist, tell me" "Okay… I was… distracted … by how… beautiful you… are right now" I replied sheepishly. Then, we stare at each other for a few seconds and I see that her face isn't expressing any emotions at all. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about that.

Once we were both inside the car, I started the engine and began driving to our first destination, a restaurant. "So Eric… what is your plan for tonight?" she asked me. "Well first, we're gonna have some dinner, then watch a movie, then after that we do whatever we want" I replied while trying not to sound nervous. "I see…" she said. The awkward silence is really… well… awkward so I try to start a conversation like what Rob suggested. "So Alex… what kinds of music do you like?" "I'm very interested in Broadway music" "Really? Like what?" "Like Phantom of the Opera for example. What about you? What kinds of music do you like?" "Me? Well I like many kinds of music but usually I like the classics… oh hey, we're here". I park the car in the area next to the restaurant and we get out. The restaurant is really high-class like her I guess… she'd probably like it. "Trés Bien. I heard that it takes at least 2 months to be able to eat there. How did you get a reservation in just 3 days?" "Because… there was this guy I operated on one time. He was really grateful for the operation and wanted to do something in return. Me and Rob tried to tell him that its' not necessary but he insisted and slipped his card in my pocket. He said to call him if we ever needed something from him. And it turns out that he's the current owner of the restaurant. So I gave him a call and asked him if he could put us in the list. He gladly accepted. Why? Is there something wrong?" "No. I was just expecting something a little more... simple" "Oh... I'm sorry I didn't know" "No it's okay. This is also good. But sometimes I prefer much simpler things" she added. I sure hope she didn't say that just so I don't feel bad. So we went inside the restaurant and went to our seats. The waiter gave us the menu and I ordered something called Baeckeoffe while Alex ordered something called Potée Lorraine and for our drinks, some red wine. While waiting for our meal, I decided to try and have another conversation. "So Alex... can you tell me more about yourself?" she took a moment to think of an answer, then she said "Very well... I shall tell you a bit about my past... I was born and raised in Russia. When I was 5 years old, my parents were killed because of the war happening there..." I opened my mouth to say something but she quickly said "I know what you're going to say. Don't worry I'm fine. See this locket? It's a family heirloom. My parents' pictures are here so whenever I see it, I will always remember them. As I was saying, after that incident, an orphanage took me in. Half a year later, a man named Matthew Volkov, a well known lawyer in Russia, adopted me. And his house has a big library where I usually stay. I was always the top student in my class because I always prioritized my studies and I didn't have time for anything else..." "So you never had a relationship?" "Yes. Is there something wrong with that?" "No. It's just really surprising that someone as beautiful as you, never had a boyfriend before" "I had many admirers back in High School but I rejected them because I prioritized my studies back then" wow I should consider myself lucky since she accepted going on a date with me. "I started working as a diagnostics doctor for a year. Then I wanted to continue my profession here in America" she continued. "The reason why I became a Diagnostic Doctor is because wanted to use my knowledge to help people" and, right after she finished her sentence, our food arrived. We enjoyed the food in silence. It really was delicious and I enjoyed it partly because... well... what can be better than eating with the one you love? Okay... now that was really corny of me...

After we ate, we went back to the car to go to the next place we need to go, the movie theatre. Fortunately the wine we drunk wasn't enough to make me... well... drunk or even tipsy for that matter so I was in an okay condition to drive. "So what movie are we going to watch?" Alex asked suddenly. "The Steel Samurai" I replied. "Isn't the premiere of this movie... today?" "That's right. Well I was thinking of a different movie to watch actually but I don't know what you like so I decided to choose Steel Samurai. Why? You don't like it?" "Actually, I do have a bit of interest on these kinds of things so... I don't mind" whoa... she really has this habit of putting me in making me nervous, doesn't she? Well anyway, we finally arrive at the movie theatre. We didn't buy any popcorn since we just at some dinner and because the movie is already about to start. Taking one more piece of Mentos, we went inside. The movie was pretty amazing, and I think she also liked it. She was so focused on watching the movie that I managed to make some quick glances at her and I don't think she noticed.

By the time the movie finished, it was almost 11 o'clock. "Hey, why don't we go get something to drink before I drive you home?" I offered. "Sure. If you want"

I decided that we go to Starbucks for a drink. Alex chose caramel macchiato while I chose white chocolate mocha. We were drinking in silence until Alex asked "What about you? You never told me about yourself" "Oh yeah... I guess I haven't. Well... ever since I was a boy, I always wanted to be a soccer player... but my father said forced me to become a surgeon because he said that 'it's for the honor of our family' or something like that... so while I was in med. School, I met Rob and that's how we became close friends..." "Ah yes... I was sometimes wondering why both of you are such great friends" "Really? Well during that time, we would always help each other in any way we can... sometimes we even copy each other's homework... also during that time, my father was infected with Rosalia, that deadly virus from 5 years ago... fortunately they managed to administer the cure before his condition got any worse... I guess I consider that time as my wake-up call since I was really scared that I was going to lose him. Sure he forced me to go to Med. School but other than that, he's really a great father and I didn't want to lose him. So after that ordeal, I decided to really become a surgeon so what happened before won't repeat... I know what you're thinking, that was a bit corny. But it's true. That's why I became a surgeon" I stare at Alex for a while and as I thought, she held no expression on her face... once again, I'm not sure if I should be happy or not about this... happy because she didn't laugh at me or sad because she didn't even show a bit of reaction...

By the time I got to Alex's house, it was already midnight. When we got to her front door, I said "I really had fun... I hope you feel the same about it" "It really was enjoyable. Thank you for it... Let's do this again if we can..." when she said that, I could have sworn I saw a bit of emotion on her face... or maybe I was just seeing things. We say good-night to each other and she goes inside. By the time I got inside my car and closed the door, I screamed in joy! I was glad that she had fun. Now to tell Rob about it. So I pulled out my phone from my pocket and called him. It took him at least 10 seconds to answer his phone. "Oh hey Eric... how'd the date go? Oh wait let me guess... it went well" he said with his voice raspy from sleep. "Yeah. How'd you guess?" "You wouldn't call me at midnight not unless something like this happened" he yawned. "That's true" I replied sheepishly. "Well you can go back to sleep now... I just wanted to tell you that" "Okay... good-night pal" and with that said, I ended the call and drove home. Although... I'm not sure if I can even sleep with this amazing feeling in me

Character Interview

Who to talk to: Eric Carter (Again)

Me: Well someone's really happy right now~

Eric: Why wouldn't I be? You know how great it feels to make the person you like happy? ^_^

Me: No not really ._.

Eric: Oh... well let me tell you, it feels amazing ^_^

Me: Uh huh... I'll keep that in mind~ ;)

Eric: Eh? Was that sarcasm? o_O

Me: No of course not~ ;)

Eric: Okay then... well thanks for interviewing me... again

Me: sure~

Chapter 9 Preview:

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"I'm so bored! Isn't there anything to do here?"

"Good luck my friend"

"Hey let me help you!"

"Keep the vitals stable!"

"Hey there's still someone trapped there! Hurry up and find him!"

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