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Say Hi to Everyone For America

Everyone was gone. He was all alone in this horrid place. An encounter with those... things could be fatal. Watching zombie movies with America taught him that being bitten by them meant becoming one of those things and he didn't want to risk it. Speaking of America, he had to find him, make sure he is safe and unharmed. America, if safe and alive, is the only hope of getting out of this horrid place.

Italy sighed as he walked down the empty hallway. He wished he hadn't run off in a random direction. For all he knew, he'd end up in a dead end. America had the map, after all. A noise interrupted his thoughts. The noise sounded like it was getting closer and a shadow appeared at the end of the hallway behind him. Italy quietly moved to the nearest door and hid in the room. He whimpered when he saw that the only way out of the room is the way he came in and glared at the door when he saw that there was no lock. The young man held his breathe as he listened for the noise, biting his bottom lip to prevent himself from making any noise.

'Please go away! Please go away! Please go away!' Italy mentally pleaded repeatedly. He wished Germany was with him. He wished Japan was with him. He wished Prussia or America or Canada or France or England or China to be with him. Heck! He even wished to have Russia with him, no matter how scary the man could be! Italy held his breath as the noise neared the door, biting his bottom lip to prevent himself from making any noise. His heart was beating faster than ever since they've entered this place and hoped whatever was on the other side of the door couldn't hear it. After what felt like hours but was only less than a minute, the noise moved on, becoming silent within the span of a minute or two. Italy released the breathe he was holding as he decided to explore the room further before exiting.

"An office?" Italy quietly asked himself. The white room was clean of any blood or mess with a few furniture and equipment. There were two computers and an office desk with a matching chair. Papers were neatly stacked on the desk but a picture frame caught the Italian's attention. Italy carefully picked up the picture frame for a closer look, eyes widening along with a sharp gasp stopping his heart in fear and disbelief at what he saw. The frame slipped from the brunette's frozen hand with a loud 'clank' that broke him back to reality, him whipping his head to the door in hope no one or thing heard. When no sound interrupted the tensed silence, Italy turned his attention back to the picture.

"It's i-impossible, r-right?" the man stuttered, trying so hard but failing to make the picture out to be a lie, "America said..."

Italy shook his head and stared at the picture. It was a picture of all the workers who have been part of the project that the horrible scientist continued in secret. That awful scientist, who used his whole team as guinea pigs and caused this whole mess, was smiling and surrounded by his enthused team. Those determined blue eyes of the man, who created and unleashed the monsters that took away the team and now Italy's friends, made Italy's stomach twist in knots full of dread. The man responsible for all the things they had and will have to deal with was and is the person they trusted. Well, Italy trusted him.


"You called?" Italy quickly spun around to face the owner of the familiar but unwanted voice, surprised he didn't hear anyone come in. The blonde American just shook his head with a chuckle at his friend's reaction before taking a few steps towards the Italian. Italy took a step back with each step the other took. The blonde's smile fell at this.

"Dude, Italy! What are you doing? You're acting as if you don't trust me at all!" America jokingly spoke, feigning hurt feelings. America took a few more steps and Italy did the same number back while shaking his head. It was then America noticed the picture frame in Italy's possession. The goofy, friendly look that usually appeared on his face vanished faster than Italy could blink and replaced by one that is cold, serious, and uncaring.

"I see you've figured it out, haven't you, Italy?" America asked with a smile that didn't reach his cold eyes. Italy didn't respond, too busy trying to out what to do, his eyes looking anywhere but at America.

"Why?" Italy finally asked, tears welling in his eyes and he looked straight into the other's eyes, "Why did you lie to us? I believed you! We believed you! We all did!"

"How cruel of you, Italy," America said, a hand over his heart as if in pain before bursting into laughter, "To be honest, I didn't have any memories of this lab at the time. It was only after all this crazy #!*% that I started remembering."

Finally calming down, he painfully whispered, "It still doesn't change what I've done in the past. It still doesn't bring anyone back, especially..."

For a moment, Italy thought the America he and everyone else knew was coming back. For a moment, he had hope. For a moment, he wanted hug the blonde and comfort as if he were the America from his memories. He didn't know what caused this moment and he never will for the moment was broken as America went back to being his cold self. The moment, along with its hopes and promised futures, became a memory, just like the happy, friendly America of the past.

"You may not be able to bring them back," Italy said in almost a whisper, "but you can still end this before it's too late, before anyone else becomes one of those things"

America shook his head, "I can't end this, not when I'm so close"

"Close to what?" Italy angrily cried, "Haven't enough people died because of your little experiment? How many more of our friends do we have to lose before you decide to put a stop to this? How-?"

The brunette clutched his shoulders and fell to his knees in pain that came with the many emotion he felt. America stayed silent, watching his once friend break down in tears. It pained him to see the always happy Italian express so much sorrow and pain. Maybe it was guilt but he quickly dismissed it and harden his heart once more.

"I can stop the pain," America told the crying man, who looked up at those words. The blonde closed the space between them and got down on his knees before brushing away the Italian's tears. Italy stared up into America's eyes, trying to figure out the meaning of the words. His eyes widened when he felt a familiar sort of pinch on his neck and his world became blurry then devoured by darkness.

"I'm sorry, Italy," America quietly said to sleeping brunette, pulling out the needle, which he had keep carefully hidden, out of Italy's neck, "I'm sorry for taking away your America. Say hi to everyone for America if you ever get the chance"

He picked Italy off the floor and carried him out the room, planning his next move, his next experiment. America entered another room, thinking Italy should be glad he's not awake for what's to happen next as the blonde placed him neatly on the table and firmly strapped him just in case.

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