As usual, I own nothing related to the franchises involved. This is my first multi-chapter work and I do not plan on having it go dark as 'I Stand Alone' did. I hope you enjoy the story and as always, comments and criticisms are appreciated.

- Story Start -

Over the years, Yuuno Scrya had developed the rather useful talent of remaining calm in the face of danger. A talent which unfortunately decided to leave him hanging at this moment. Sitting in an ominously lit office facing the flat stare of a rather imposing Major General, the librarian could only begin to image what he'd been called in for. The message had been given to him by Arf and contained only the time and location for the summons.

When the silence of the room had reached the point of being near deafening, the general broke it rather bluntly.

"Professor Scrya, do you have any idea as to why you've been called in here?" questioned the bald man as he leaned in slightly whilst lacing his finger together in front of him. The light hit his glasses in such a way as to hide the general's eyes and further unnerve the librarian.

"No sir." Yuuno answered after swallowing audibly. His performance had always been exemplary as far as he figured, not to mention that many of his subordinates found him to be a fair boss. He fought the urge to fidget, a bad habit from his youth that hadn't completely vanished.

The pause did not help Yuuno's rapidly fraying nerves.

The general's brow furrowed, "It has come to my attention that you have not taken any vacation time in the last three years."

A beat.

"What." Yuuno's flat response and dumbfounded look only seemed to cause the room to shrink under the general's unwavering gaze.

"TSAB Human Resources clearly states the guidelines for vacation time and you are in violation of said guidelines. We cannot have the head of our Intelligence Division collapsing from overwork or giving the image that the TSAB is full of unrelenting slave drivers. Our image is hard enough to maintain as it is." Explained the general in an increasingly unamused tone of voice.

Realizing exactly what the issue was now, Yuuno spoke up, "But, sir. Th-" Came the attempted explanation for such a situation, only to be cut off.

"I wont hear it, Professor. You are officially on a paid leave of absence that is effective immediately. You are not to set foot in your office for anything other than collecting your personal effects for no less than a month. Now get out of my office." The general's tone of voice brooked no argument and Yuuno found himself standing outside of the office blinking in confusion, holding the hardcopy of the official notice and not exactly sure as to how he got there.

"-e records were damaged yesterday." Finished the head librarian in his stupor.

"What records?" Queried a tall, pink-haired figure approaching from his left. Signum stood there with a raised eyebrow and a tall stack of paper filled binders in her hands.

"Hey Signum, let me get some of those for you." Greeted Yuuno whilst taking a good portion of the binders from Signum. He knew that they were of no inconvenience to her, but he felt it was the gentlemanly thing to do. "That server failure yesterday corrupted a large number of files in the Human Resources department, apparently including my vacation time records."

"Thank you.." Signum replied before motioning the direction that she was heading, wordlessly prompting him to continue as they walked.

"Apparently Major General Blackstone got ahold of the corrupted data and thought I hadn't taken vacation leave in three years. Now I'm on a leave of absence for a month so that it doesn't appear that the TSAB is full of slave drivers." Explained Yuuno with a slight amount of bewilderment.

"I have heard that he has a bad habit of not double checking information that doesn't involve combat." Offered Signum with a bemused grin at Yuuno's expense. "At least now you don't have to wait for one of us to come barging into your office to take time off."

"Very true." Yuuno laughed at that. It was true that he often got too involved in his work and forgot to take a break. His time off, more often than not, tended to coincide with visits from certain members of Special Duty Section Six. His friends seemed the most adept at dragging him out of his office, a fact that his subordinates exploited to prevent their boss from overworking himself. That and the HQ wide betting pools on who would show up and how they'd actually drag him out.

Fortunately, no one had won the 'Starlight Breaker' pool yet.

However, someone had won the 'Ferret Cage' pool last year. Damn you, Chrono.

"What are you planning to do with your forced vacation time?" Asked the General of Fire as they turned a corner.

"I have no idea, honestly. I've never had this much time off before." Usually his time off was measured in single days, a week at most. His mind began pondering what exactly to do with all that time. "I suppose I could work on my magic. There's a new barrier theory that I've been working on."

"That sounds promising and something I would like to see when completed, but more like work than time off. Why not take up a hobby?" While Signum was probably the most serious and work driven member of the Wolkenritter, even she knew how to take it easy on her own time. A bottle of warm sake, some soothing music, and a light novel was a good way to get the tension out.

"A hobby, huh?" He could probably count archaeology as his hobby, but doubted that anyone would let him near a dig for the next month or so since it would also qualify as work in the eyes of some people.

"Such as Zafira's painting, or Lady Hayate's cosplay." Clarified Signum as they neared her destination, "Or even Shamal's..." A pause, "" Those last two probably weren't the best examples owing to the possible ill effects on the health of those around them. It baffled the knight how Shamal had managed to turn spaghetti into a substance comparable to thermite. Signum's own ability to burn water notwithstanding. At least Hayate's hobby was, while embarrassing, non-lethal.

"You did look rather fetching in that last outfit, Miss Loveless." Referring to Hayate's most recent exploits in the realm of costuming. His slight tease was met with an embarrassed pink tinge on Signum's cheeks and a mild glare that promised excessive violence in their next spar should he continue.

"In any case, I am certain that you'll find something to occupy your time without having it misconstrued as work. At the very least you may find some ideas in those tomes of yours." Reaching the office that Signum was taking the binders, the pair delivered the stacks with little issue before parting. "I shall talk with you later, Yuuno. Have a good day."

"You too Signum, it was nice to see you again." With that they parted, Yuuno to gather his effects and Signum to Section Six.

It hadn't taken long for the blonde to gather his things and be off. On his drive home, he noticed a billboard for a hobby shop's website. It was rather impressive and he caught the address whilst driving by.

"The internet, huh?" The next month would be interesting for certain.