AN: It returns! For all of you unaware, this is the remake of my old fanfic, Who Says Girls Can't Be Heroes, in which the story revolves around the fact that no matter what gender you're playing as, the characters will always call you a "he". The first version was quite humorous, but this one will be more serious, so you've been warned!

And now, here it is!

Also, italics are thoughts.

Silence. It was nothing but silence out there. Then, suddenly, there was a small, pleading voice...

"Creator... The Eternal Flame just went out..." said the voice sadly. "The darkness is creeping in. You're the only hope we've got left...please..."

In a small, cold room was a little girl with curly brown hair and a light yellow dress. But she wasn't a human- her long ears protruding from her head made that clear. She remained silent for a while. Nothing happened.

"Why won't you respond? yelled the girl - Mari - in anger. Her thirtieth attempt at asking for help had ended in failure once again. "Everyone is leaving! How can you just sit there and not do anything about it? She sighed deeply, and spoke up once again. "You're the Creator, for goodness made everything here! Please bring back the city to its normal state...

In another place, the Creator watched and listened. She thought that it was about time that she spoke up. "Okay," she said to Mari. The girl's firm voice rang in Mari's head. "I apologize for not hearing you before."

The Raposa's expression changed quickly to a happy one. "Thank you so much!" she said aloud.

"I can only speak to you in your mind," said the Creator sheepishly. "Try to think back your answers instead..."

"I see," thought Mari curiously.

"I will, 'hero' to help restore the village. Get the villagers to Creation Hall."

There were only about three villagers left anyway, so it wasn't really a problem. Mari had gotten to her friend Jowee and her father, the resident mayor, in just a few minutes. "What is the meaning of this?" asked the Mayor, annoyed.

"The Creator's returned!" Mari said excitedly. The Mayor put on a fake look of happiness before becoming annoyed once more.

"The Creator's gone," said the Mayor coldly. "He's been gone for months. It's no use continuing to wait."

"But-" Mari stammered, before the Mayor walked off in a huff. That left only Jowee with her.

"He's not aware of the fact that I'm a girl," the Creator thought to herself.

"You believe me, right Jowee?" Mari asked her friend sadly.

"Well, yeah!" he replied, adjusting his dark blue goggles that were on his head. "Let's go inside."

"Man, it's turned dusty in here," Jowee complained.

"Agreed," replied Mari, coughing. Once again the Creator began to speak.

"Do you see that mannequin over there?" she asked, speaking into Jowee's head as well. Jowee began to panic.

"Who's this? Who's this weird voice in my head?" he asked, spinning around to look for any sign of other things.

The Creator sighed. "I am the Creator," she told them. "I'm speaking to you through thought. Come over to the mannequin lying on the chair quickly, because the Mayor is in trouble."

Upon hearing that, the two Raposa made their way towards the mannequin. "I now place my essence into this mannequin," the Creator said, aloud this time. The mannequin began to change shape and take form, revealing a girl with short blue hair, a green sweater with jeans, and a suspicious expression with wary red eyes.

Jowee jawdropped. "Our hero..." he said in disbelief, " a girl?"

To be continued...

AN: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this remake of the first chapter; and I'll see you all soon!

-Lil' Indi/Sky-Blue-Indigo