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Rin continued running with the wind blowing against his face. He had no idea where he was going, if he should turn left or right at the next crossroad, but such pointless things didn't matter anymore. He felt so absolutely free, shaking away all the small worries. The people around him didn't matter, the building and the roads around didn't matter either; there was nothing aside him and the wind. In the back of his mind, he always had the image of Zielonka's Cathedral, standing tall over every other building. Before he realized, he found himself inside the courtyard of that church. He stood there for some moments, looking the impressive, Roman Catholic Temple. It was all white and it seemed like a tower architectonically, only that it was of course much smaller. He thought that it would look even more beautiful when it was snowing. Rin didn't dare to step inside, he just chose to sit down and the stairs in front of the entrance. He always liked that spot…

As he was sitting down, he hissed a bit in pain. No demonic powers meant no regenerative powers, and at that time he realized fully how much his lower body was hurting. It hurt when he got up from the bed, it hurt when running, but sitting on the cold white marble hurt more. His cheeks burned from shame, as he reminisced what exactly had happened between him and his teacher. Rin closed his eyes and let himself get swept away from the music the leaves of the trees were creating combined with the wind, breathing hungrily the fresh air. He needed to calm down. He needed to think reasonably.

So he was sleeping with his teacher. A guy that loved him unconditionally and uncontrollably, ready to sacrifice everything for him, ready to undergo any kind of torture or trial for him. Rin loved to be with him, talk with him, tease him, hug him and much more. In this world, wasn't that what everybody is truly looking for? Rin should be happy that he found it, in whatever form it might have appeared to him. But still… Guilt was eating him up from the inside, not allowing him to rejoice over this. It wasn't guilt that originated from him; Rin was content, he had found what he desired. It was guilt that had to do with facing other people. How could he possibly tell Yukio about this? When he found out, he shot Neuhaus! How could he even look his friends in the eyes? What would they say? That it was to be expected from Satan's son? And above all… Above everything…

If his father was looking at him from heaven, what would he have to say? If Fujimoto Shirou knew about this… How would he react?

Rin wasn't the perfect son. He knew that very well. He used to give Shirou a lot of grief, back from when he was only a mere 5-year-old brat. From then till recently, he was always in trouble, always beating someone up or getting beaten, picking up fights, never caring about studies, never having any friends, always rejected and living in the edge. He even remembered that one time he punched his dad and sent him to the hospital. And still, during that time, Shirou was smiling at him. He never stopped smiling at him. Not even when Rin would bring awful grades, when the teachers would yell at both of them, when he would get home all beaten up, or when he got fired within a day from his first job… He felt like he was disappointing him so many times, and still, Shirou was putting him at ease. But now… this…

Rin had wondered many times, what lied beyond death. If there was a second life, if heaven and hell existed, where Shirou was, was he still somewhere out there, or where would he, himself go, after he died. Probably in hell? For he was Satan's son and that was enough by definition? Rin didn't need a God who would decide like this… But Shirou… What would he say if he was still alive? Yukio had said that too… Rin's wish to live by abiding Shirou's rules and moral code hadn't changed one bit and it was never going to. If Shirou didn't approve, would he break it off with Neuhaus? It was crystal clear that he wouldn't approve! So should he just… Neuhaus would get hurt, but he would understand. It was Rin who suggested that they should be together in the first place… Was he just trying to comfort Neuhaus back then? Prevent him from committing suicide? Rin just felt that he could give everything up, as long as Neuhaus wasn't hurting. That's why he took the Crimson Vow.

So what was there to think about? From the very start, Rin wanted to cure Neuhaus' pain. Surrender his entire being to him, to that tall, scary dark man. Yes, at first he had been hurt deeply, but even if Neuhaus owned him, in the end he chose to let him go and delete his memories for his own good, no matter the pain that meant for him. If you really love someone, you have to let them go… Didn't that simply prove how much Neuhaus loved him? Or how much Rin loved Neuhaus? So again, what was there to think about?

Dad… I don't think I should let go. Rin thought and looked up at the cloudy sky, hoping the words from his heart were reaching Shirou. I feel that this is where I belong.

Where he belonged… Rin looked around, realizing where he was. This was Poland, Zielonka. Neuhaus' homeland. Rin didn't fit in there. That was the first time he was seeing it. He didn't know how to talk to the people there, what were their beliefs, their attitudes, their morals. He didn't know the streets, he didn't know the parks, he didn't know anything at all. Even the air smelled different. Rin stood out like a fly swimming in a bottle of milk. How did he know that he belonged in Neuhaus' world? The cemetery where Michelle, Rafael and Isabella were buried couldn't be far. Rin would never dare to step in front of their graves. He was too ashamed. For no matter what he was thinking, some facts that couldn't change would always remain.

Neuhaus was 23 years older than him. And more importantly: he was a guy. And that would never be something Rin could be proud of to other people.

As he kept thinking and swinging back and forth, Neuhaus was still sleeping inside the pension's room. Inside his sleep, he reached his arm unconsciously to hug Rin from the waist, as he was used to doing recently. He found nothing, and that simultaneously woke him up. When he opened his eye, he didn't know what made him do so though. This time he groped around the sheets, searching for Rin, but again had no results. He opened his eye widely, as his heart started pumping more quickly. Nah… No way. He reminded himself that this had happened again, and Rin was just in the kitchen. "Rin?" He said, waiting for an answer. "Rin?" He repeated, louder this time, raising up from the mattress. He stayed there, hearing the silence. There was no sound, no tapping of footsteps, nothing that indicated that there was another person in the room. "Rin!" Neuhaus shot up, crashed the door of the kitchen open, then the one of the bathroom. Nothing. He looked around frantically, then realized that the window of the bathroom was open. "SHIT!" He yelled, swearing, put on his shoes, grabbed his trench coat and shot out in a flash. That fucking brat had left! He had left!

Neuhaus was too scared for Rin's safety to get really mad at him or hurt. Well, not that he wasn't thinking about it… Just when he thought everything was settled, Rin had escaped, he had run away. Maybe he had just slept with him so he could do exactly that. It didn't matter, it didn't matter, just please be safe… He gulped. Please be safe and deceive me, hurt me, lie to me all you want. Just be safe! Neuhaus had noticed that there were people spying on them. It would soon end being just spying. And now, of all times! Rin had to drive him crazy again now! Stupid kid! Stupid kid!

He shot inside Anya's tavern. She was alone, as it was still noon and it was closed, but it would soon open, wiping the floor. "Did Rin come by here?" He shouted, making her jump, drop the mop and clutch her hands above her chest.

"Hello to you too, damn you! What the heck, Igor? You scared me!" She turned and scolded him, still breathing heavily. "And just this morning I passed by your place! What happened now?"

"Rin is gone…" Neuhaus made an effort to stay composed, but he failed. He was this close to trembling. "I thought that maybe he came over…" Where else could he have gone?

"Oh." Anya's expression spelled 'pity' all over. "Did you two have a fight?"

"That's none of your business!" Neuhaus barked at her, without really paying attention. He ran a hand through his hair desperately. "Where could he be? Where can he possibly be? Oh my God…"

Anya observed carefully how distressed her cousin was. There was clearly something more between them than student and teacher relationship, she thought that Rin might be for Neuhaus the son he was missing. "Well, if I was a foreign kid in a country I had never been before, I guess I would unconsciously go to the place I can see more distinctively." She shook her head.

Neuhaus looked up. The church! "The Cathedral…" He whispered, and ran away the same way he came, without greetings or anything. Anya twisted her lips in disapproval, and continued mopping, murmuring something about insensitivity and lack of manners.

The man ran towards the tall building like crazy, as fast as his feet could carry him. When he stepped inside the courtyard, the first thing he saw was Rin, sitting quietly at the white stairs, musing, having his elbow on his thigh and supporting his head with his hand, holding his chin. If Neuhaus wasn't so distraught, he'd think that this was a picture straight off a fairytale. He approached Rin with long strides, expecting him to run away as soon as he'd see him. But Rin instead just titled his head and looked at him, not moving another inch, waiting for him to come. That threw Neuhaus off balance once again. Just what the…?

"What the hell are you doing?" He spat venomously, as he grabbed Rin from his left arm and made him stand up violently. His patience with the boy had just run out. "What are you scheming, giving me a heart attack with your constant disappearances? What exactly from the phrase 'killers are after you' don't you fucking understand?"

"Don't swear sensei, you're inside a church, in a way." Rin responded, his black bangs covering his eyes, and he felt even more pressure on his arm at the same time. "And you're hurting me!" He let out.

"Damn right I am! You thought you could just let me fuck you and then use the chance to run away from me?" All the bitter feelings that had been accumulated started surfacing. Neuhaus had reasons to be insecure, there were no longer many things he could understand as far as Rin's actions and thoughts were concerned. They were both very confused, after all.

Rin shook his arm violently away, looking at his teacher fiercely in the eyes. "That's what you thought I did?" He asked in a low voice. "That's what you think that was on my mind when I was lying under you?" Neuhaus didn't answer and he averted his eyes, feeling a pang of guilt. "Well, screw you! I'm tired of always trying to get through you, and only result at hitting a wall!"

"Then why did you leave?" Neuhaus snapped back. "You know it's dangerous, you know there are people after you, you know that I would worry sick about you! I'm not the only one doing the hurting here, Rin!"

"I needed to fucking think!" Rin cried out, and Neuhaus shut up. "I'm begging you, give some time and space to think! I can't… I can't put things in order in my head properly when I'm with you! You're clouding my mind, and my judgment! I'm getting swept away, and I can't even decide if what I'm doing is right or wrong! I can't even recognize my own soul, my own feelings! What so wrong at trying to clear things up? I can't keep on doing this without being sure and certain about it!"

Rin was left breathless and Neuhaus only looked down, defeated. "I understand." He finally said, without meeting Rin's eyes. "I know where you're coming from with this…" He admitted. "I only want you to be safe." He looked at Rin kindly, and reached his arm to cup his cheek. Rin closed his eyes, waiting impatiently for the caress. He needed it. "And whatever you decide…"


The hand never reached Rin. The boy's eyes shot open and he watched in horror, as his teacher fell behind, hit by the sudden bullet right on the chest. Rin's voice disappeared in his throat, he couldn't scream, the surprising awfulness of reality was just too much to bear. He couldn't move his limbs either. He just stared in shock as Neuhaus' back hit the ground, and on his chest a big, red stain had already started to appear. What… What happened?

"It's alright, nii-san." Rin never thought he would be so scared of hearing this voice. "Don't let it bother you."

Rin turned slowly around. He saw Yukio, several feet away, looking at him behind his glasses like his soul had disappeared. Next to him there was Angel, always in white, and behind them several dark-clothed lower class exorcists. One of them was still holding the gun by which he fired and shot down Neuhaus. They were probably hiding under some kind of invisibility spell. Rin looked at his twin brother, asking 'why' with his eyes. Had they heard them? Oh, did that matter…? On the ground, Neuhaus was coughing blood, in pain. How did they find them?

"We just arrived some seconds ago." Yukio informed him. "We have strings connecting us to every church. If you were with him, I knew you would eventually come here." Yukio stepped forwards. Rin didn't move in recognition. "I told them not to shoot… But that's irrelevant." He looked at Neuhaus' fallen form coldly.

"Irrelevant?" Rin repeated, unable to believe what he was experiencing. Since when did Yukio become so… out of his reach?

"It doesn't matter." Yukio said dismissingly. "I talked with the Pope, nii-san. I'm the Paladin now." Rin instinctively looked at Angel, who lowered his head, accepting the fact. Yes, it was true. "The Pope is our mother's father, nii-san. He'll make you human again and crush Gehenna."

"Yukio… what are you saying?" It was so clear to Rin that his brother had been deceived. Though he had absolutely no proof for it, he just knew it. Nobody wished any good for him, nobody, he knew, it, nobody except Yukio and Neuhaus. But what had happened to his brother? And Neuhaus was unable to move, heavily wounded. He'd live, right? Rin had the strange impulse for an awkward laugh. No way he would die…

"The truth." Yukio simply answered. "Mephisto Pheles is already captured." He turned to the other exorcists. "Take Okumura Rin away and finish off the leftovers." They nodded and started moving.

"NO!" Rin screamed and fell on Neuhaus, who was just barely conscious, trying to protect him. "NO! STAY AWAY! YUKIO!" Help me, Yukio! For the first time after a long, long time he was feeling again so helpless, so weak, so useless. He couldn't protect anything! He couldn't do a thing without his sword or his demonic powers! If that was what meant to be human, being unable to protect the people he loved, then Rin didn't want to be one! It didn't matter if he'd go straight to hell! He could feel Neuhaus' breath falling quieter by each second, his heartbeat growing weaker.

Yukio beckoned at them to stop. He approached Rin himself, with slow steps, taking a gun out of his waist. He stood over Rin. "Step aside, nii-san." He didn't feel nice when doing this either. He knew it was painful, but it had to be done. "That man is already dying. We'll set him free from his pain."

Rin turned and looked at him, his eyes full of tears he wouldn't let fall. "Why, Yukio?" He asked him with a trembling voice. "Even though you remember… Even though you know how much I…" He wouldn't let go of Neuhaus.

"Exactly because I know." Yukio cut him off. He raised his gun, pointing it at Rin, and not Neuhaus. "It's true. I can't approve of this. I'll never accept it, nii-san, so it stops here." Yukio just declared, totally unmoved by Rin's unbelievably pained and betrayed expression. "You told me… You told me I was always coming first, remember? Then you just deleted my memories and ran away with him… But I'll forgive you." He unlocked the safety. "So you move it." So that was it then. Yukio was also… hurt. "If I'm really coming first, let him go."

"Rin…" Neuhaus had just spoken, hoarsely. Rin turned to him without hesitating. He raised with difficulty a trembling, bloodied hand, and touched Rin's cheek. "Run… away…" He couldn't keep it up for long. He let it fall, leaving red lines over Rin's right side of face.

"I'm not leaving you." Rin grabbed his hand and clasped it tightly between his. He was looking at him in the eye. "I took that decision." He bent and whispered, so that only Neuhaus would hear him. Rin felt like he had to say now! "I love you."

Yukio pulled the trigger, but the gun held no bullets, just tranquilizers. The syringe hit Rin's back and made him numb all over. He felt someone dragging him away from Neuhaus, and he was no longer feeling his touch, plus the form of his teacher grew more distant and started disappearing slowly; he couldn't think straight, all he knew was that he was losing the man he loved. That someone, who wasn't Yukio but some stranger, dropped him over his shoulder and started walking away. Through the haze, Rin saw a white uniform and long, blond hair. He grabbed the sleeve of that uniform, desperately, and clutched on it. The man to whom it belonged turned and looked at him. It was Angel, right?

"Please…" Rin whispered, letting his tears finally fall. "Please…" He focused on Angel's face with difficulty. But the man averted his eyes, rejecting him. Rin lost consciousness soon afterwards.

Neuhaus was glaring at Yukio as fiercely as he could. "Cursed brat…" He coughed some more blood. "What will… you do… to Rin?"

"I told you, I'll make him human again." Yukio replied. Then he kneeled close to Neuhaus' face and whispered, so that nobody else could hear him: "You wouldn't want that, right? You'll have no excuse to rape him anymore. Not that you would be able to do anything from now on, either way."

"Fuck you!" Neuhaus barked and his condition worsened. He started coughing blood uncontrollably, and he clutched at his chest. The bullet must have pierced one of his lungs. Each breath was a struggle, like millions of needles were piercing him from the inside. This was bad…

Yukio got up and turned to Angel. "Take care of this. We're heading back." The blond man didn't answer. He just stood there, as everybody else disappeared, looking at the wounded man on the ground. He saw him struggling, trying to confront the torturing pain. He remembered Rin and his eyes, as he was pleading him to spare them. He could pretty much guess what kind of relationship there was between Neuhaus and Rin, and he didn't like it. Angel was always loyal to the Vatican. The Vatican was above everything for him. He still hated Satan's son, he still believed that he should be executed. It didn't matter that he had gotten demoted, just… this… something wasn't right. As he was watching Neuhaus trying to turn around and crawl on the ground, leaving bloody trails behind him, as he was trying to get after Rin, even in that state… He didn't like it. Something was amiss, it didn't add up. It… damn…

"I'll just tell you, I don't like this." He announced at Neuhaus and turned at his heels, leaving the other man down, as he was. He'll die soon either way. He persuaded himself, and disappeared. No reason to dirty his hands. Neuhaus tried to crawl further, but his body failed him. He fell and lied there, drifting into unconsciousness, away from pain. Right before he closed his eyes, he saw a vague figure of a blond, slender woman, coming towards him.

Michelle… Is God taking me away? He wondered bitterly. How come… Even though I'm supposed to go in hell. The last thing he saw was her hand reaching for him. On top of it there was a big, black spider.

One month later, the world had found again its normal rhythms. The news about how the Pope was consumed by the Gehenna Gate he opened, and how Satan failed to enter the human realm, had gone worldwide. Also known became the fact that Rin and Yukio had become the heroes who made the impossible to happen. Many students came to study in the exorcist's Academy, only because they admired them. Mephisto had conveniently reverted back into playing as he used to. He was the only one that had arranged things so that he had a win-win situation from whatever result of the battle, so he hadn't been so stressed out. Many people could say that it was annoying. Rin went back to his old life, training with Shura, sleeping in Yukio's class and hanging out with his friends. Shiemi was a bit happier than usual, Kamiki wasn't that stingy, Shima was less horny, Konekomaru was braver and Bon wasn't picking up a fight as frequently as he used to. It was like the experience of surviving through a crucial battle had toughened them up and made them more mature. Just one day after the battle ended, Yukio had presented himself in front of him, ashamed and afraid. Rin was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, with Kuro keeping him company, lying next to him.

"Nii-san…" Rin just turned his head and looked at him. They both knew what each of them was thinking. "I… I can't find him." Rin didn't answer, he just looked at the ceiling again. "I tried to find him! But it just doesn't seem to work! I can't tell if he's dead or alive… There are no records… Angel told me that he didn't deal the finishing blow…" Rin didn't respond then either. Yukio lowered his eyes. "Nii-san… You hate me now, right?" Yukio had made an enormous mistake, he knew. He trusted the Pope and hurt someone Rin cherished. Though he hadn't meant to, his purpose was just to pull them apart, someone just pulled the trigger though he hadn't ordered that…

Rin sat up. "Even if I wanted to, I could never hate you. And even if I wanted to hold a grudge against you, I know I couldn't help but just forgive you." He looked up at Yukio. "You're my brother and I'll always love you the most." Those words of his made Yukio start crying. Rin didn't say anything further. It just hurt too much to harp on the subject any more. He waited until his brother would calm down. It was true, he didn't hold bitterness or meanness against Yukio. He knew that he only wanted what was the best for him… But still… His chest hurt. After everything he had been through, he didn't know if he had accepted it or not. Neuhaus had just suddenly disappeared from his life, the same way he had appeared. Kuro came and rubbed himself against Rin's leg, meowing, sympathizing with him. That reminded him: "Yukio, when are you getting paid?"

"Eh?" Yukio let out, after trying to control himself and wiping his face with his sleeves. "In a month… Why?"

And the month passed. Before he knew it, Rin found himself boarding on a plane, in a direct flight to Paris. No matter the time, the circumstances, the tragedy… He wouldn't forget. Because forgetting that man was not an option. Not one he was willing to grasp, anyway.

"WHAT, for fuck's sake!" Neuhaus turned and barked at Rin, earning a few disapproving glares from the other passengers.

"I just wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower." Rin murmured. "I was in Paris and I didn't visit the one place that's a total must to visit!"

"Okay, okay, you know what?" If he didn't say what he was about to say, he'd have to tolerate Rin's nagging through the rest of the trip, and that was not something he was willing to do. "When this is over, I'll take you to Paris once more, to see the Eiffel Tower. Happy now?"

Rin turned and looked at him. "You promise?" He eyed him suspiciously. "With your money?"

"I promise." Just stop annoying me already! I'll take you to Bahamas if I have to! …And I'm not your wallet! But if it makes you shut up…

"I'll remember that promise. You'd better not back down from it."

"Bastard… Here I'm using my brother's money." Rin whispered to himself, and that brought tears in his eyes. Even if he was all alone now, that was something he had to do. He had to go there. As soon as he stepped foot into the airport after landing, he realized that he remembered every corner he had walked with Neuhaus. Here, they had talked to the clerk… Rin noticed that he was the same person in that position. He felt like greeting him, but decided against it. Like he would be remembered… He got out. There, in front of that shop, they had meet the girls. There, they had fought. There… There… there…

The night was falling. He grabbed a cab and ordered in English for the driver to take him to the Eifel Tower. As Rin stepped right under it, he felt that familiar sensation of his breath being taken away. The Eifel Tower was taller than anything he had ever seen so far. He remembered that the Big Ben was huge too. He also remembered the pictures they had taken in England. The camera was lost when they left all of their things in that hotel and flew to Warsaw, so Rin never got to see them. He shook his head. He knew that at some point, avoiding crying would be impossible, but he had to keep it up as long as he could. They were right, people that told that Paris was the city of Love and Romance. Rin didn't remember seeing anything more beautiful than how the lights were giving the towel a golden hue right now, when the sky was dark blue. Around him, people were walking in couples. They seemed so happy…

Suddenly, a tall, dark man passed by him. Rin stood there, petrified for a moment, but then he ran towards him. If there was a chance… If there was the smallest chance… "Excuse me!" He called at him in English, grabbing him by the arm. "I…"

The man who turned and looked at him had both of his eyes, in a green color. The face didn't resemble Neuhaus' at all. He must have been near 25 or 30 years old. He told Rin something in French, annoyed.

"Sorry, sorry!" Rin bowed to apologized. "I… mistook you for someone else…" The man left and Rin stayed there, looking at the ground. What was he thinking? Even if Neuhaus was still alive, he wouldn't be in Paris. He would still be in Zielonka, correct? Or in Warsaw… or anywhere else. Was he still alive? Even that was dubious. A realistic person would say that he'd probably be dead… Rin lifted his eyes to look at the Eifel Tower once more. Sensei… I wanted to see this with you. Rin lowered his head and tears roamed down his cheeks. Igor… I'm hurting, I miss you, come back to me! I don't care what people will say! I don't care for anything else anymore… Please don't ask me to accept that you're gone! What was he thinking, standing there, wishing for the impossible… Had he come here to pray? He'd also pray in Notre Dame…

All of a sudden, he felt two strong arms wrapping around him from behind. He panicked for one moment, thinking that someone was trying to hurt him, but then… Familiar smell, familiar touch, familiar warmth. Rin's heart almost stopped pounding. "Who are you looking for, boy?" Familiar voice. The arms around him tightened and Rin could feel the heart of the other man beating quickly, from his back. "Who are you looking for, Rin?"

Rin turned around to face him, still inside the other man's arms. "How?" He swallowed hard, and he felt like crying more from the tension. The eye patch, the blue eye, the black hair. Everything was there, just as he remembered. "Igor…"

"I just had a hunch that you would come here. You had that too, didn't you?" He leaned in and kissed Rin on the forehead. "I was released from the hospital just some days ago." He told Rin, without leaving his lips from his skin. "They told me a woman who later disappeared saved me. Tell me an idiot, but I believe it was Michelle." Those artificial life experiments… Had they worked? Even so, that meant that Michelle had come to life barely to save him, and then she reduced to ashes once again. The irony… "I learned everything about your achievements. Well done."

"T-Thank you…" Rin stuttered, not knowing what else he could say. Neuhaus took his lips away from his forehead and pulled his head back, to look at him in the eyes. Rin blushed gloriously. He didn't know what he was getting all embarrassed for… He was just so happy… It was such a great gift, what he had just received, it couldn't fit in his mind. God's compensation for all the pain? Rin had doubts till the last moemnet, but when he thought he lost Neuhaus, everything cleared for him. Everything…

"Even if I'm not protecting you anymore… In a professionally matter of speaking…" If Neuhaus was to look at Rin's face some more like this, he was going to blush too. He was getting nervous as well. Neither had he believed that Rin would actually come in Paris after all this. Was it a miracle? No… They were both humans. Both of them. Humans. Neuhaus would anyways go to Japan to meet Rin the next week. Yet, he had decided to stop by Paris, and he was coming in front of the Eifel Tower every night, for a week, hoping he would see Rin somewhere. "Will you let me be by your side from now on?" He leaned in, his lips a mere inch away from Rin's. "Rin, will you let me love you?" Even with that abusive, passionate, uncontrolled love of mine?

Rim smiled. "Yes." He whispered. Neuhaus smiled back and leaned further, kissing Rin softly on the lips. Soon, the kiss deepened. The people passing by didn't matter; it was like they were alone under the magnificent tower. Well the truth was that nobody was paying attention to them either way! But for Rin and Neuhaus, this was the most important moment. There, tightly embraced, secure and safe inside each other's arms, their hearts content and bursting from amore and happiness.

I know that someday, you'll find a nice girl of your age to love you.

I know that someday, you'll find a strong woman that will stand by you.

But until then… We'll be connected through this. They broke the kiss and stared in each other's eyes. They smiled and closed them together, their foreheads touching one another's.

And if we can keep it up, forever.

They broke the embrace, and held hands, as Neuhaus suggested they should go to a patisserie. Rin's eyes formed little stars at the prospect and he agreed hurryingly. As he was rumbling about chocolate, Neuhaus presented him the camera that had their pictures from England. Rin couldn't believe that he had actually found that. They agreed to go and develop the film later, maybe taking some other pictures here, in Paris. Their footsteps gradually stopped being heard, as they progressed forward, leaving all the fears, hesitations and doubts behind. Though realistic thoughts still remain in the back of their minds, they knew better… They knew they weren't the most realistic persons.

This is our own Crimson Vow.

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