Title: Treacherous, convincing Spring
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: Blaine is determined to convince his boyfriend about it, but he seems to be somewhat stubborn about the topic. Luckily, an idea pops up in his mind and he just knows that is going to convince him right away.
Notes: Fill for the prompt at glee_fluff_meme, as well as an English version of the fill for the prompt "Déjate convencer" of the Musical Challenge of fandom_insano. I'm sorry if there're any mistakes, English is not my mother language and I didn't mean to kill it writing this story, though.

Threacherous, convincing Spring

There's more to spring than it seems, apparently, because Kurt has never been more excited about a new season. And, no, it doesn't have to do with the fact that tons of magazines advertise the new collections for the brightest, colourful, time of the year. No, fashion, as odd as the statement may sound, is not the cause.

In fact, the cause is a black-haired boy, who has told Kurt several weeks ago that he was planning something special for spring. Kurt has no clue about what's in his mind, but he is certainly anxious to figure it out.

Kurt's cell-phone buzz, as he gets a text-message from his boyfriend, which says that he's waiting for him right outside. A fuzzy feeling spread through his body as he reads it, Mercedes gives him a confused glare, and the boy does nothing but shudder. Sadly, there are still fifteen minutes to go before the bell rings and frees the students from school. Minutes that seem ages to Kurt, who is actually getting very impatient as the time passes by.

When the sound of freedom echoes, killing the whisperings and steady looks at the clocks, all the students kind of jump from their seats and quickly made their way to the exit, so does Kurt. As soon as he is outside, he looks for Blaine, but the human tides moving make it somewhat impossible. Until fingers entwine with his own, and the brunette does not need to verify whose fingers are, because he would never miss that touch.

Blaine smiles widely at him, before leaning forward gently and placing a soft, cast kiss on the other the boy's lips. There're giggles floating around them, and Kurt just knows that are Tina's and Mercedes' reaction at the scene being played before them.

"Love is in the air!" Tina sings softly, making the shape of a heart with her hands, and starts to sort of dance around the two boys giggling even more.

"What…?" Blaine doesn't know how to word the question.

Kurt can't help it but laugh.

"Let's say that we're currently her favourite ship." At his boyfriend's confused expression, he laughs harder. "Seriously, someday I'll end up telling Mike to keep her away from all that fangirl stuff."

After saying goodbye to all their friends, they make their way to Blaine's car, who now has a mischievous expression drew on his face. Kurt's attempts to make him spill out where they're going are a complete failure, as Blaine would refuse to tell him over and over again, reminding him that it's supposed to be a surprise.

"You must be kidding me!" is the only thing that Kurt is able to phrase once they get off the car. "From all the things you could have come up with, you had to choose the tweest one!"

Blaine just nods and takes his hand, pulling Kurt with him. The taller one fails to hide the smile on his face as his boyfriend does so.

They're at the park. The day is sunny, the scent of flowers floating all over the place, the wind caressing their faces softly as they look for somewhere to sit down. Somehow, is the perfect scenario for a silly, romantic, cliché movie but is cute at the same time –specially when Blaine hugs him tenderly as they are lounging there.

"So, I think you regret what you've said earlier, don't you?" Blaine asks Kurt, whispering in his ear.

"I've to confess that this has its unique charming." Kurt recognises. "I'm sorry I've mock of your idea earlier, but I'm not fond of spending a lot of hours under the sun." He declares, softly.

"Why? It's not like you're going to die from skin cancer." Blaine responds at his boyfriend's statement, jokingly.

"Oh, shut up, Anderson!" Kurt hisses, pretending to be upset.

Blaine smirks.

"Make me, baby penguin."

"Oh, it's a challenge then." Kurt manages to say, smirking as well as he stares at Blaine's eyes.

"Are you up to it?" The black-haired boy presses, leaning forward. "Because it seems that…" and then he stops talking when a pair of lips press his own lightly. Blaine can't help but smile into the kiss, deepening it carefully, enjoying Kurt's delicate, intoxicating flavour in the process.

They kiss, chat, chuckle and kiss a little bit more. What they find almost overwhelming is being together, like that, just enjoying that pure, young love that thrills them. Sometimes, they wish they could prevent time from passing, to spend every minute together. After everything that they've been through, that wish is understandable to say the least.

Blaine starts to make a path of soft kisses along Kurt's neck, causing him to chuckle stupidly.

"Blaine, I think we should go now." Kurt whispers, catching by the corner of the eye a group of elder couples staring at them, with which appears to be disgust.

However, his boyfriend doesn't seem to have heard him, in fact he is simply staring at him. When the brunette is about to wave a hand, or clasp, to attract his attention back to the world of the livings, Blaine's sudden statement makes him blush fiercely.

"I can't believe I've just realise you've got freckles!"

"Yeah, and I don't like them." He doesn't know exactly why, suspects it has to do with those jokes he used to get when he was at kindergarten.

"Do you know that freckled-skin, along with light-coloured eyes, have to do with the presence of a specific gene and the amount of melanin in your skin?" Blaine says curiously, glancing at Kurt.

"Now you have a nerd phase? What's next?" They both chuckle. "Are you calling me abnormal, by the way?"

"Nope." Blaine answers, smiling, leaning forward slowly. "I've just pointed out the cause of it, and if it was abnormal I'd have to say that I find your abnormalities to be absolute gorgeous." He ends the sentence purring in Kurt's ear.

"I'm afraid I disagree with you." The brunette retorts. "Okay, the eye colour, I don't mind it that much, but I abhor the freckles… I don't know how you can find them pretty."

The black-haired teen is determined to convince his boyfriend about it, but he seems to be somewhat stubborn about the topic. Luckily, an idea pops up in his mind and he just knows that is going to convince him right away.

"Let me show you."

And that's how he starts to kiss every single freckle which decorates Kurt pale skin, leaving a path behind that fills Kurt's stomach with butterflies, a warm feeling spreading gently through his body which makes the freckled-boy laugh a little from joy, pleasure.

That was the first time that Kurt wouldn't complain about having freckles. Blaine didn't stop reminding him the fact either whenever he got the chance.

Any thoughts? Is the first time that I write a fluff story for the Glee fandom, my comfort zone is angst actually but I wanted to try something different, I hope it didn't disappoint :) Btw, thank you so much if you've made it this far.

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