Notes: At last I finally finished this. I rewrote everything and from now on nothing will change. This is the story, short, but to the point, focusing on only three characters. Enjoy, tell me what you think and thanks for reading.

Chapter One

Shun suppressed a shudder from the many sounds around him, coming through the thin walls; through the cracks where he saw a figure arch his back, a piece of fabric shoved in his mouth; and throughout the hallway where the rest of his companions were. He lowered his head, staring at the stones below his naked feet, his dried up blood mocking him from where he laid. Unlike him, his blood flowed carelessly around, if not in the same place. There would be more added if the shuffle of feet coming behind his cell door was any sign.

Shun moved his wrist; the leather burned against his skin as the chains rattled to his constant movement. He moved his feet, just to feel the leather rub harshly against his ankles. With hope long gone, he went slack, tucking his chin close to his chest. His green tresses grew more than he would like during his time in prison. It rested past his shoulders, near the middle of his back. No doubt from the filth he bathed in his hair lost its luster. But at the moment he didn't care of the stench he possibly bore; no, his hair concealed his face to the incoming torture was something he adored.

If only for a moment…

When the door to his cellar creak opened, the sound reverberating down the halls, announcing to everyone his turn had come, Shun hissed. Not at the men that entered the room with whips coiled around their hips. He hissed, through clench teeth, when his hair betrayed him (not that it could betray him) as his captor pulled his head back, looking deep into his green eyes.

Staring at him, with an ageless face, skin pale, even under the torchlight, was the God of the Underworld. For the first time, he came to see him, not that it was an honor. He knew eventually Hades will come to visit him.

Shun dare not look away, even when blood dripped past his vision, coming from a reopened wound. His captors jeered at his immobility. Shun paid little attention to them. Another scream manifested through his room, breaking away his concentration. He looked to a side and caught sight of a red glow, while the stench of burnt skin teased his nose.

Hades grabbed his chin and stared into his frighten eyes. The men chuckled at the expression he made but he held no fear toward the occupants in his room. Rather he was afraid if his comrade still lived. But with a hacking cough, he heard him gasp for breath, as the immortality in his blood reawakened him the sixth time throughout the day.

Sadness crept in his eyes. For a moment, Shun believed that his friend had found peace; instead he awoke once more to face the torture again.

Hades smirked, aware of the screams coming from the next wall.

"It's painful isn't it? Hearing them, through and through, never being able do anything. Or maybe you tried,"—his cold fingers danced across his sweaty arm to his wrist—"but the chain was holding you back."

"What's your point of stating the obvious other than to gloat?"

"To remind you," Hades said, pulling down his hair to jut his chin out, "how you didn't protect each other."

The kill was swift. Shun barely sensed the sword jabbed into his lower intestine, until the blood bubbled out of his mouth, spewing across Hades's face. He pulled out the sword; more blood escaped through his mouth, dripping down his chin, down his ruin clothing, and to the ground.

Shun dangled from his restraints, the pain numbing his senses.

Faintly he saw the king's boots cross his line of vision, gleaming ominously under the torchlight. His red cape swayed as he moved forward and backward and on occasionally to a side. He was addressing his servants; his speech drifting in between his barely conscious state.

Shun then gasped for air. He threw his head back, arched his spine, and took in a breath, smelling smoke at once. Exhausted, he laid limp. He took notice of his wound. It had healed, leaving behind dried blood, a reminder that the dead refused him.

Across from him, sitting on a chair, with a short, oval table near a side, Hades sat, drinking from his wine cup. The room seemed brighter. The torch lights replaced with many candles hung from the ceiling, off the wall, and laid on the floor, away from his throne.

With a little effort, Shun noticed the god in a clear light. Impassive, detached, and not bothered by the heat that engulfed the room, Hades looked pristine in all-black clothing. Not a trace of sweat rolled down his pale complexion. Shun felt bothered at how different he was (after all he was a god) as sweat beaded down his spine and dampened his hair to his skin. He would not show Hades his discomfort but the god smiled, already knowing what had him unease.

"This brings back memories." He set his cup aside. "I once had a prisoner, a stubborn, little fool, like you, but his intent was not to kill me." He rose from his seat, dangling in his hand the hilt of his blade. "You see he was after my wife, my beautiful, Persephone, which angered me. I had to teach him a lesson. It was my job. Too bad that lesson sentenced him an eternity in Tartarus."

Shun took in his scent when he drew close to him. Pomegranates, an unusual smell, but it belonged to him.

"But I don't blame him. No. I too fell in love with her physical beauty."

Condescendingly, he met his eye. "Still how dare he try to take what is mine."

The second stab left Shun unprepared. His death was quick, painless, and he succumbed to the darkness instantly. Soon he awoke, in the same room, aside that he had a perfect view of his comrades being whipped and marked like cattle.

"Ah, you're awake," Hades said. "My apologies. Sometimes my anger overclouds my actions. You understand. You felt the same way toward June."

With an empty apology, Hades took a sip of his wine, releasing the name of his partner in an offhand way. The exhaustion faded from Shun's body at once. He was alert, desperate to learn more about June.

"How do you know her?" he said voice raw as if unused.

"Boy, I was in you. Let's put aside the sexual note and focus on what that means." He stood up, briskly moving his wrist side to side, as if swatting away the implication. "My soul lived with yours. I read your every thought, sensed your emotions, for fuck sake's, I was you for a moment."

Within reach, Hades touched his cheek with his index finger, gliding it down toward the curve of his lips. "Sometimes I wonder if I chose a dimwitted fool as my vessel."

Shun met his empty eyes.

"You've grown quiet, boy."

He swallowed the saliva in his mouth down his dry throat. For once he realized how parched he was. He mumbled under his breath, angering the god of his low speech.

"I couldn't hear you, boy. Speak up. The prisoners are vocal today."

Hades yanked his hair. He yelped, and gritted his teeth, annoyed at the mistreatment he received.

"I won't give up hope. You'll see. The others—"

"Others? You mean those ridiculous Saints, your so-called comrades, will save the day? You forget who won."

"I won't give up."

Hades released him. "Now you're repeating yourself." He turned on his heel, sat on his chair, and crossed a leg, hands placed on his knee. "Trust me, Shun. You would be pleased to have me as your master."


Shun assumed the god had rolled his eyes when he said, "Geez, boy, I'm not saying now. Ponder on the idea. Weigh the pros and cons before you come to your decision."

He moved his wrists; the chains rattled. "No, I will never join your side."

Hades uncrossed his leg and grabbed his sword, laying it on his lap. It was a threat, but Shun was not afraid. "You Saints on your loyalty. Must I remind you that she is dead? Gone? Deceased? Wake up to reality, boy."

"No, I won't."

"You like repeating yourself, don't you?" Hades stood, his sword gleaming under the ominous shade of the orange-reddish hue coming from the candles. He approached him, steadily, tauntingly. "Very well. I won't force you to leave her side." He stood in front of him; his eyes gleefully taking in his bloody state; and a thought crossed Shun's mind. "Just don't regret your decision."

Hades will try to break his spirit.