Chapter Five

Shun sucked in a breath, taking a mouthful of air, as if it was his last. He slumped forward in exhaustion, exhaling the air he took in, until he coughed, choking on his saliva. A look around he noticed that the room he was familiar with was different; each wall was barren, the outline of the stones seen, not a crack in sight; the floor empty, bare, not a single footprint left; and to a side, a little above his head, a barred window allowed the light to create patterns on the floor. No sun or moon existed in the underworld but an unfathomable light came from above.

Aside from the new room, and the silence settling in, Shun relaxed in the tranquility given to him. He knew he should be wary, prepared even for the dark king but he shut his eyes, not taking in the danger surrounding him.

Even with the silence, and the peace given to him, he was not alone as he hoped.

"Call my name," the voice bellowed.

His baritone voice rocked against his skull, igniting a headache to bloom.

Shun spoke, "But I have no name to call expect my own."

The voice insisted, "Call me," but he refused to offer a name, let alone explain who he might be. If the voice was not him, and if the voice did not belong to Hades, then who might live in him? Another god? Or was it him, his conscious, speaking to him?

The voice spoke again; no longer repeating two or three words and gave a small speech. "Call me. Heed me. Revive me. Only then I will come. Now call. Only then I will free you. Say my name."

But without a name Shun kept silent.

The voice repeated his speech again, stating each first word with a deep pronunciation. A hint no doubt. His voice repeated the same words in his head, increasing his headache. Shun concentrated on each word until the words formed, shaping out a name. He refused to say it without reason in the end. If the voice didn't offer a name then it had to be a sign.


"Don't ask. Say it," the voice responded impatiently.

Warning signs tickled his skin. It crept along his arm, the tip of his hair standing straight up. His adrenaline picked up, pumping his heart in a fast beat, but he concluded his fear came from the god entering his room. Instantly, he indulged his other half, never believing once that the danger came from within him.


It wasn't when he said the name he realized his error.

Something, a deep unimaginable force, pulled him apart inside, kicking at his ribs, beating at his heart, until his vocal chords burst. A mysterious power manifested in the room. It formed in a ball of light, twisting clockwise, the tip of the tail outlining the swirl. Breathless, Shun hit the ground, the chains broken. He raised his head and watched as the ball of light slipped through the bars and ascended to the sky.

The exhaustion he felt pushed him to floor. He could not stand even if he tried. But with a hand clamped around his throat, he struggled on his feet, staring straight in the eye of the dark king.

"Satisfied? My father is out."

He imagined him shouting, screaming, even beating him for what he had done; instead he met with a calm tone.

"I can't blame you entirely." The dark king squeezed his throat. Shun struggled to breathe. "I am much to blame."

Desperate for oxygen, Shun scratched at the god, digging his dirty nails into his pale flesh. Hades did not flinch at the red marks appearing on his skin.

"I suppose we will have to suffer with our consequences."

Hades let him go, the oxygen returning to him.

Shun fell and fell down a dark abyss; the ground had disappeared, along with the room. The king faded into small orbs of light and Shun realized he too faded when his hand became transparent. Soon he fell into slumber, shutting his eyes when the last words of the king echoed in his mind.

"But I don't think my father was done with you." Shun imagined Hades smiling, his blue eyes lighting up in glee. "I know I'm not."

Unknown to Shun, his journey had begun.

Notes: Continues in King of the Underworld-it is also being rewritten.