Hello my friends, it's ThomasZoey3000 here with chapter 5 of 'Nayuki and the Island of Sodor'. The reason why there weren't any new stories for this series is...well, I lost the original ideas for this series, but now I finally have more ideas for this series and now I'm ready to continue it. As recalled, Melissa, the daughter of Thomas' Driver, is getting upset because Nayuki's team is still in the compitation and her plans are starting to backfire on her. In this chapter, we see more of her sneaky plans and the finals of the Track Team compitation. Rating is still PG for there is no swearing included, but there is some action involved in this story and now here's chapter 5 of...

Nayuki and the Island of Sodor

Written by: ThomasZoey3000

Episode 5: Schemes Lead To Trouble

The compitation's finals were soon to begin, but first there was the matter of getting the eight teams down to four. Nayuki and her team were still in the compitation and still going strong, same with Melissa and her team, but unlike Nayuki's team, the Sodor team captain wasn't doing much practicing.

"You can practice alongside us you know," said one of her team-mates.

"Do you still want to be on this team?" Melissa snarled at her, "cause if you say that again, I will report you to the coach and you'll be off the team."

"But I haven't..."

"Just leave Melissa alone," said another team-mate, "it's better not to bother her. She thinks that just because she is captain that she can get away with anything she wants."

That team-mate was right, Melissa did believe that she could do anything she wanted to...including sabotaging Nayuki and her team's chances of winning, "she's been lucky so far, but that luck is soon to run out."

Obviously, the near miss she had at the big station didn't scare her to her senses, she was still scheming like she was before.

In the nearby railyards, Splatter was watching everything, he whispered over to one of the track officals, "excuse me sir, but my Driver is a big fan of the Sodor team and he asked me to ask you if you could tell me of when the Sodor Team is to be running."

"Well hopefully if everything goes accordingly tonight, it'll be at six this evening. For now though, the eight remaining teams are getting themselves ready by doing a little practicing."

"Okay well thank you very much, I'll tell my Driver when he gets back."

And with that, the track official walked back over to the track. Splatter waited until his Driver came back with his cup of hot cocoa, then he drove Splatter over to a siding to collect a small goods train bound for the Ironworks, then the diesel shunter rumbled away.

Of course, Splatter never told this bit of information to his Driver. He told it to Dodge and Diesel 10, "very good Splatter," snickered Diesel 10, "now we can put the next part of my plan into motion."

"And what would that be?" Dodge asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," and Diesel 10 rumbled away to collect his goods train, leaving Splatter and Dodge to wonder what Diesel 10's plan was.

A little later, Diesel 10 stopped by Wellsworth Station with his goods train. As he shunted his goods train into a siding, he saw Melissa walking over towards him. She didn't look too happy, "I thought you were going to take care of that Nayuki girl," she said angerily.

"Oh don't worry, I have a plan," Diesel 10 said with a sly grin.

"Care to share it with me?"

"Not now, if someone heard us, then we'd both be in trouble. Just wait till tonight and you'll see my plan come into motion."

"Good," Melissa said with a snigger. She then turned on her heel and walked off to the track.

Diesel 10 and his Driver did have a plan, the plan was to tell Melissa that they were going to spray water on Nayuki's side of the track, but in reality, they were going to spray Melissa's side of the track, but pretend that they were spraying salt water to melt the ice.

When evening came, the compitation was on, it was Melissa's team aganist Nayuki's team.

"You've made it this far Minase, but you won't get any further, this is where your team will finally lose."

"It's not about winning or losing, it's about how you play the game."

"Yeah right," she sniffed.

As two other teams ran around the track, Diesel 10's Driver arrived, "so what is this plan of yours?" Melissa asked. Diesel 10's Driver whispered it into her right ear, "I like it, go ahead and do it."

Diesel 10's Driver nodded and walked over to speak with a track offical, "I don't think you need to do that, nobody's fallen yet."

As if on cue, a poor girl fell, mostly because she had tripped, but Diesel 10's Driver said otherwise, "That's why I've been asked to spray this stuff on the track, it removes the ice. It's been ordered."

"Hmm, alright then, go on ahead, spray away."

Once the two teams were done, Diesel 10's Driver walked over to where Melissa and Nayuki would be waiting while the official made the annoucement to tell everyone of what's going on.

"Spraying something to remove the ice," Yuichi muttered, "Something doesn't seem right here."

"Do you think someone's trying to cheat Yuichi?" Ayu asked.

"Who knows Ayu, we'll soon find out."

It wasn't long before Diesel 10's Driver was done and Melissa came walking over, "now for sure, this will work," she whispered to the Driver, who nodded, "Good, now scram and get that engine of yours out of here."

"Yes Ma'am," said the Driver and left with a sly grin across his face.

"Well?" Diesel 10 asked as he returned.

"All set, she's in for one rude awakening."

Diesel 10 chuckled quietly and rumbled away, just as Henry arrived with a stopping passenger train, "ah good," he said, "We're just in time to see the compitation." He didn't care what some of the other engines said about his friendship with Nayuki, he liked watching Nayuki and her team run.

"Scared that you're going to lose Minase?" Melissa snickered.

"No, I'm not," she said confidently.

Within minutes, the race was on, it was close. Melissa's team took the lead, then Nayuki's team took it away from them. Finally, they reached their team captains, "prepare to lose fool!" snickered Melissa.

Their team mates tagged their captains and they were off...well sort of. Melissa's shoes had actually gotten stuck to the ice and as she tried to run, she found that she could go nowhere. She struggled until at last she broke free, but the moment her shoes stepped onto the ice, she slipped and fell back.

"Ow," she groaned. She then felt the service of where Diesel 10's Driver sprayed, "I don't understand it, either he sprayed the wrong part of the track or...he did this on purpose! Why that..." but her thoughts were interupted as she heard cheering. It was for Nayuki, "No! I can't lose this race!" She crawled away from the icey patch until she was back onto the track, then she ran as fast as she could, but she couldn't catch up and lost the race.

"Way to go Nayuki!" her team cheered and ran up to her.

"You were fantastic!" cheered Ayu from the stands.

"Ladies and Gentleman! We now have our four finalists for the compitation!" shouted the announcer, "Congrat..."

"Hold on, hold on!" Melissa shouted in protest, "There was ice on the track! That's why I slipped. I demand a rematch, me aganist that blue haired girl!"

One of the track officials checked the track over, "She's telling the truth, it must've been that man."

"Very well then," said the announcer, "once the ice has been removed, these two track star captains will have a rematch...all around the track."

Melissa smirked, she thought that for sure this time, she would win the race aganist Nayuki Minase.

From the platform, Henry was watching everything, "What is going on over there?" he asked, "why was Melissa shouting like that? She lost fair and square."

"I don't think she lost fair and square," said his Driver, "I think someone made an attempt at Sabotage...this time at ruining Melissa's chances."

"It serves her right if you ask me," Henry muttered as the guard blew his whistle. Henry's Driver pulled on the whistle chain, Henry whistled and puffed slowly away from Wellsworth Station.

Within a matter of minutes, the track was ready for the rematch between the two track star captains. "This time, I won't lose the race," Melissa thought to herself.

"On your marks, get set! And Go!"

With that shouted, Melissa and Nayuki started running around the track. First Melissa took the lead, then Nayuki took the lead. They ran along side by side, that was until they finally reached the last section of the track when Nayuki overtook Melissa and crossed the finish line.

"Winner! Nayuki Minase!" shouted the announcer. Once again, her team-mates and her friends and family cheered for her.

Melissa scowled crossly, "I lost, this can't be true. I can't except it!" She shouted in protest that perhaps Nayuki cheated during the race, but the race officals said that Nayuki won fair and square.

"Ah well, that was alot of fun," Nayuki smiled, "I'm glad to have competed aganist you Melissa."

Melissa sniffed, "I can't say the same. You better watch yourself Minase, cause when I lose, you lose." She turned on her heel and walked away.

"Geez, what a sore loser," said Yuichi, "she can't take a defeat too well."

"What did she mean by what she said 'when I lose, you lose'?" Ayu asked curiously.

"Who knows," said Yuichi. They were all due to find out...

Later that evening, after a long day of work, Thomas' Driver was just walking into his house when he spotted his wife walking up towards him, "hello honey, you look worried, what's the matter?"

"It's Melissa, she hasn't come home."

"She's probably just doing some more practice runs..."

"No she's not, she lost the compitation today. I was there, I saw her lose, then I watched as she walked away. I haven't seen her since."

"Have you tired calling her mobile phone?"

"I have, but she won't answer. I hope she's okay."

"I'm sure she is, she's probably just hanging out with her team-mates. Tell you what though," he said as he looked at the worried look on his wife's face, "if she doesn't come home in a couple of hours, I'll go out and look for her."

"Okay," She nodded. Her husband walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her to help calm her down.

In the meanwhile, someone was sneaking around a big railyard, she was looking...for Diesel. She found him in Knapford sheds, snoozing away. She snuck into the shed and climbed into the cab, "who's there?" Diesel asked sleepily, but he got no reply. Then his engine was turned on and he felt the throttle being opened, "Don't do that!" he cried.

Diesel's wheels began to move, he wanted to stop, but couldn't. He rolled towards the shed doors, which were closed.

"Stop! Stop!" Diesel shrieked.

His shouting woke Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins up, they opened their eyes just in time to see Diesel crash into the shed doors and roll out into the cold evening.

"Losh sakes," gasped Donald, "yon Diesel's been hijacked!"

"Aye, but who would da somethin' like this?" asked Douglas.

Diesel was wondering that himself as he rolled down the tracks, "Who's in my cab?" he shouted, but got no answer from the person in his cab. Diesel had no choice, he was taken down the line till they got to Great Waterton where he was reserved into Morgan's Mine. He was shunted into a siding where his engine was turned off.

"Why have you brought me here?" he asked as the person climbed down.

The person covered their mouth with a cloth to cover up their voice, "it's to make sure you can't tell the truth," it said, "and before long, those who stood in my way will join you here in the mine forever," she cackled with laughter and walked away. Diesel shouted, but the person just walked away without looking over her shoulder.

At around Midnight, Melissa finally returned back to the house, "there you are young lady, do you know what time it is?" her father asked.

"Yes and why does that concern you?" she asked rudely.

"Your mother was worried sick about you, she was wondering where you went and if you were hurt or not."

"Well tell her to stop worrying for crying out loud. I'm not a little kid anymore, I can take care of myself you know, so in simple terms...tell her to leave me alone!"

"That's enough young lady, you will speak to us like that!"

"I can do whatever I want, I don't need to listen to you!"

"As long as you live under our roof, then you will obey our rules and speak to us in a kinder way."

"Ah buzz off, go play with your trains," that being said, Melissa walked out of the kitchen and towards her bedroom. Her father followed, he still wanted to have a chat with his daugther, but the conversations were cut short when they reached her room and she slammed the door in his face, "Don't talk to me!"

Her father sighed and walked off back to the master bedroom where his wife was waiting for him, "What did she have to say?"

"She didn't have much to say," he replied, "although I'll say this about that girl, she's got quite an attitude."

His wife looked down to her book and sighed unhappily, "I feel like a failer as a mother, like maybe I did something wrong, which made her the person she is today."

"Now honey that's not true, you are not a failure as a mother, you're always a great mother to our kids. Melissa for some reason has just decided to be who she is, it has nothing to do with you."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," he nodded.

"Thank you dear," she looked up to him with a smile on her face.

"We'll try to have a talk with her tomorrow, maybe she'll listen to the two of us."

"Maybe, we'll just have to wait and see to find out."

The following next afternoon, Nayuki was having a little chat with Henry as he waited to go back to the Big Station at Knapford. Nayuki was on a short break before getting back to practice.

As they talked, Edward came up with some china clay trucks, "hello Henry, and Ms. Nayuki," he said kindly, "enjoying the beautiful weather?"

"It's nice," Henry answered, "but it is cold, even for a steam engine."

"My cousin Yuichi says it's a lot colder back at our hometown," said Nayuki, "this weather is actually on the warm side."

Henry was stunned to hear that, but before he could say anything, BoCo the Diesel engine rolled into the station with a concerned look on his face, "whatever is the matter BoCo?" Edward asked.

"Donald and Douglas said to me that Diesel was stolen out of his shed last night."

"Stolen?" Henry asked with a surprised tone in his voice, "are you sure about that BoCo? Maybe he was taken away to do a late night job."

"Maybe, but why would his driver run him into the shed doors, demolishing them to pieces and take him away while he's crying off for help? The Fat Controller has asked me to pass on the message that we should all keep a close eye out for Diesel, if we find him, we might find the person who stole him."

"We'll keep an eye out for him too," said Nayuki, "and I'll be sure to ask my friends and family to look out for him, just in case."

"I'll keep my eyes open too," added Henry, "Despite all the trouble he causes us, he's still one of us and we must help him if he's in trouble."

"Well said Henry," said Edward proudly, "once I'm uncoupled, I'll go inform Bill and Ben about this and ask them to keep an eye out too."

"Who would want to steal an engine?" Nayuki asked out loud, but nobody answered that question.

Later that evening, Diesel 10 was resting outside the smelter's shed, for some reason, the big diesel can sleep while sitting outside the smelter's shed. Suddenly, he woke up to hear a diesel motor, "who's there? 'Arry? Bert?" he called out.

But there was no sign of the grim messagers of doom, other wise known as 'Arry and Bert, instead another diesel could be seen backing down onto him, "What is this," he asked...then he recognized the back end of the engine, "Diesel? Is that you?"

"Yes," came a quiet mutter.

"Where have you been? Everyone's been saying that you disappeared."

"Quiet!" snapped a voice. A figure in dark clothing climbed down from Diesel's cab and coupled him up to Diesel 10, "make one noise and I'll make Diesel push you into the buffers at the back of the shed."

Diesel 10 gulped and went silent. The shadowy figure climbed into his cab and released the brakes, then she climbed down and climbed into Diesel's cab. The throttle was opened and Diesel rolled away with Diesel 10 in tow.

'Arry, one of the Scrap Iron diesels was working late when he saw Diesel pulling Diesel 10 away, "hey Diesel, where are you going with Diesel 10? He doesn't need repairs."

"You saw nothing!" came a stern reply from Diesel's cab, "say anything and I'll come back for you!"

'Arry was stunned, "I...I...I saw nothing."

"Good," and with that, Diesel rattled away with Diesel 10. They rolled on till they reached Great Waterton once again and were shunted back into Morgan's Mine.

"Why are we here?" Diesel 10 asked.

"I don't know," Diesel answered, "I tried getting answers myself, but this person isn't replying back."

The shadowy figure climbed down from Diesel's cab and climbed into Diesel 10's cab, applying the brakes, "soon your Driver will join you here, you'll be sorry you messed with me."

She then climbed down and walked away.

"Stop!" Diesel 10 shouted, "Who are you?! What have we ever done to you?!"

The shadowy figure didn't answer, instead she just walked away from the diesels until she reached a handcar, which she found before and used it to get out of the mine.

The next morning, Diesel 10's driver arrived for work...only to discover that his engine was missing.

"Oh no, not Diesel 10 too!" he cried.

He quickly phoned the Fat Controller, who informed the police and in a matter of hours, the police officers were searching on the ground and from above in the sky with Harold the Helicopter.

"Two Diesels go missing," said James at Tidmouth that morning.

"Nae James, they're not missing, yon diesels have been stolen from yonder yards," said Donald, who sat outside the shed. The engines were having an Indignation meeting about what's been going on.

"This person seems to be going after the diesels mostly," said Gordon, "Who knows which one they might steal next."

"It's not just the diesels that are in trouble Gordon," said Duck firmly, "this person could very well steal any of us steam engines."

"Oh," Gordon muttered, "I didn't think...either way, what this person is doing is disgraceful."

"It's just disgusting..."

"No it's not James," said Henry, "but it is dispicable. I think this person might have a reason for stealing them, maybe Diesel and Diesel 10 had rough dealings with this person in the past and now they're trying to get back at the two diesels."

"You might be right Henry," said Edward, "but now the question is...who is behind these engine-nabbings?"

None of the engines knew for the time being and neither did Nayuki or her friends and family, if only they had known that the person responsible for the recent engine-nabbings was someone who was looking for some payback after they made her look foolish.