Brit's POV:

I was out scavenging in the wastelands again. I knew that I had to find shelter, because I was dangerously close to the borders of GaGa land, and the last thing I needed was to be caught with all of the fragments that I had found over the past month. I hadn't had the chance to look at them all properly yet, but I thought that they looked really important, so I needed to get them back to the Heartbreak.

The other reason that I needed to find shelter was the weather. Over the past couple of hours, snow had been falling heavily, and if I didn't get out of it soon I would freeze, or, worse still, as I couldn't see more than a metre in front of me, I might accidentally cross the border.

I shivered, wishing that I knew this part of the wastelands better. It was a new area that I had decided to search, and it was full of great stuff; lots of fragments and materials that would make fantastic instruments. However, this meant that I had no idea where the nearest shelter was.

Stumbling on for about an hour more, I came to a flight of steps leading underground. This was the best kind of hideout, because it keeps the weather out, and Killer Queen's Zone Clones never venture underground. Even if it was incredibly close to the border, I figured I'd be safe underground.

Checking the area for Globalsoft, I hurried down the steps. It must have been an old underground station, but I had no idea what it was because the sign appeared to be long gone. I figured that working out where I was could wait until morning when I could see what I was doing. No doubt all of the GaGa kids in the city across the border would be enjoying 'Virtual Vacations' to escape the cold weather anyway, so I wouldn't need to worry as much about being spotted.

As I reached the bottom of the steps and began to make my way into one of the tunnels, I tripped over something, or rather, over someone. My heart stopped as I considered the possibility that I might not be completely alone. What if there was a Zone Clone down here?

Fumbling in my bag, I pulled out the torch that I had found on my trip, and turned it on, preparing for a fight with Globalsoft. What, or who I saw on the floor couldn't have shocked me more.