Chapter 1

Well, it certainly was a change from Dalton. The beige colored tiles, the salmon pink lockers, a slight sense of the classic grime that came attached along to every high school hallway. Not that whether or not the door handles were dirty mattered to him. This place could have been Buckingham Palace and he would have hated it all the same. Just another institution with faculty members up on their high horses of delusion that they had some sort of authority over him. Pathetic.

He glanced down at the schedule they had given him earlier in the principal's office. His first period of the day, AP Chemistry. He seriously considered not even bothering as he neared the door and noticed that he was already 15 minutes late. It's not like he'd miss anything. He could do AP Chemistry in his sleep. What was even the point? But then he saw the point as he caught a glimpse of the side profile of one of the hottest guys he'd laid eyes on in quite some time. The boy's posture was stiff in his designer clothes. He was obviously very uptight. But he was very uptight with a fantastic ass. And Blaine wanted a piece of that ass.

He smirked to himself and swung open the door. This was gonna be fun.

Kurt Hummel had been absent-mindedly doodling on the corner of his notebook as his AP Chemistry teacher droned on and on about noble gases…or something like that. His first week of school was already coming to an end, and it was clear to him that this year would be just as monotonous and unpleasant as all the other years he'd spent trapped at McKinley High. Karofsky and Azimio were just as tormenting as ever; Mr. Schuester's lessons were just as boring and predictable as ever; and as expected, being the only out gay kid in what seemed like all of Ohio, Kurt was just as alone as ever. Sure, he had Mercedes and Tina, and all his lovely Glee club friends, but having friends wasn't the same as having a boyfriend. And it wasn't exactly easy not to long for some sort of intimate relationship as he watched his fellow Glee clubbers switch partners every five seconds like they were at some sort of square dance. Kurt didn't want multiple partners. He just wanted one handsome, kind, talented, preferably curly haired, funny, intelligent man to spend the rest of his life with. Was that too much to ask?

Kurt was snapped out of his ideal-boyfriend daydreaming as he heard the door at the back of the classroom being swung open, and the sight that he found standing there was a breath-taking one indeed.

He was shorter than Kurt normally went for, but that seemed to be cancelled out by every other flawless feature this boy held. He had a strong build, his toned chest slightly visible due to the fitted white v-neck that was hugging his torso. Kurt couldn't see his arms, considering they were covered with a distressed leather jacket, but he assumed they were probably lovely and strong as well. His eyes trailed down his dark jean clad legs, the hems of which were tucked loosely into his black chunky lace-up boots. Then Kurt stared in awe at the godly feature of this mystery boy's face. He had slightly tanned skin, a light scruff around his jaw line, the most enticing pair of hazel-green eyes Kurt had ever seen, and finally, much to Kurt's happiness, a thick head of unruly, dark curls.

In short, the boy was absolutely gorgeous.

But of course, he had to be straight. His look just screamed "I ride a motorcycle and fuck chicks." There's no way he could be gay…was there? No, no, no, that's stupid, Kurt thought to himself. Don't get your hopes up. You don't even know him!

"Can I help you?" Mrs. Ferguson, the teacher, asked this new boy.

"I seriously doubt it," he responded. Oh god, his voice is so—wait, what did he just say to the teacher? Kurt thought.

"Excuse me?" Mrs. Ferguson asked with a look of shock on her face.

"Did I stutter?" Mystery Boy responded as he threw the note he received from the principal onto her desk. She picked it up and read over it skeptically, looking up at her newest student.

"Well, Mr. Anderson, you may be in my class now, but I'll have you know I do not tolerate such disrespect. Please take a seat behind Mr. Hummel." Mrs. Ferguson indicated towards Kurt, and this "Mr. Anderson" let a sly grin cover his face as he made contact with him.

"Gladly," he said with a mischievous smile as he strode over to sit behind Kurt. As he passed by him, he leaned down, his hot breath tickling his ear as he whispered, "Hey sexy."

Kurt froze. Did he just hear that right? The new boy just called him sexy. He just whispered it in his ear. Was this some kind of joke? Was he being Punk'd? Damn. Ashton Kutcher. There was no way this was real. At least, it wasn't until he started feeling something caressing his calf underneath the table. He looked down and saw a black boot rubbing up and down his calf, slowly going higher and heading in between Kurt's legs. He quickly snapped his legs shut and pushed the booted foot away with his own foot. He heard a chuckle behind him.

"Why you so tense, baby?" the boy behind him purred. "I bet a little ride on my cock would fix that for you."

"Excuse me!" Kurt yelped, turning around and glaring at the boy with what he hoped was a bitchy and completely not-turned-on look.

"I think you heard what I said," he growled with a low tone that went straight to Kurt's crotch. Wait, no, no, NO, this was not happening. This guy can't just talk to him like that! No matter how…incredibly sexy he might be…No! Don't think about that! He is vile and rude! Kurt mentally slapped himself.

"Boys? Is there a problem?" Mrs. Ferguson inquired towards the back of the room. Before Kurt could open his mouth, Mr. Anderson answered for him.

"The only problem here is that Hummel isn't on his knees yet."


Kurt had stood up and yelled it before he knew what he was doing. The entire class was staring that the two of them, Kurt with his face fuming and Anderson with a slightly satisfied smirk on his face.

"Boys! Detention!" Mrs. Ferguson yelled.

"But I didn't even—"

"It doesn't matter what Mr. Anderson said to you, Mr. Hummel, I will not tolerate such language in my classroom! From either of you!"

And with that, the bell rang, and the rest of the students gathered their things to leave. Kurt stood there, stunned at what had just happened, when he jumped violently as he felt a hand grab his ass. He whipped his head to the side to see Anderson walking by him with a suggestive smile on his face as he growled into Kurt's ear.

"See you in detention, Hummel."