I have recently gotten into Star Wars, and this is my first Fanfic about it! Please tred lightly.

The thoughts of Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, as he died in 'Return of the Jedi'.

"I will not leave you, father. I will not leave you..." The final words that would ever be heard through the ears of the feared Darth Vader rung clear and crisp in his mind. Or was he Anakin Skywalker, a name so strange to him now, the pure man he once was? He wasn't all that sure.

"Tell your sister... you were right." was all the dying man on the ramp of the spacecraft could utter, needing to know that his children wouldn't hate him, forget that he too could be good. His vision started fade and he despirately tried to stay alive, even though he knew he was to die. But through the pain that wracked his body, he felt something flutter in his chest that he hadn't felt in such a long time. Something he though he had lost long ago.

His heart.

The last thing the eldest Skywalker could see was his own blue eyes staring back at him, a mixture of his mothers and his own hair entertwined on a beautiful head that he remembered as once hisown. 'He has my eyes... My face...' he thought, rasping for breath as it was quickly becoming impossible. 'But his mothers will... She would be so proud...'

He grasped his sons hand weakly, his life spiraling into the black abyss of death that called for him, but he had to fight.

"Tell your sister... you were right..." He saw his daughter in his mind, provided by Luke's memories. Oh, how she was beautiful... as her mother... So beautiful...

"I-I will..." Luke promised to him weakly, and though he could no longer see his sons face, he knew tears trecked down Anakin's sons face.

"T-tell your sister... you... you were right..." Those were his final words as his heart slowly pumped until it did so no more. His grip released, and his body slumped in his sons' grasp, but somehow, he was at peace. He would not be remembered as Darth Vader, Lord of Sith, a horrid hand to an evil empire. He would be remembered as Anakin skywalker once again. One that, though it took forever to realize, was still good. Who truly did die for good, and not evil.

And only one thought rung in his mind as he slowly disappeared.

'My son... you have made me proud... You and your friends have... brought peace to the galaxy... And... And to me...'