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9. Nineteen Years Later

The crowd on platform 9¾ parted respectfully when Lord Potter-Black and his family arrived. Harry, Hermione and Daphne were escorting their children to the train.

James Potter and Sirius Black were entering their seventh year. The brothers shared the pranking tendencies of their namesakes yet had never been caught, earning them the Gryffindor and Slytherin prefect badges. James, having slightly better achievements was now the Head Boy and was planning on seducing the Head Girl, a barefoot redhead Ravenclaw wearing radish earrings, named Fredrica Weasley. Little did he know that she had a similar plan concerning him.

Lilly Potter and Rose Black looked like twins. They both had the unruly black hair and green eyes of their father, yet Lilly's hair was wavy, almost curly, while Rose's was straight. They were both considered the smartest witches in their year. Some of that smartness was tapped by their older siblings when planning pranks. Both girls were wearing their prefect badges proudly, having received them only a few weeks earlier when they got their fifth year book list. Lilly had selected Slytherin and Rose had selected Hufflepuff, as the sorting hat had let them choose, considering them a good fit in any house.

Remus Potter and Severus Greengrass were boarding the Hogwarts express for the first time. They were extremely anxious and were considering the house choices. Both seemed to favor Ravenclaw and were hoping the sorting hat would agree.

As the children were boarding the train, the three adults joined the other parents. Ginny Longbottom was sobbing quietly while hugging her three youngest children as tight as her eighth-month belly would allow, while Neville was caressing her red mane and murmuring softly in her ear. Luna and Ron were hugging each other, waving at the triplets who were starting Hogwarts, at their twins who were fourth year and their eldest – the Head Girl. "I hope it won't be quadruplets this time," Luna said, caressing her bulging belly. "The nargles don't leave me alone long enough to see how many cabborks are attached." Ron just hugged her, his mind already occupied with thoughts about lunch.

Draco and Astoria were approaching, Astoria hurrying towards her sister to hug her, while Draco shook hands with Harry. Draco was wearing an expensive muggle designer's suit.

"How's business?" Harry asked him.

"Splendid. Our new software for smartphones seems to be a great hit. You'll see that on our quarterly report."

Draco had been unable to find magical employment after the war. With his father condemned to spend the rest of his life at Azkaban and most of Malfoy fortunes confiscated either by Voldemort or the government he had to find a living. Draco himself had escaped a harsh sentence only due to him stopping his bodyguards from killing Harry during the last battle, just as his mother had escaped due to her lying to Voldemort in the forest. With no hope in the magical world he had turned towards the muggle one. He had studied computer programming and proved quite good at it. His insight into arithmancy and ancient runes proved to be a benefit at working with computers. He soon started a small company and managed to convince both Harry and all his parents-in-law to invest some money in it. That proved to be a very wise investment when the start-up grew and became one of the leading software companies in Britain, making Draco rich and proud again and paying very nice dividends to the investors.

"Will you join us for the weekend? The manor seems too empty with all the kids at Hogwarts," Harry said.

"You could have some more..." Draco suggested with a smirk.

"We could, but we are not Weasley, you know. When all kids are home it turns into a madhouse. You've already experienced it."

"I sure did."

They sank into comfortable silence, watching the last minute hurrying and then waving at the kids who were waving back through the windows of the departing train.

Harry hugged his wives as they were leaving the station. He brushed his hair from his forehead, touching his old scar. It had not bothered him since the last battle. All was well.

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