Sugar-high Toshi

Someone requested this, so I decided to do it. :3 Anyway, this might be my last Fossil Fighter oneshot as I am swamped with KH oneshots. So it'll be a while before I accept or do oneshots for FF, okay? It won't be that long. Four oneshots is all I have to do for KH, but I also have college to do. That really eats into my schedule.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this random thing. I don't own Fossil Fighters, only Toshi.

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One day, both Rosie and Holt got bored. And when they were together and bored, that was a bad combination.

"So what do you want to do?" Holt asked as he and Rosie sat at a table.

"I dunno. What do you want to do?"


The two sighed, still bored out of their minds.

"Wanna play a prank on Toshi then?" Holt asked, glancing at the pink-haired girl.

"What kind of prank?" Rosie looked at Holt curiously.

"Have you seen Toshi have any sugar or anything like that?"

Rosie shook her head. "He doesn't drink coffee. And he rarely drinks coke."

"Good." Holt grinned evilly.

The next day, Holt and Rosie's plan was put into action. They put sugar into everything they knew Toshi would eat or drink. Toshi noticed a change in the taste of his favorite foods, but he thought he was possibly just getting a cold.

"So, you think he'll actually fall for it?" Rosie asked, standing with Holt in the park area. "I mean, he just seems so cautious about what he touches. He might notice that something's wrong and not eat it."

"He'll eat it. Boys like us eat anything that moves."

"I dunno…" Rosie continued doubtfully.

A blur suddenly shot past the two, who glanced at each other as they wondered whether it had been one of the many Dinaurian that were living on the island. When the blur shot past again, they realized that it wasn't a Dinaurian; it was Toshi.

"He's gone crazy." Rosie said fearfully as she watched her friend continue to run back and forth like a maniac.

"Correction: he's on a sugar rush." Holt said. "Didn't know that little sugar could make him go nuts. And it's only 10 A.M."

The two continued to watch the amethyst-haired teen before Holt shrugged and walked away, saying something about how he was already bored with the results.

Rosie stayed and watched Toshi just to make sure he didn't run anyone over or jump in the ocean or run into a tree. The only time she left was to get something to eat for lunch, but she came back and sat down to eat it.

At around 2, the teen abruptly stopped and Rosie wondered what he was about to do. Toshi suddenly collapsed, curling up, and Rosie thought he had died from overexertion but she soon realized that he had merely fallen asleep.

I guess he wore himself out…the pink-haired girl thought with a chuckle. Guess having a sugar rush takes a lot out of you.

Yeah, random ending. :/ It was all I could think of. Anyway, Read and Review, please. :3