Chapter 1: Sorrow


What is that?

What does it mean to be weak.

The dictionary defines weak as the state of being powerless; defenseless; having to rely on other's to help, save or rescue them.

In other words the definition of weak is me, Sakura Haruno.

All of her life she was considered weak. Even before her long time crush constantly reminded her, she already knew from the beginning. Even though she acted all high and mighty she still knew and acknowledged that fact, hard. During missions she always ended up being the one who needed saving, the one who was weak, the one who always drug her team down. Many times shequestioned her reason for even become a shinobi. Was it just because of the petty crush on Sasuke? Or maybe not wanting to lose to Ino. Whatever it was, it was mostlikely a selfish and stupid reason. But then again one of her dreams was to become someone her friends, family, and associates would be proud of.

"Why", the pink haired kunoichi thought.

"Why am I so weak", she again questioned gazing into the sky. Does kami hate me, or is this one big cruel joke. "I'm so weak that I couldn't even stop my own teammate from leaving", tears started falling. Sakura remembered that when she tried to stop him he said that she was annoying and weak, she even confessed her love for him but he just knocked her out and left her on a cold bench.

"Why can't I do anything right" she thought.

The young girl cried in her room.

When he left, he left a piece of her to never to be reunited again. People felt sorry for her, but her parents pushed her to forget about the boy.

Slowly she started to recover when once again she felt pain 10 times worst than her teammate leaving. The little cherry blossom found out that her parents were killed on a mission. She felt her heart get heavier and more tired. The pain was continuos in her heart and she felt lost completely for the very first time. She was in a deep depression phase when one day she decided that she couldn't handle the pain anymore.

That day was the day that everything changed, the day where she found a reason to live.