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The aftermath of the game and the first ending I ever got and I got a tearful phonecall from Packie which I didn't enjoy listening to, feeling guilty as sin. I felt awful for Niko too since after all of the crap he's been through he came out the other end with bugger all.

Dead End

I felt like shit. This is the same feeling I had after the ambush that took twelve of my friends lives; low, guilty, pathetic…suicidal.


After everything I said to her in the car going to the church, I said I'd protect her, I'd look after her and I meant it, every word I meant it and I promised her. Not even two hours later did I break that promise to her and now she's dead. It was my fault, Pegorino was aiming at me, if she hadn't have been there then she'd still be alive.

I was sat in Mallorie's cousin's apartment; there was a brief time where I felt like it was home for me and my cousin but now, I realise I have nothing; no home, no family to live with. Roman has a new life, a new family he's a part of now, he won't have much time for me anymore. And what else can I do? What's my trade? Kate could've helped me think of something but she's not here.

I should've stayed away from her. People like me should not be around others.

My phone rang and a name lit up on the screen, even through all what I was feeling my heart and guilt flew forward for her brother.

Her brother, who loved his sister and would've done anything to protect her.

I contemplated for a second of not answering but I owed him more than that, Packie deserved more than that. I half hoped he be angry at me, maybe threaten me, yell at me, scream at me that it was my fault and I should fuck off, die and burn in hell…

I pressed the small green phone icon and held it to my ear.

"I never thought this would happen, Niko."

…Perhaps not.

Packie was in tears I could hear it easily and my heart clenched up.

"I never would've fucking thought it. Katie. Sweet, innocent Katie." I closed my eyes and held the phone tightly to my ear so hard that I could hear tiny electric buzzing of wires as the call stayed connected, the buzzing was broken by a sniff and what sounded like a held back sob. I could easily see Packie sat on the sofa, elbows resting on his knee with one hand over his eyes as he tried to hold back that sob.

I forced my eyes open so I didn't have to see it anymore.

"I'm sorry, Packie. I was there; I tried to stop it..." I trailed off. I didn't know what else to say. Didn't know how I could make it better.

"She didn't do nothing to nobody. It was us McReary men who were the sinners. We're paying for that ourselves, she didn't have to pay too."

Even though he was only a year younger than me, his tone was saying 'it's not fair' like a child that needed consoling would say. He was right though; it wasn't fair.

"She didn't Packie, you're right." I answered forlornly rubbing my hand over my short hair.

"I gotta be with me Ma, Niko." Packie breathed out shakily like he was steeling himself for the anguish of his Mother at losing her daughter, I imagined how hard it would be for him to have to look after her on his own and whilst he was still grieving as well.

"She don't got much left other than me. And that ain't much... see you, man."

That sounded final, as in we won't be seeing each other for a while, although I guess it was true, he would be too busy watching and caring for his Mother then going out, getting drunk, laid and stoned with his friends, I idly wondered if that meant he wouldn't be doing any more jobs, but then again he could've hardly wasted all that money from the bank.

I felt that even though he hasn't said anything about me being with Katie when it happened, he most likely held me responsible in some way.

He needed time.

And so did I.

"It's enough, see you, man."

A click and a lack of metallic buzzing and Patrick was gone.