Oh My Damnation!

I'm French. My English skills are weak. However, "oldspacecadet3" corrected the fanfic below. I thank him very much.

Chapter 1: Testament.

Hello... My name is Nicolas and... I am a demon

Of course, this does not affect you in itself, but this biography is a kind of testament I leave of my life before I became a demon. One way to address my last business in this world. For you, it's a kind of warning, or an invitation to reflect on the choices you make.

It all begins here. There's a few years in my apartment. Then I was 28 years, I am a computer technician, I live alone, and I'm unemployed. I am in the throes of depression. Not only because I am alone, my immediate family came down to my mother - - I can not write it, because it still hurts today - - is dead. There's a few years, and that has my little dog, a Scottish Terrier who went out there. There's three months at the age of 14. The good news is that my mother was saving my heritage, allowing me to live decently, even without a job.

However, spending my day looking for work or surfing the Internet had become depressing, did not help my solitude. I looked the same weight.

I decided to lie down in bed for a nap. I take the last volume of "Ah My Goddess" I bought a few days ago to read a little before falling asleep. After reading a few pages, I began to think about Morisato Keiichi, the hero of the manga. This is an ordinary young man to whom extraordinary things happen, but which nevertheless leads a simple and happy life. I envied him.

Like me, too, I wish I had a kind and gentle friend to share moments on common topics. Unfortunately for me, I was a social misfit in serious romantic relationships, and even a serious social misfit overall.

After suffering several setbacks in my youth, passing for a draw in public and made myself go for a ride on a dating site that I signed up in desperation, I abandoned the search for a soul mate. I had come to expect the invention of the robot girlfriend in 40 years. So you will probably agree that my case was hopeless.

At times I thought I was out of place in this world, so I thought it was for me to make one for myself. I had no excuse to laze around at home all day. Boredom? Activity, that is, I must still go to the trouble of searching. Loneliness? Social networks are not there for nothing. Besides, I could always buy a dog I'd take care of.

I thought my fate was in my hands and that even if life was cruel in recent years, I was lucky, because I had everything needed to address them.

For now, as a short-term occupation, some history to clear my head. Perhaps a trip? I was quite attracted by Japan. A fan of manga, I had long wanted to learn the language. This would allow me to chase away my blues and perhaps to find interesting activities? It is worth considering.

I did not know it then, but the dream I had to do soon is the beginning of what would take me on an adventure worthy of a manga.

Before explaining my dream, you must know that I am what is known as a "lucid" dreamer. When I dream, I can often realize it and sometimes take over all of my dream.

Let's be clear: This is not a particular psychic power, I have no genetic advantage or special training of the brain. I do not take hallucinogenic substances, nothing. Anyone can become a lucid dreamer, it takes work and proper techniques. It does not work every time or on command, of course, but it's much easier than we think.

Here in my dream I was floating in space among the stars. I moved from the green planet to a planet of blue with white spots, which spun around me like arrows as I moved in this imaginary world. I heard something special. "Zwest benzo".

When one remembers a dream with words or sounds, often we remember clearly the words or the sounds. It is very rare to hear something incomprehensible. I must have an explanation later.

Then I woke up. I noted in my notebook of dreams my dream (writing his dreams in a notebook in the morning is a great way to practice controlling them, because it forces us as a first step for us to remember in our waking and thus to operate part of the brain that can control the dreams) and I got up from my nap.

I was wondering how to spend the evening. Watching Columbo on television does not tempt me. I needed to clear my mind. One thing I liked to do in those times was to get out on the balcony to play my ocarina. The fresh air and music relaxes my brains.

I had a special affection for my ocarina. It was a gift from my mother when I was a child. I liked the sound of the instrument as she had bought me one. I learned to play.

Sure, I was not the best ocarina player in the world, at most, of the neighborhood. But in the 20 years that I possessed it, I could still play it more than satisfactorily.

There are two different styles of music I always loved, the type called "demonic" (which also earned me a little success in Niflheim now), such as a piano plays in an old mansion "draculanique" at midnight in the depths of the Carpathian Mountains, while a mournful wind blows outside, or conversely small children's songs like "My friend Pierrot."

So far nothing very interesting you might say. Patience, it will come. I had installed myself on the balcony for a little air play and relaxation when my stomach gurgled. It was then around 21 hours (9 pm). Odd hour to get up from his nap, you tell me. But that's normal when you are unemploed long term, you may shift significantly with your sleep cycles.

Not in the mood to cook for myself, I decided to order a pizza.

Contrary to what you might think, I did not dial a wrong number. I did not join the celestial kingdom, my call arrived at a pizzeria with home delivery. No goddess is then dispatched to a mirror or a TV to offer me a wish.

I think it useless to tell my "conversation" with the home pizza delivery service. Let's just say I asked for a pizza with four cheeses large size.

I returned to my balcony until the arrival of the driver playing some small simple tunes and relaxing.

30 minutes later, I paid for my pizza and, after placing my ocarina on the table, I began to eat.

This is precisely where the supernatural came into my life.

First, there was a feeling. I suddenly found that the air became heavy, as if I had not aired it out for days. Then everything happened very quickly, the air lightened as fast as when you are outside and we feel that it will rain because of the drop in atmospheric pressure, despite that even in summer cools the room abruptly. ((1. ...outside and feel the air chill suddenly due to a thunderstorm that seemingly wasn't there a few minutes ago which abruptly cools the room even in summer))

I was not worried yet, I just thought it came from the air conditioning, which began to malfunction, or a door not closed which created an unusual air current.

It's when I began to see small flashes in the atmosphere that I got scared.

Everything happened in less than a minute. Small electrical currents in the air and then a sudden pressure of the atmosphere that nailed me to the ground and I cannot move. The air began to swirl, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until the objects in the room except the furniture that was too heavy, began to spin. I panicked, of course, and in addition, multiple objects, pens, erasers, my laptop, some decorations, television, etc. and I banged into the vortex, making me rather ill.

Luckily, I was not injured.

The lamp of the ceiling eventually burst, immersing myself almost in the dark, only the low light from a lamppost outside and small circle-turning lightning lit up the room again.

I succeeded in hanging on to the table in the middle, to place myself in the center of the vortex, in a relatively stable location. It was a bad idea, because that is where occurred the last part of the problem that nearly cost me my life.

The air became heavy, but in a different way from before. It was not heavy in the sense of "heavy atmosphere", but heavy in the sense "invisible object that crushes you". Indeed, there performed a kind of distortion of space a few inches from where I was. As if the play was drawn to the center. The distortion was reversed a moment later.

The last memory I have of this part is a big sphere-shaped mass of metal that appeared in the middle of the room, where I was, ending the whirlwind. Or as it had materialized almost to where I stood, I found myself in the sphere, my right leg crushed by its weight.

Then I lost consciousness.

In heaven, the Valkyrie Lind took care to clean her horse. A beautiful horse to 6 feet in the dark coat with a white cross on the muzzle she called Sielfin. The Valkyrie used these enchanted mounts since the founding of their order. Of course, they were not just horses with two more legs. This particular species could travel very quickly, but also through all manner of size, regardless of constraints such as the environment or the distance to reach. Each Valkyrie had to choose, raise, maintain, and lead her own beast.

Lind chose Sielfin very late compared to the average of the Valkyries. She had spent most of her time to her training, trying to gain more strength to raise her two angels. It was only recently that Coolmint arrived she could now devote more time to her mount.

Not that Lind ever neglected her horse. Since she had chosen, she had fulfilled all her duties toward him. Sielfin had become strong, disciplined, reliable. He was one of the secret prides of his mistress.

While rubbing the back of the divine animal, Lind wondered about new personal goals to accomplish. Because she now did not need to train to have her two angels at the same time, on what work could she focus? The training would never be overlooked, of course. She would continue her service to the Almighty with the same determination as before, but what new personal goal would interest her now?

It was that Valkyrie time was dedicated to the art of war for as long as she could remember. Paradoxically, the Valkyries have little in the way of enemies to face. Only demons can pose dangerous opponents, but since the introduction of the doublet system, this threat was pending. There were, of course, other enemies to fight through different dimensions, but it was more missions enforcement, or discrete intervention with peoples of other worlds than real fighting. Even if sometimes, some creatures out of nowhere could represent a real danger, like the dragons of old.

The Valkyries were not real enemies. Sometimes they are assigned a mission, as discrete protection for an individual to bring something important to his people. Other times they were acting on the battlefields covered with a veil of invisibility to tip the course of this or that war... But most of their activity was devoted to their training... And Lind really did not need additional training.

While the warrior goddess was meditating, her horse gave a whinny, interrupting her thoughts. Lind then realized that for more than half an hour she brushed the back of her horse without a change of activity. Sielfin had understood that his mistress was concerned and wondered if he could do something to distract her.

"Sorry, Sielfin, I was just wondering what I could do with my afternoon. I was just thinking that we could go for a walk. Without racing, just up the river a few miles. It will do us good. What do you think?"

The enthusiastic neighing of her horse finally convinced Lind that Sielfin would be delighted. There was a link between the Valkyries and their mounts. Not only are these animals far more intelligent than their terrestrial counterparts, but in addition, the links forged through the trials and eternities to their divine mistresses, created a love and respect, and a telepathic link between rider and horse that had nothing to envy the family ties.

It is for this reason that the Valkyries use traditional means to wash their horses instead of using magic. Rubbing her hands on the leather silk was an act of love and respect (and fun) more than a spell cast consisting of a simple snap.

It was therefore with great care that Lind went to store the cleaning equipment in the shed of the barn for this purpose. On the way however, she crossed Chrono's path, newly recruited among the Valkyries.

Chrono, who until recently worked to maintain the system under the supervision of Ygdrassil's Peorth, looked like a girl barely out of childhood. She was blond, small because of her relatively young age, with a blue circle under each eye, attesting to her divinity.

She had recently made a trip to Earth in order to update the musical program which maintained the harmony of the world. This trip, which allowed her to meet with Keiichi and the goddesses, had been very instructive. Chrono had insurance, visited the Earth, overcome her lack of confidence in herself and her fear of cats.

Her success earned her a recommendation to the silver-wings written by Lind herself. The recommendation was not all however. Chrono had to earn her place among her sisters of battle by passing a test in combat. Her personal training, although impressive, would not have sufficed to integrate this elite squadron, given her lack of experience. Fortunately, Chrono had developed a fighting technique during her stay with the humans that had allowed her to win.

It was probably the most disconcerting combat the heavens have seen in a long time. When Chrono understood that the techniques of classical Valkyries were not enough, she used the "technique of the cat", allowing her to avoid the blows of her opponent and eventually win. No one believed their eyes. Dressed in a weird cat-girl suit with cartoon cat pads at the end of the legs and arms, she had, with a flexibility of manga, avoided all attacks and finally sat up suddenly with all her strength by clearing a punch to her opponent with her technique of "angry dragon" (she had 'learned' in the manga) making another Valkyrie disabled.

All the spectators were left speechless before this method of fighting akin to dance, but that proved unstoppable. Lind, also disturbed by whatever the style of Chrono, was very impressed and had ordered a demonstration of this new control method as shown in various sections of the army. (Read "Okawari My goddess 15", for more information).

Lind had been obeyed beyond her hopes.

We even opened a manga library to the Academy of Valkyries. If humans could develop fighting techniques so effective, they should be studied as soon as possible. Many Valkyries had followed suit and tried to develop their own art of fighting. Some remained purely physical, others mixed their magic in new forms never previously used, time magic, illusion, fire, ice, shadow... Also, not to mention the aspect of "education" of these works, many of the Valkyries were fascinated by the stories of the manga itself (although it would never have been admitted in public), particularly those which emphasized scenes of noble warriors... Many of them had even begun personal collections in secret. The manga Battle Angel Alita, featuring a warrior who had dedicated her life to find her way through the fight, was the most popular at the time.

Of course, the Valkyries were using offensive or defensive spells, as any type of magic or wave energy has always been, but the originality found in manga or other comics through Chrono brought new life and new approaches to all their techniques, not to mention very advanced combat strategies sometimes used in this new type of "manual".

The lives of the greatest shonen manga artists were quickly screened and were regarded in heaven as being great strategists of the fight, although of course, they ignored it completely.

After much hesitation at first, this enthusiasm was welcomed graciously by the older Valkyries who were delighted to see their followers motivated to find their own way.

The curriculum had been arranged to allow each to find a clean style, although all of the training remained the same. In times of war, which had not happened for a small eternity, the discipline was more effective than any method of fighting. In addition, any new technique had to be effective.

Some Valkyries had tried the "Genkidama" (SPIRIT BOMB) or "Pegasus Meteors" with no other result than pure ridicule. The "Genkidama" took too long to form and was difficult to control, as if the enemy would kindly wait and stay still without trying to dodge, and the "Pegasus Meteors", even if it allowed a run of thousands of strokes in an instant, most did not affect the target and the few shots that struck were not strong enough.

The Naruto "multicloning" and the "Diamond Dust" techniques met with great success against enemies. Outflank the enemy by the number or even a slow moment to take speed or attack from several angles simultaneously was effective.

Other limitations were imposed. Some Valkyries had tried to forge "Saint-Seiya" armor or other costumes of all kinds, but without success. Those offering sufficient protection diminished flexibility in war by too much. The idea was therefore rejected pretty quickly. After awhile all these new "techniques" were codified, specialized, controlled and taught in a more conventional manner, although some remained fantasy.

The real difficulty was to first find how to get the books. Going down to Earth would require a permit in the first place. It was not difficult to obtain in itself, but imposed some preparatory courses. Women in combat gear with giant weapons knowing nothing of the culture would be found out quickly. In addition, the concept of money as it is practiced on Earth was strange to heaven.

Of course, the goddesses could not create problems of bank accounts and money to pay for their purchases, but the manufacture of counterfeit money was simply out of the question for the goddesses.

The solution came from Peorth who was appointed liaison officer with the Earth. All resources were granted to her to facilitate the task. She was charged two days a month to go to Earth to get all the latest in the bookstore. Each time three different Valkyries accompanied her to learn about this world that had changed so much in a century after a relative stagnation of millennia.

Since that time humanity had come out of the caves, The Valkyries had seen humans as farmers, soldiers, priests, merchants who had not changed much over the ages. But the 20th century had completely changed the concept. Inventions and clash of civilizations had produced hundreds of new kinds of human beings, from worst to best, to the disconcerting.

Peorth was more enthusiastic for this additional leave for a weekend a month. It was somewhat painful to have to watch the warriors who accompanied her. It is always beautiful, ugliness did not have to be when you are a goddess, they always drew attention, and in many cases of people not necessarily very respectful of the fairer sex.

Peorth many times had to intervene to avoid an injured arm or a broken hand. She ended up taking the injuries and now the incidents were rare.

Once these initial problems were resolved, the Valkyries were "supplied" a constant stream of Shonen manga of any kind. The new library was very popular and many residents of heaven were distracting them when their work does not otherwise keep them occupied. Peorth, of course, took the opportunity to make her own personal supply of love manga.

[ok] Through all these events, Chrono had won respect and admiration in the silver wings.

It was Lind who spoke first.

"Hi, Chrono. What are you doing here? Have you come to choose your horse?" Lind asked in a tone at once friendly, but professional.

"Hello, Sir," said Chrono, feeling that the presence of her superior always behaved like a soldier at attention. "I came to pick you up on the orders of the Almighty. We are urgently summoned."

Lind's relatively upbeat attitude cools completely, while her sense of duty awakened in her by instinct. As soon as the Almighty gave an order, the Valkyries blindly obeyed without question. Lind did not even ask why God summoned, rush was a duty. Putting her brush and bucket on the ground, the strongest of the Valkyries sent a telepathic message to Sielfin to advise that the walk was cancelled because she was called before God. The psychic neighing Lind recieved in response informed her that her mount understood and wished her good luck.

"As the youngest, has our Lord given you specific instructions as part of this meeting?" Lind asked in a martial tone.

"No, Sir. He just demanded our presense immediately" Chrono said with the seriousness that a new soldier is capable of.

There was nothing more to say. Lind led the way flying at supersonic speed, Chrono following with difficulties. Of course, a spell of teleportation would have been much simpler, but the Almighty had imposed certain restrictions in heaven. The idea is that God did not want a world where everything could be done instantly from a hand gesture. The voyage was more important than to arrive, so even when summoning his Valkyries, they came in relatively conventional ways.

While completing her inventory. Chihiro was considering plans for the future.

WHIRLWIND had properly turned into her store, she loved her job, her customers were enthusiasts who shared her love of mechanics. Still... Nothing changed. The store could not develop.

I must say that by far, her shop was more like a warehouse than a shop, more poorly located and whose appearance hardly encourages the confidence of new customers. Chihiro was far from a woman without provided resources. She had many contacts in the world of motorsport. This was due to her extraordinary skills and an undeniable talent for racing, even if she had not become a professional racer, preferring the pleasure of building and optimizing the bikes to the joys of competitive sport.

Yes, the time approached for something new, something more... But what? Chihiro could not find an original and innovative idea.

She had originally intended to simply enlarge the physical store to offer more products, but to reduce its small enough shop and in fact largely an expansion would have been just more expensive without improving the quality of service. Advertise? She had little capacity to do anything but spend a few advertisements in sports magazines.

Maybe winning a race they would become better known? Unfortunately, not being an improvising high-level amateur pilot, it would take months of training at the very least, during which time it would close the store. Keiichi is not sufficient to run the store alone.

For a brief moment she thought of engaging a manager, but hardly in its means. Of course many friends would be more than happy to help, such as Tamiya and Otaki, but if these two were certainly enthusiastic, she imagined them to possess poor to no customer skills, where repairing bikes without controls they would take the initiative to "improve" client machines without regard to their requirements.

As the only manager of WHIRLWIND, the problem in the back was beautiful in every way, she viewed the current problem with no new solutions. If only she could find a reliable volunteer to assist, she would have greater flexibility, but it was better not to dream too much.

While she had donned her apron and began installing a new engine in the back room, Belldandy entered the room.

Chihiro was still in awe of Belldandy. She could never at any time find the slightest defect in any plan. Always beautiful, always gracious, always friendly, always expressing her joy of being alive. It was a renewed pleasure to talk to her. Never boring, never saying anything stupid, even if the truths that she uttered were sometimes unsettling.

Belldandy was kind of used as an unofficial part of WHIRLWIND. She always accompanied Keiichi and helped in his tasks. At the beginning Chihiro did not formalize the relationship as Belldandy seemed happy to help her and her Keiichi. She did not work out of obligation or kindness, but also for pleasure.

However, her assistance was most valuable. Especially when Keiichi was to attend his classes like today. Belldandy could then take the time to help with the storage and cleaning. Yes, Belldandy was as much the soul of WHIRLWIND as she and Keiichi.

But Chihiro was embarrassed much of the time. She could not afford to pay Belldandy, and although she helped voluntarily, because the store was to support his happiness, Chihiro had the unpleasant feeling of enjoying the situation. Even if she were a business woman with a sense of money, Chihiro had her pride. As she said she ofter saw herself as a craftsman who respects her tools and she was extremely embarrassed that she takes free service. So she tried to compensate with Belldandy as best she could.

This compensation was done mainly through Keiichi. Chihiro helped him fix his bike, gave him more free time, let him do the tasks that he preferred in the store, and paid him the best salary possible. However, for all that, Chihiro could not compensate the invaluable help of Belldandy. She could take comfort in thinking that the beautiful young girl did as she pleased and was happy to be here.

"I finished cleaning the controller. Do you still need my help?" politely asked the goddess.

"In fact, I'm installing some new parts. Can you keep the counter in the meantime?" replied the professional mechanic.

"With great pleasure."

Keeping the counter was particularly pleasant for Belldandy, always happy with the idea of welcoming new customers politely or taking orders over the phone. Seems the customers thought the feeling is mutual. For many, they came to the store just to admire the Norn of the present. It was always a pleasure to see and talk to someone so nice. Moreover, Chihiro even suspected that some deliberately caused outages on their machines just to have a reason to come to the shop and talk to Belldandy.

These suspicions were reinforced when Keiichi was coming and that customers understood that Belldandy and he were together. Many then went away disappointed or look surprised when unable to understand what the most beautiful woman they had ever seen could do with a human version of Kermit The Frog.

This idea, of course, never came to mind for Belldandy, the incarnation of innocence, that never tried to see the hidden agenda. The goddess took orders and sometimes politely chatted a bit with clients, providing advice that varied when they opened it to their problems. Everyone who ignored Keiichi's presence did not regret having stayed chatting, they left with peace of mind, a light heart, or their resolve revived. Belldandy was more effective than any counselor, marital, professional, or otherwise.

The manager of WHIRLWIND had asked several times if there was no way to leverage the popularity of this half-used resource to greater effect, but no idea had come to mind.

In addition to taking the counter, Belldandy loved to participate in the assembly or repair of machines. She was then in the shoes of a healer and sometimes even a little bit of a poor mother who was repairing injured machines or helped those coming into the world.

Cleaning was also one of her favorite activities. For Belldandy, clean meant to "enhance", WHIRLWIND allowed it to shine in 1000 lights to demonstrate to everyone the beauty of her soul, her nobility, and the joy it brings.

The happiness she diffused in these tasks was such that the owner of the store always ended up feeling her discomfort at being unable to pay disappear.

At this point, however, the goddess was experiencing one of her most terrible inner torments. Should she go to the grocery store to buy a bag of rice for dinner on Saturday, or would a more western dinner of meat and vegetables be more appropriate?

While Belldandy reflected in the most serious of moods, mobilizing more resources in her brain than all the computers in the world together to find a solution to this thorny problem, the telephone interrupted her thoughts.

Grabbing the handset, the goddess instantly went from "cook" to "receptionist" mode.

"This is WHIRLWIND, repair and equipment for motor vehicles, Belldandy speaking, what can I do for you?" asked the goddess in a tone as sweet and sincere, but very professional.

"It's Urd. Sorry to disturb you, but we have a problem here. Nothing serious, but we need you to come home with Keiichi as soon as you can," replied the older sister of Belldandy in the handset.

Accustomed to inexplicable situations caused by her two sisters, Belldandy was worried for a moment.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I don't know. It seems one of Skuld's inventions is still wrong. Well, I assure you there's nothing destroyed. It's just that... Um... Actually, I'm not sure. It's better that you see for yourself. I can handle it until you return, don't worry, but do not drag. When will you be here today?" replied the Norn of the past.

Belldandy thought for a moment - Keiichi was finishing his course in several minutes and would soon be there. If she avoided shopping at the grocery store and came directly home in the sidecar with her beloved, they could be there in less than half an hour.

Of course, if she passed directly through a mirror it happens instantly, but it bothered her to do so and leave Keiichi and Chihiro behind her on their own.

"Well... Do you think you can wait 40 minutes? Keiichi will pick me up and we should have returned there in that amount of time."

"It should do, but don't drag on the road. When I hang up, I'll take some precautions until your arrival." Urd exclaimed, hanging up the phone.

Just when Belldandy cradled the handset, Chihiro entered the room and caught the end of the conversation.

"I understand you have an unforeseen emergency and it will take you away soon, eh?" Chihiro sighed, slightly, disappointed that Bell has to leave so abruptly.

"I am truly sorry. It seems that my little sister has made a significant stupidity that I have to return to take care of rather quickly," Belldandy explained to her friend, bowing politely.

"There's nothing going on. I'll take over the counter. If you have a problem that forces you to go, then it must be serious. After all you do for me, I am ashamed to not refuse, and then to support the friend in need is seen there," said Chihiro imbued with a smile of friendship and yet proud.

"Thank you" Belldandy replied returning her smile.

When Urd had hung up the phone, an angry voice had risen behind her.

"How do you mean 'It seems that one of Skuld's inventions is still wrong?' My inventions never turn evil no matter what," Skuld cried, both hands on her hips with a 'flaming' look.

"Okay, okay, I take back what I said. Your invention works perfectly. It's your fault, yours alone. Nothing and no one else is to blame." Urd replied in a mocking tone.

Skuld hated to lose a war of words against her big sister. Especially when Urd was right. She clenched her fists and her face became red. You could almost see two little clouds of smoke coming from each ear, like a cartoon.

Finding nothing to answer, she rushed into her room.

"Urd, you are bad!" she cried as she crossed the threshold over which a sign indicated 'Laboratory Skuld'.

Urd could not help smiling at the still childish reactions of her little sister. It was reassuring somehow. She liked Skuld as a child. She was in absolutely no hurry to see her become truly adult, serious, responsible, perhaps even boring. As Skuld left, she remained her adored little sister.

Anyway, the problem they were facing now, was real. But what to do about it? She had just called Belldandy, who is expected back soon. Even if she did not always follow her advice, if ever, Urd deeply respected the wisdom of her sister - It was very, very, very rare that Belldandy is wrong in these situations, and, at worst, it still managed to ease tensions.

Meanwhile, Urd had taken some precautions, erected a force field of rank 1, prepared her 'syringe gun', each one filled with her special lotion " instant peaceful slumber." For now, there was no reason to worry but she preferred to be cautious, after all, she was not alone in being involved.

Skuld also took precautions, in addition to chains of pure titanium, the most solid metal she could find on Earth, she had placed Bampei and Sigel in 'motion for battle' mode, monitoring "the incident" every moment, all their processors on alert. They could react instantly if necessary. Even a photon traveling at the speed of light could not thwart their vigilance.

Which was normal, since the two androids were built with all the know-how of the goddess who rules the future.

Skuld was still worried. Not so much of the potential danger. After all, one of the advantages of being a goddess is that we are not supposed to worry much about anything. Apart from the demons, of course. Skuld nevertheless, even if she refused to admit it, was still a child. The unknown, especially when it was a consequence of one of her inventions, could be terrifying for her.

Fortunately, her beloved older sister would soon be there, and together, she had no doubts about coping with all situations.

Mara wondered what to do, to accomplish her mission. The more time passed, the more success seemed compromised. She first had to face Belldandy and Urd, then Skuld, then two robot guards, Peorth, a Valkyrie... The number of her enemies grew steadily. She had more than enough to live on Earth in a building under construction. Hilde, the Daimakaicho, had even joined to give her a helping hand. At first Mara had not doubted that with the help of the queen of demons, her mission would be fully accomplished in record time and could finally go home after several years on Earth.

Unfortunately, Hilde was mostly here for fun, not to really get rid of the goddesses. It was very clear to Mara she was there to make sure she was doing her job, not to do it in her place. This did not prevent the queen of demons to change plans or impose guidelines according to her whims of the moment, significantly complicating Mara's task instead of simplifying it.

Deep in her thoughts, the demon donned headphones linked to the camera-spy-like insect that Hilde had succeeded placing in the temple. It was convenient and yet totally ridiculous. Belldandy had spotted the spy almost immediately. The proof was made in the case of the race brush between her and Mara's queen. The goddesses had not even cared to get rid of the intruder. He was always there, in place, faithfully fulfilling its mission to listen.

Mara didn't know whether it should be seen as a form of contempt, or the total indifference of the goddesses.

Anyway, she had overheard the conversation between Urd and Belldandy. Apparently a potential disaster had occurred at the temple. Now all that is bad to the goddesses is good for the demons, so good for her.

But what could be so special about this event that caused such a serious concern to the enemy? From what Mara understood in any case, their attention was focused on their current problem, even the two robots had stopped monitoring the surroundings, which meant that if she wanted to go there and spy was a good time.

A voice was heard as the demon was thinking.

"Maa-chan, you seem very thoughtful all at once. What troubles you so?" asked a childlike voice, malicious and authoritarian out of darkness.

Mara immediately bowed in the direction of the voice while a thin and slender silhouette detached from the shadows.

"Hilde-sama, Your Majesty, all-powerful, there appears to be something in the temple of the goddesses. I was thinking of precisely what it could be for your profit," replied the demon first class.

Hilde, who is rarely marred by her smile, went up to her subordinate, a pat on the head by the way, this gesture aimed at Mara to remember that she was a small child in her hands and this time as 'parent' she was willing to take care of it.

Mara did not feel humiliated by the act. She knew how powerful and evil her queen was, which of course is what gave her all the rights and the admiration and loyalty of all the demons... if less than all the demons of unholy spirit. Including herself. Those who thought otherwise... were quickly put back in line. The demon was very flattered that Her Majesty had noticed her among many others and gave her the honor of her attention.

"Well, my little Mara, the best way to find it is to see for yourself, do you not think?" Hilde said in a still childish tone.

"But, Your Majesty, if I get close I'll be quickly identified and... " Mara began to explain. Hilde did not let her finish her sentence.

"Maa-chan, do you mean... you do not agree with me?" Hilde sighed with a little pout.

It was not really a matter of course because the answer was obvious. Mara had to unconditionally always agree with everything that her queen said, no matter what she really thought. It was a matter of duty, not to mention the consequences for her if she did not blindly obey the queen of the underworld.

Even if she thought like that, Mara had to work very hard to become a first class did not want to be demoted to the bottom of the hierarchy, or even reincarnated as a much lower life form as happened to some demons, very powerful and crowned with glory, yet a stupid pride had led them to oppose Hilde.

Aware that it was in her best interest not to argue further, Mara rushed like a whirlwind out of her lair, moving at light speed toward the Tarikihongan temple.

As she crossed the sky, the demon was thinking of a way to get close enough without being detected. The robots' attention was focused elsewhere too, but it didn't mean that they had become completely unable to detect her approach. Far from it.

The only solution for her was to seal her own energy, which was easy in itself. It was the implications of the problem. To maintain the veil, she would become completely unable to use her powers which made her extremely vulnerable. In addition, unable to use her magic, she would be unable to move or exercise any discretion necessary to carry out her mission.

The only answer would be for her to turn into a more discrete life form. But which one? Most animals would be smaller, be discrete, but also vulnerable. At worst, even if Mara got killed, that had already happened in the past, the last of which was the hand of the Lord of Terror, she could rise again, but it would take time and many outside magical resources and Hilde would obviously be quickly informed.

Mara finally opted for a form of mouse. These little animals made no noise, were discrete, and moved quickly. Their only real enemy were cats, but now the only cat in the temple itself was a demon who would do nothing to thwart Hilde.

An additional problem that arose is that, having sealed her magic after her transformation, it would be impossible to unseal her powers without outside help, which would force her to seek the help of her queen... assuming her head is in the mood to make an effort to it... and it was indeed a real challenge. The Daimakaicho was known for her fickle whims and torturous humor.

Arriving at a hundred feet of the temple, Mara performed her transformation and came in surreptitiously, low to the floor, heading for the room identified as the 'Laboratory of Skuld'.

When Keiichi left his course and entered the store of Chihiro-dono, he was smiling. Find his goddess, working on client machines, earn a little money, all in a family atmosphere with an understanding and caring boss though sometimes bossy, happiness was constantly renewed.

... But not today.

Seeing that Belldandy was not smiling, and given the look of Chihiro, Keiichi knew immediately that something was wrong.

"What happened? You seem very concerned. Nothing serious happened, I hope?" asked the boy with a nascent anxiety.

"In fact, Belldandy received a call from her sister... and" began Chihiro.

"We must return immediately. Urd called, it seems that something happened at the temple," interrupted Belldandy, who with all due politeness, felt more concern than her friend, knowing full well what the blunders of Urd and Skuld were capable of... Upset at not being able to prepare a decent dinner for tomorrow afternoon, because she would not have time to go to the grocery store.

Keiichi himself appeared white for a moment, like a cartoon character's color that suddenly goes black and white with eyes of zombies.

Shot as if in the gallows he lowered his arms, resigned...

"Well, let's go. Sorry, boss, but you know when we have one problem and Belldandy's sisters get mixed up in it..." Keiichi stammered, hoping for a gesture of understanding of his chief and friend.

"Okay, I already told you you could go Belldandy. I'll manage. I understand that if it didn't matter she would not have called her sister. So, go ahead and good luck" Chihiro sighed with a friendly smile.

'My boss is a saint and I did not know' thought Keiichi, tears in his eyes, before Chihiro continued.

"However, sometime you'll pass to see Kenta, he may have a few wrecks in his cheap fairgrounds," said the creator of WHIRLWIND smiling innocently evil.

Kenta was the scrapyard of the city. A very friendly guy per se, but sorting the waste and checking the motorcycle wrecks that landed at his house to find salvageable parts was a real job, tiring and often disappointing.

On hearing this, Keiichi's stomach is tied for a moment.

'No, not a saint, a devil of a different style than Mara.' Keiichi shuddered at the thought of losing half of his Saturday.

"I'll come with you, Keiichi-San," Belldandy smiled.

Belldandy loved to go to Kenta's to search the wreckage. Kenta was always charming with them, but also recovering the wreckage to give them a chance to 'live' or otherwise create 'new' life from spare parts was always a pleasure for the Norn of the present. She was helpful and brought happiness to these poor machines, or allow them to continue to live again through their 'descendants'.

This single statement drove the depression from Keiichi, sharing more moments with his goddess always made him happy.

Everyone was smiling again in WHIRLWIND.

Keiichi calmly fastened his helmet and mounted his bike while Belldandy sat in the sidecar. The young man then turned the ignition key and rushed towards the temple on the asphalt.

The journey was quite short. There were hardly any cars at this time and in any case, the temple was located in a relatively isolated area with little traffic. All the way Keiichi kept mentally preparing for the worst. What had happened? Keiichi could not imagine. With the sisters everything and anything was possible. In particular the 'anything'. Keiichi simply hoped that it could be resolved quickly, though without lasting consequences, and without it opening the door to another madness...

On the other hand, thinking about this, Keiichi reflected on Urd and Skuld, if acting in a logical and responsible way... So, his life would be different,but not necessarily happier. He loved them as they were and would be sad to see them change. In addition, he had already encountered so many things and it had always been positive and useful to someone. He had made new friends among the goddesses, had gained in maturity, and love of life.

In fact...It ends up that the case is sure to conclude well and with joy, so it was not a bad thing.

Belldandy, she wondered if she would just have time to go to the grocery store anyway after seeing what was going on at the temple. When they got to the place where they lived, at first they found it had not changed. There weren't any signs of a problem, which was already a good sign.

When they crossed the door, while Keiichi took off his shoes, Belldandy was seized by the two small arms of her sister, who threw herself upon her.

"Big sister. I swear I did not mean to," Skuld said, almost in tears.

"I do not know what it is, but I know you did not mean to, Skuld. I know you'll never do anything wrong on purpose." Belldandy replied softly to her little sister.

While Belldandy consoled Skuld without even knowing what had happened, Urd spoke.

"Well, follow me, this is where it goes. Above all, do not make noise."

Urd climbed the stairs, floating, while Keiichi and her two sisters followed her silently. Urd went down the hall, halting before the Board of Keiichi.

"This is my room. Something happened in it?" murmured Keiichi.

"No," Urd replied in a whisper, "but it hasn't been set apart yet."

"Apart? How does it 'set'? What did you put in my room?" Keiichi asked, puzzled.

"Open the door and you'll understand," said Urd with a shrug, still whispering.

Keiichi opened the door. He looked around, but it was a little dark; it took him a few seconds to acclimate his eyes. Then he saw what Urd had wanted to speak of.

Indeed. In Keiichi's bed was a young man of about thirty years of western origin at first, although the darkness made it difficult to identify conclusively.

All Keiichi could be certain is that, at the moment, the stranger was sleeping...

To be continued.

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