Hiya, Peoples! I'm Queen, and this is my first crossover. I don't own PJO or GTO, but I love 'em to pieces! Anyway, here it is, the prologue of Beneath New York. Enjoy!


As Percy Jackson stared at the swords pointed at him, he couldn't help but wonder what he had stumbled into. His girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, was standing back to back with him. She too, had swords at her throat.

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" he heard her whisper.

Just then, a shout came up from somewhere to his right. Percy turned his head to see the crowd parting, making way for four figures. Though the light was dim, Percy could see them fairly well.

One was a man, limping slightly. Another was a girl, probably about fourteen. She wore a gold circlet on her head and an authoritative glare on her face. The third figure was a rat. Now, Percy had seen some pretty big rats. He lived in New York City, after all. But this rat was HUGE. It was on all fours right now, and it was still about four feet tall.

Percy shuddered, and his gaze slid to the last person in the group. He blinked. His jaw dropped. "You," he breathed.

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