When Love Fades

He was late again, Jade sighed setting her head in her hands. She sat at home waiting for her husband of two years, he was an hour late coming home. And even though he said he wouldn't drink he'd probably come home drunk. Jade finally gave up and stood in her skimpy blue night dress. She shook her head and discarded it donning an old T-shirt and crawling into bed.

At 3:38 the front door slammed open and Jade jolted awake. She walked from their bedroom to the front of their house where Beck was trying to come in through the window. Jade sighed and opened the door "Beck," she called.

He turned towards her and drunkenly smiled making his way towards her. She held her arms open for him and he stumbled into them. Jade helped him into the room and laid him down on the bed. She looked down at him and wondered how long she'd stay with a man she didn't know.


Beck woke up and his hangover was prominent. He held his head in his hands but upon looking around his room he noticed something troubling. Suitcases were set up and rustling was heard in the bathroom. He managed to get up and walk in and saw Jade filling a small suitcase with the last few things in her cabinet. She looked over "oh you're up," she said. "Here," she handed him a glass of water with some medicine in it.

"You going on a trip?" he asked drinking some of the medicine. "I don't remember you mentioning anything."

"Ya," she said zipping up the suitcase. "My parents' house," Jade said looking at him.

Beck suddenly looked up and things clicked in his slow mind. "You're leaving me," he said.

Jade's eyes softened and she could see a glimpse of the man she had fallen in love with. She walked to him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He inhaled her once familiar scent, when did she stop smelling like coffee?

"Jade," he said.

"Don't," she said her voice already brimmed with tears.

"Just a chance," he said. "I'll throw all of the booze away. Friday nights can be date nights. Every night I'll be home with you," he clutched her face. She was shaking her head and tears were falling. "Please Jade," he begged.

"I, I can't," she sobbed. "It's been so bad Beck, I don't even know my husband anymore."

"Well let me introduce you," Beck said kissing her hand "I'm Beck Oliver. I used to love a teenage beauty named Jade West. Two years ago I made that teen turned woman my wife and her name is Jade Oliver. About a year ago she told me despite her previous thoughts she wanted kids. Then half a year ago we found out she was unable to conceive and I held her all night while she cried. A month after the news I started drinking because I was depressed because she was depressed. Somewhere I lost sight of my beautiful wonderful wife and only found a bottle when I reached for her hand. I apologize for her and beg that she will give me a second chance."

"But Beck what if it's already gone?" Jade said distressed.

"If what's gone?" he asked.

"Love." Her answer caught him off guard.

"Well then," he took in a deep breath then flashed her a smile she remembered from when they were young. "Would you come on a date with me? Because I think you're the prettiest girl I'll ever find."

Jade gave him a soft smile "one chance," she whispered and kissed him softly.


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