When two worlds collide!

The Guardians & the Winx!

Chapter 14: the quest for friendship and evil part 2!


"oh come on first we stuck in a dungeon now in some creepy room with no way out" Stella moaned well walking up and down in front of the bed where Bloom sat on the edge with her head in her hands watching Stella and thinking about what Phobos wanted from her and why the book never opened. Kiko lay on the bed watching the two fairies then noticed something or hearing something coming to the door which opened and both fairies looked at the people who came in the room.

The two women who worked in the palace for years noticed both girls staring at them confused as one sat on the bed holding the bed post well the other stood arms hanging on her sides "who are you?" the red head asked the two women could not help notice their beauty or how cautious. They held out two gowns for the girls who both stood side by side shocked "our prince says to put something more presentable" the first women said.

"we are to help you put them on" the other said at this Stella frowned crossing her arms turning her back to them "presentable ha, I don't wear anything from some ego prince who kidnapped me and my friend!" she snapped the women looked fearful as the red head turned walking to the bed post again "tell him we decline his offer" she told them. The woman placed the dresses on the bed then turned to leave closing the doors as both looked back.

"how dare they ask me to wear such ugly dresses like this, I am the princess of fashion and Solaria I refuse to be treated like this" Stella retailed on as Bloom picked a nave blue dress up seeing how old fashion it was "it's not really my style too but we can't stay in our PJ's but on the other hand you can make them better for us more our style" Bloom said placing her one finger to her chin looking at Stella with a smug smile who returned it.

"Well let's get our magic to work" Stella replied placing her hands above her head with sparks of color ready before places her hands out her hair floating in the air around as both girls smiled in joy.


The Guardians, Musa, Flora, Tecna, Matt and the Pixies were following Locket the Pixie of portals towards the palace as her clip now a wand lead the way "it's this way" she said back to them; "hope you right little pixie" Matt said they were approaching the castle when she came to a stop looking around like crazy.

"What is it locket?" Flora asked

"Do you sense danger and where?" Musa asked

"uh…everywhere" the little pixie shrieked well as pixies go all but Chatta and Zing looked around "something is coming and it is super strong" Zing said in her own form with a silver glasses and a yellow and black outfit well Chatta looked at something on the ground "alright pixies we distract the guards while the fairies and the winged guy make their way in, let's go" she said as the six flew towards the Guards before their bonded fairies could stop them.

"well I will say this they sure are tough for small little fairies, sorry pixies" Irma said after the winx looked at her when they saw an opening Zing shouted "Go save our friends" they flew passed the Guards the ones who were able to get past the pixies got shot by Matt once landed in the middle of the hall they walked around when they heard the pixies come behind them and a two guards walking towards them which they hid but heard what they were saying.

"The two girls seem extremely stubborn I heard that they refused two gowns from Phobos" the one guards said as they slowly passed the group "I heard Phobos has plans for them involving the red head" the other said the group stood in shook but listened more cause of what Phobos had for them.

"I heard he wants to use her to destroy the Guardians and Kandracar for good" that was enough Chatta had gone red and flew in front of them followed by Will and the other Guardians "Guardians" both said

Cornelia held them in place with some roots from the ground "now tell us where is Phobos and we won't hurt you…much" Irma said

"How about you Guardians look behind you" the first guard said the five looked confused when they heard the pixies shriek and three thuds when they turned Cedric stood in front of them and the fairies lay against the walls.

"how can something be so small and cause so much trouble" he spoke about the pixies which Chatta frowned "you don't scare us" when his tale tied around them bring them to his face and began to squeeze them when a fire ball hit him with a large amount of water letting go of the pixies before Will shocked the guy.

"Ouch that had to hurt" Musa said before she sent a sound wave and trapped in an ice coffin by Hay-Lin and Irma then they ran away in hopes they find the two fairies.

Phobos sent his Guard to get the two fairies which wore better dresses in more of their color like Stella in a royal gold dress similar to her first year dress, Bloom's was baby blue sleeves hanging just above her shoulders with high hills not that it mattered the Guards dragged them out the room to his large library. "Oh it's even more creeper then in the dungeons" Stella said

"silence" the guards said as they came to a halt in front of the prince in his Garden with Black roses and creepy plant when he looked up from his rose he was touching to see them in other kinds of dresses to the ones he picked out for them "did I not send you gowns" he exclaimed.

"Yeah but we refuse to wear such ugly ones so I made them better and for princesses like us" Stella smirked seeing the anger on the face but faded into his on smirk with one hand he made the roses tie Stella up to her surprise unlike Bloom who burned them she screamed this could be heard in the palace even for her friends to hear to make them run faster.

Bloom on the other hand was pushed forward and given the book and necklace in it, she looked at him confused. "now open it Princess or watch your friend turn into a Black rose like the rest of these people before her" he whispered in her ear and even though she was seeing Stella scared to move or wondering what was happening she felt his cold breath on her ear as he held a piece of her hair up when he said it and placed his other hand on her right arm as her eyes widen.

For the first time she had no plan and was to scared to move all she did was shut her eyes shacking "I could make them stop all you have to do is sing the song" he said now standing right behind her still holding her hair up so she heard him and felt him; in that moment the doors opened the guards knocked down.

The Group could not believe their eyes seeing Stella in the air tied by Black roses almost reaching her throat her Pixie was panicking but so was Bloom's as Phobos held the red head fairy in the palm of his hand and the Guardians, Matt plus Kandracar doom as the fairy refuse to open her eyes.

She wore a beautiful gown but was scared for so many reasons "N…no…I can't" she whispered Phobos watched the faces of her friends and some small creatures floating around them he noticed the blonds face full of anger and fear while her red head was to scared to do his bidding "I think twice little princess, or not only would your friend turn into a rose but so would the Guardians, the regent of earth and your fairy friends and their small creatures too" he said

To these words Bloom looked at the group and pixies then at Stella who's eyes showed fear the tension was so thick the Guardians could swear the air was vanishing around them; "don't listen to him Bloom, that jerk only uses people then throws them away" Will shouted to the fairy who's eyes went dale just blue nothing in them.

"if you sing the song I'll let everyone live" Phobos kept saying this it was at these words the gang and Stella understood what he meant it was her remember song and only she could open the book seeing as she was the heir to her kingdom and everything that came from her palace only worked by her magic. "Keep your slimy hands off her Phobos" Irma yelled and was about to send a water attack at him if Flora told her she would hit Bloom.

"If I did then what would you do to me?" Bloom asked in a dale tone "you would rule at my side with nothing standing in our way you could start a new life" he replied cupping her chin from behind her this was not good as he smirked at the fairies with energy following around them and the Guardians elements out for the final blow as for matt ready but the pixies looked at her in hope she would not forgotten who she was or how lucky she was with a boyfriend and friends at her side and parents supporting her.

"You evil Prince…you no better then Baltor using her like this" Stella said in her words Bloom took a breath in then out her eyes returned to it's color as if someone reminded her of who she was.

Suddenly she was in her Enchantix form in a nave red area facing the most evil villain and a piece of her past. Baltor stood there laughing at her "look at you, unable to fight against me or save your pathetic boyfriend and your friends oh Bloom you have no idea how similar you and I are" he said

"I'm nothing like you Baltor, I have love in my heart something you don't or ever will and that is why I have to show you your end" she exclaimed

"you know we could rule as one both of us have no past but we have power greater then anyone in all of Magix think about it the two dragons" he told her and each word was like a lie that she almost believed but he knew he almost had her when she formed his own signature to his shock and saw her ready to finish him off.

This is for Sky, this is for lying to me about my family and this is the end of the two dragons fare well Baltor!" each time she spoke she increased the power her last words finished him off sending her out of where she came from.

The book and necklace dropped out her hands to the ground as she closed her eyes with an orange light forming around her when she opened her eyes the light sent Phobos backwards and burnt the roses holding Stella who drop right into Matt's arms like in the movies were a maiden in danger is rescued.

The light faded and Guards came in which Hay-Lin, Taranee, Cornelia, Irma and Will fought back while the four winx now fought Cedric off with the pixies cheering and helped fight the roses away from their bonded fairies. Bloom was back to her self and transformed like Stella only fighting Phobos, her energy was totally off the radar as soon as the Guards were trapped in ice they noticed Bloom fight in a style not quiet the same in class or with Nerissa.

"What style is that?" Hay-Lin asked

"I have no idea but it seems powerful, I've never seen such power in battle since there last battle with Nerissa" Will replied watching Bloom hovering in the air opposite Phobos hands by her sides ready to strike flames seemed to form around her finger tips her eyes burning with anger had he really thought she join him.

"um a little help here" Stella said bring the guardians back to the battle which seemed more then what the winx could handle so they elements of water, fire, air and earth united with a Techno-net once done they only had to dodge attacks the two fighters threw at each other; suddenly the roses blew a funny kind of dust causing everyone to cough even Bloom "I feel…sleepy" Hay-Lin said as she followed by the others fell to the ground the fairies were easily taken into it so were the pixie the Guardians slowly fell too Bloom struggled to stay awake when she landed on her hand and knees Phobos stood above.

"sing the song and I will make this go away and send your friends back to earth unharmed but you shall stay here till all of Kandracar and the Guardians are finished" he told her which she just stared at him in disbelief "fine just stop this mist it's too much" she said and all the air around them was clear.

Sadly for Phobos, Bloom took this chance and destroyed all the roses even if they were people she could not let him win so she burnt everyone of the Black roses which he was in raged with but she could care less then sent a final attack at him which Will soon locked Miranda, Cedric Phobos and his guards in the Meridian prisons while the winx stood outside talking to each other and loving their pixies even if Kiko did not like Locket he missed her at times so it was cool.

Queen Eylon was free to royal again the Guardians, Matt could return to earth to their normal life. Once back to the Silver Dragon basement the winx changed back to normal with there pixies and Kiko while the Guardians and Matt congratulated their team work Bloom placed her necklace around her neck hiding it under her shirt the held her book in her arms staring at it.

Kiko and Locket sat on her shoulder when the group turn to congratulate Bloom they hear her sigh "two dragon huh?" no one knew what that meant when she looked over her shoulder to see their confused faces she smiled "guess we made one hake of a battle but thanks to you guys for coming or Stella and I would be slaves to him"" Bloom said

'yeah well some times two worlds need to help one another to fight and save the day" Taranee said well Tecna opened a portal leading them home "guess this really is good bye" Flora said

"Yeah but remember if you ever need a hand in battle we just a world away" Irma said in a jock kinda way but it was true when the winx nod Bloom gave Stella the book she took will by surprise as she gave her a hug "thanks Will, you guys totally rock we'll never forget you or what you did for us" she pulled back she held Will's hand then gave the a wink which the winx smiled then waved after they followed Bloom through the portal and it closed after them something was given to Will when Bloom pulled her hand out Will's.

The rest of the gang came around her to see the paper only to find a picture of the winx in their Enchantix forms with Kiko on Bloom's shoulder waving. "She ready is good" hay-Lin said

"Funny I miss them already" Cornelia said looking at the picture "oh look there is something at the bottom" Taranee pointed

'If you could trust you're self to see, if you could give yourself some room to believe. For a moment remember when knowing you would come again'

Just a little something to remember us thanks Guardians and Matt for all your help oh P.S. tell Aldran, Caleb and Blank thank from the winx club!

The end