Ultimate Spider-Man: Heroes Never Die

Part one

Pain. All he felt was pain incasing his entire being. Muscles refused to move and his eyes refused to open, leaving darkness as the only comfort for him among several mumbled voices that were slowly becoming clear.

Ugh, where am I? Why can't I move?

He knew time had passed but didn't know how much. Slowly, the voices around him increased in volume from a mumble to almost where he could distinguish the gender of each voice.

"Give me a breathing tube."

Breathing tube? He felt his mouth open and a plastic object being inserted down his throat. Another object was inserted into his nose and it felt as if a cool breeze was being passed from them into his lungs.

"Breathing tube in. Pulse rate is 137."

"BPs 177/135."

"We need to get it lowered ASAP. Kid maybe strong but I doubt his heart can take much more if we don't do something now."

What's…what's going on?

His eyes opened involuntarily and without warning as a small bright light was shot into one then the other. It was his first time seeing the world since being embraced by darkness and could not make out anything other than semi formed shapes through newborn-like eyesight with bright circular lights moving behind them. The moment his eyes shut, feeling came back to him. Now instead of only lying still, he felt as if his body were moving quickly over a smooth surface as hands ran up and down his body with sharp needle pricks occurring every so often. He could feel the cool air whisk over his torso, an indicator that he was without a shirt.

"Alright, we need to prep him for surgery."

Surgery? What's happening, where am I? He still couldn't tell where the voices came from or who was making them. They all sounded the same as he felt something slip over his nose and mouth and once again slipped into unconsciousness.

"Bio readings show he's unconscious again. Alert Agent Danvers that we've got him. Peter Parker is alive."

It wasn't until much later when he awoke. His eyes fought to stay closed and he could feel the effects of a powerful pain killer in his system. A dull throb could be felt on his right side but wasn't at all painful; however, he still had no control over his muscles and had no choice but to lay still with his eyes remaining shut. It was torture to not be in control of his own body but he had no choice in the matter.

"Can you believe this man? They're still reporting Spider-Man's dead." A man sat in a chair across from where Peter rested was busy talking into his cell phone with the TV on mute and his feet propped up on a desk. His dark blue scrubs had an eagle emblem on the left chest with the word Shield printed under it in large bold letters.

Dead? I'm not dead. What's going on? This time he could tell it was a man's voice as he spoke. As for Spider-Man being dead, that didn't make any sense whatsoever. Those whom he heard talking around him obviously knew he was alive so why did everyone else think he was dead? He fought to open his eyes but failed as every muscle in his body ignored their orders, forcing him to remain where he was at for the time being. Besides that little inconvenience he could hear a steady beeping nearby in rhythm with his breathing, which he realized was not under his control either.

"So, how is our patient today?" This time a vaguely familiar woman's voice came near him. It sounded as if she was directly beside him. "Is he making positive progress or is it otherwise?"

Again the man spoke, "He's slightly better but still needs to remain in ICU."

"How severe was the trauma he suffered?"

"Very. A normal human being would have undoubtedly have died if not for any enhancements. The bullet wound was enough on its own but combined with everything else he has sustained it was nearly too much."

Normal? What do you mean by normal? What's going on?

"Okay," the woman said. "Well, it's been two weeks since the funeral and he's not showing any strong improvements. There's only one option left available, use the suit."

The suit? What the hell?

"But, Ms. Danvers..." The man's voice sounded both nervous and surprised at her order.

"It was Fury's orders should this happen. He had a soft spot for the kid. Wanted to make sure he was watched over and taken care of above the others."

Fury? Nick Fury? And… Carol Danvers? Those names struck a chord with him. They were two of his least favorite people in the world.

The male agent stood from his seat and approached Carol. "Why?"

"Like I said, soft spot." The woman stepped closer to the prone Peter and brushed a strand of hair from his face. "Take him to the Shield medical cells below and notify me when you get the suit on him. I want to know if Fury's precautions were worth the trouble."

"Yes Ma'am." The Shield agent saluted and headed out of the small ICU room Peter was in as Agent Danvers stayed behind.

Even though his eyes still wouldn't open, he could feel someone's face extremely close to his and could feel the air exiting their nostrils. "You're very fortunate Mr. Parker. We could have left you in county to die," Agent Danvers spoke forcefully in his ear. "Let's just see if you're as special as Fury thought you were."

-Sometime Later-

No pain could be felt. No mumbled voices could be heard. The only sensation he felt was cold with the only sound being the beating of his own heart. His muscles still refused to move but he was now more aware of what was around him as if invisible tendrils reached out to "feel" everything around him. Dark blurs moved before a white background which was slowly coming into focus. Again he could hear the familiar voice of Carol Danvers as she spoke to several people around her only this time it was muffled as if something was covering his ears.

Approaching where he was, she kept her distance but was close enough to where he could just see her face. Donned in a black suit with a tie the Scully wannabe looked him over before turning to someone several feet behind her. "Is he ready?"

"As ready as he'll ever be," came a male voice. "System checks show every wound is completely healed and all vitals are at their highest levels. We are ready to proceed with suit removal."

"Do it."

The first thing that occurred was a soft humming that grew in volume, causing his vision to blur again. Now seeing three of everything, he clinched his teeth as the coldness left him, making him feel as if his own skin were melting off. That was when he felt his body weight for the first time as he slumped towards the ground and a black tar like substance flowed into a drain nearby only to appear in a container beyond where he was.

Looking around, he wearily moved his head about. Carol Danvers stood just beyond a blue light wall. He had been behind one before. It was an energy field that kept him from leaving his three walled cell, which hadn't changed at all. A single light was embedded in the ceiling, a small bed was mounted to the wall, and a small sank sat next to a toilet, which was all that was with him in the small confines.

"Where, where..." The room swirled around him as well as Carol Danvers. He remained on hands and knees trying to suppress the feeling to regurgitate.

"Easy, Parker," Carol said. "The nausea will pass. Welcome back to the land of the living."

Slowly, Peter Parker lifted his head with a look of anger and confusion on his face.

To be concluded…