Chapter 2. For some unexplicable reason, for me, Chapter 1 is twice as long as the other Chapters. Anyway, on with the disclaimer of... incest.

Disclaimer: I don't own vampire Knight, but I own this plot. And I have a personal chocolate zombie slave. On with the non-working T key!

"...What?" I asked. For some reason, everyone was staring at me.

"Chocolate! Chocolate!" They all chanted.

"Ohhhhh, so you guys are chocolate zombies, huh? Here, have a pizza." They all took their pizzas and ate them. They were cured, so I went on with eating my chocolate.

"But," Yuuki sounded confused "How does Kaname-chan have such a manly voice, yet is a girl?"

"Simple." I replied, "Kana-pyon has swapped her voice with Zero's. To show you, Zero, say what you think about Kana-pyon."

"Well," he started replying in a really high, squeaky voice, "I think he-she is an annoying... well, I would say bastard, but she's not really subject to that, is she... Um, I think she has no life, just sitting around, thinking about Yuuki all day."

"O.O Looks like you're right, Kuri," Yuuki said, "She really did swap her voice with Zero's..."

"Yuuki..." I started "How do you use emoticons in your speach?" "No idea." She replied "Do you have any idea?" "Nope. Go ask the authoress." "Who's 'Authoress?'" "Never mind."

"Well," Kana-pyon spoke up, "Give me a second."

She switched her voice back with Zero's. A bit unfortunate, really.

That voice was like my eyes. Could scare the fangirls anytime. But now Zero's death glare was his main weapon again, which made him extremely happy. I wasn't.

Anyway, randomly, Kana-pyon glompped(A/N Is that a word?) me.

"Argh!" I screamed "Get off me, you lesbian freak!" She wouldn't get off, so I had to go to extremes. I had to... Call my elephant.

"Here, Fancy Pants!" I yelled, while trying to get Kana-pyon off me. Fancy Pants(I have the best pet names, do I not?) came running in holding a bag jelly beans.

"Fancy Pants! ATTACK!" I ordered, making sure to stop forcing Kana-pyon off of me.

Fancy Pants threw the bag of jelly beans at Kana-pyon's face, causing her to go blind.

I got her off of me. (Finally)

She ended up passing out, but since I didn't much care for her, I left it to Yuuki to get her to hospital. Yuuki took Kana-pyon to the emergency room, so I finally got a day to myself.

I smiled for a few seonds, then let out a huge cheer.

I got my friend, who was even dumber than Yuuki, to cosplay her for the day. She ended up getting Yuuki 0's in all subjects, so I'm happy.

I also got the chance to annoy Aidou-poopypantsbaka. (Yes, he will be called that every time, so GET USED TO IT GOD DAMMIT) I slipped some crack under his pillow while he was sleeping, so right now he's eating an alarm clock.

Yuuki thought my behaviour at the Academy was innapopriate, so she dragged me off to see Kana-pyon at the hospital.

"Eh?" I heard a voice out of nowhere "Is that you Kiryuu? What are you doing at the graveyard?" I soon recognized that it belonged to Kana-pyon.

"Uh, sorry, Kuri-chan..." Yuuki hesitated "She's been acting a bit... weird... all day. The good thing is thats he has sight back, so she should be bak to normal in a couple of days. ^^" "Again Yuuki, emoticons in speach." "Sorry..."

I decided not to tell her I put crack under the pillows of all the Night Class students...

I tend to have weird plot points. Unfortunately, the alarm clock thing is real, too. It went like this. Me and my friend were eating chocolate chip cookies in my room. I just recieved my VK alarm clock. I wanted to check out the voice clips, but I pressed a choc chip, and started nawing my clock. It wasn't until my friend pointed it out, that I realised I was eating Kana-pyon, Aidou-poopypantsbaka, Zero, Yuuki, Kain, Ichijou and Shiki. ... *rofl* I just thought of a plot point for the next chapter. I'll see you next time! Remember kids, at this point, Kana-pyon wants you to flame me. 8D