A/N: I've been planning this one for a while. Like, over a year. I even finished writing this last year, before completely scrapping it and starting over a couple of weeks ago. This being a Star Trek/Peter Pan fusion fic. I will not rest easy until I've crossed Star Trek over with every other fandom I love!

(Kidding. Mostly. Just... don't be too surprised if I start talking about a Star Trek/Harry Potter crossover)

Now, the next chapter is complete and the next... three or four chapters are all written out in various notebooks. I will post the next chapter tomorrow, and then one weekly until this is finished (because that schedule worked sooo well for me the last time I tried it). Wish me luck!

Oh, and this will obviously have some K/S undertones but it'll be pre-slash or even just straight (*snorts*) up friendship if you prefer to look at it that way. I don't feel comfortable writing romance between two 10 year olds x)

Straight On Till Morning

Chapter 1

All children grow up.

This was a realization Spock came to at an early age and one that, in hindsight, was perfectly obvious. Yet to Spock, to whom growing up meant a great deal more than it does to most children, it seemed almost cruel.

While Spock did not, could not, fully grasp the implications of adulthood, he knew it meant a certain loss. It meant he needed to change who he was in order to fit in with the adult world. It scared him more than he was willing to admit, even to himself. To Spock, adulthood was like a looming disaster, as terrible as it was unavoidable.

Spock carried this fear of growing up with him for many years, although it was not something he thought of often. Even though he knew every day he grew up a little more, Spock dreaded the first milestone that would mark the end of his childhood.

It was almost ironic then, that in the end it was his own actions that caused it.

It was a day like any other. Spock awoke and partook in his morning meditation. It was cut short by five point four minutes, as I-Chaya demanded his attention. Spock attended to his friend's needs and arrived at his learning institution on time. His concentration was, as always, impeccable but there was still a growing restlessness within him.

Afterwards, his peers approached Spock and taunted him as they often did, mocking his human heritage in hopes of gaining an emotional response from him. Spock's uneasiness grew but he did not let it affect him.

Then they insulted his mother.

And Spock snapped.

Later, he talked to his father of the incident. Although Sarek was not one to show emotion, Spock could sense the disappointment in his voice. He ducked his head in shame. He had behaved inexcusably in allowing himself to be provoked to violence and he had disappointed his father. But not even that gut-churning sensation could compare with what Spock felt at Sarek's next words:

"Spock, you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide."

Just like that, Spock's world was turned upside-down. This was it; the beginning of the end. This was the first milestone, from this day on he would no longer be a child. He was growing up.

As he went to bed that night, Spock skipped his evening meditation all together. Right then he did not feel Vulcan at all. He had lost control of his emotions and had yet to regain it. He felt very much human.

Humans did not meditate, they just went to sleep in the evening, with all the day's thoughts and regrets cluttering their minds, bursting through their subconscious as they dreamed.

Spock laid down on his bed. Perhaps he would dream as well. He had never done so before. With a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, it was to a dirty face inches from his own and curious blue eyes staring into his.