Chapter 7

Spock straightened out the hem of his uniform, something suspiciously like a smile playing at the left corner of his lips. He had spent the past four years working aboard the USS Reliant but now he was back at the Academy, this time as an instructor rather than as a student. While it was undeniably a good opportunity for Spock to expand his resume, that was not why he was in such a good mood.

In fact, Spock had no idea why he was in such a good mood. It would perhaps be somewhat disconcerting if he had not learned long ago that applying logic to his emotions was a futile exercise.

Nevertheless, as the only Vulcan at the Academy Spock had an imagine to maintain, so before he stepped out of his office he made sure none of his good cheer or excitement was outwardly visible. Only someone who knew Spock very well could tell he was feeling anything at all.

As he still had thirty-three point seven minutes until his first class began, Spock took the opportunity to re-acquaint himself with the Academy grounds. His office was not in the main building so he would have to step outside anyway.

As soon as he reached the foyer, Spock felt an inexplicable ache in his chest. He had an urgent desire to go somewhere, although it was not clear where or why. Rather than question his instinct, Spock decided to follow it outside. The ache was strangely familiar, like a long-forgotten dream.

Spock's heart sped in his side. He had not dreamed in years and unlike his waking life, his dreams had faded from his mind, had almost disappeared completely. All that remained was a boy and a promise.

Spock was all but jogging now and when he saw the fountain standing proudly in the middle of the Academy's campus, he knew it was his destination. He reached it in a matter of seconds and had to contain his disappointment when he saw no one there. He glanced at his reflection in the water, faint and distorted, and huffed in frustration.

Something tugged at Spock's mind and he looked up, his eyes meeting with the sky blue eyes of a young man standing half-way across the campus. They both stared, neither wanting to break the contact established. Spock's mouth dried. He knew those eyes. He knew that person.

The young man eventually turned to his companion standing next to him, who looked thoroughly puzzled at his friend's behavior, and said something indistinguishable even to Spock's Vulcan ears. Then he looked back to Spock and started to walk over.

As he walked, Spock glanced him quickly over, taking in everything he could. His ears were rounded, which seemed off to Spock even if the man was obviously human, and his hair was a golden shade of blond.

He eventually reached the fountain and for a little while, neither of them said a word.

"Peter?" Spock finally inquired hesitantly. The name seemed both fitting and not, but he had nothing else to go on.

The man's face broke into a brilliant grin. "Jim, actually. Jim Kirk."

He held out his hand and Spock, who would usually never initiate contact with another being, grasped it without hesitation. For a moment he felt suspended into thin air, tethered down only by the hand in his. It was a strangely familiar sensation.

"I am Spock."